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Hi guys,

Did you tested the plugin when WordPress is installed in a specific folder ( http://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory )? I have a whole bunch of issues with that and have to edit the plugin code to make it work. Could you please have a look at this for the plugin update?

Also as I am new to bbPress, I was kind of confused where and what to install. In documentation there is this sentence: “go to bbpress instalation folder -> bbPress Plugins -> and copy the content of the archive there”. I thought there is a “plugins” folder inside a “bbPress” folder… Obviously this is just a WordPress plugin folder – could you fix this in documentation?

And finally I was totally confused what to install… There is this “bonus” but I presume it is no bonus anymore as bbPress is already in version 2.2.3. Please make it clear what should people install.



Also, please make it so that the plugin admin area assets (JS and CSS) are being included when on plugin settings pages only. If they are not, they caused JS error on widgets page and I was unable to manipulate widgets.

(Maybe this is related to that my WP is installed in subfolder.)

I confirm for this js error my WP is in core directory. Plugin have lots of bugs

This is working really bad! i want my money back. Every time I active this plugin the rest of the widgets stop working. There is a huge js problem here. Any update?? Also, the documentation is too basic. Only “Active the plugin” is not a documentation man….

When this plugin is enabled, js is not working in wordpress admin panel. I cannot drag and drop widgets.

This plugin doesn’t work.I cannot drag and drop any other widgets when this plugin is active…

Please send ALL support requests to our support forum by following this link: http://support.aa-team.com WE DON’T ANSWER SUPPORT ISSUES HERE .

Be sure to check the Knowledgebase section before asking a support question, and also read the DOCUMENTATION that you can find in the archive you downloaded. If you still have questions please check the live previews and the demo videos.

Thank you for understanding. AA-Team

This plugin doesn’t work.I cannot drag and drop any other widgets when this plugin is active… I am in the same situation.

Hi is this work for new wordpress & bbpress versions ? Not any updates of your plugin?

It doesn’t work with the latest version. If there will be demands for this plugin on the market we will release an update.

Best regards