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Heyllo :) I’m actually new to 360 Degrees Pics/Videos. I recently bought a 360 Degree Camera and would like to take some 360 degree photos and videos and want to upload them on my website. Can i use use your plugin to show them on my website right? and Can i by default set the FishEye display type view when viewing 360 photos and videos?

Hello, My plugin supports only images, also you can test this plugin (lite version), just type “ipanorama” in the WordPress plugin search page.

Thanks for the super fast reply. :) Okay, so can i able to display the FishEye type display when viewing images?

What do you mean “FishEye” type display? Can you send me a sample image to avirtum[@]gmail.com.

Hi, I got a problem updating the Plugin. Should I uninstall the prior versions of iPanorama 360° before installing a new version?

Yes, you’re right


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suggestion: insert photos via URL, very useful for users like me if hosting images on different servers.

a top right corner inside the image block


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apparently images hosted on AWS will not display, do you happen to know why?

It can be CORS issue, and can fixed via editing the .htaccess file.

Hi. Can you provide any assist to help me understand how to link from a hotspot to another page on my wordpress site? I have placed a URL to another page on my site into the URL field within iPanorama under ‘hotspot’ settings, but nothing happens when the hotspot is clicked on the published page.

It will better if you will send me an email to avirtum[@]gmail.com, because I can attach screenshots and files.

HI there, presales question, is webVR enabled in this ?

No, VR is unsupported.

Hello, I want to buy this plugin but am trying to figure out what needs to be done to get the pictures to work. What kind of file is needed? Can I take a panoramic picture on my phone and use that?

About files, it should be jpg, png files with 1:2 ratio, 360 degree view (cubemap or.equirectangular format)

Do you use https protocol? If yes, it can be a CORS issue (see stackoverflow), also you can check your browser log. For more detailed answer write me to avirtum[@]gmail.com

Ok, thanks buddy. I will do that

I have the demo, but when I load an image in it doesn’t look anything like your demo(s) The square room was blurry and looked very rounded (like a lighthouse), do I need to buy a 3D camera and take photos at different angles? Would be good to see an example already setup as I couldn’t find any info on setup in your documentation. I would love to test this plugin out properly as your live example shows it has potential, however I don’t know where to begin.

I look forward to your reply,

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Images should be powered of two like 4096×2048, 8192×4096, because some video cards can’t reduce size correctly and have artifacts. Try to change size manually via image editor.

after update this plugin, no more show the panos http://pixexid.com

resave your item, check height parameter in the general tab.

For this work – Do I create a HIGH QUALITY Panoramic photo and load?

Thank you so much. Sold on the plugin.

I’m looking in your demo – Per the hotspots and providing a name and symbol as in your demo, how is this done?

I see it in the demo – super—I’m good.

I had update to Version 1.3.5 . but i still got the error message “A problem occurred with this web page, so it was reloaded.” when these are over 5 instances on one page.

Can you help me to solve the problem?

Can you send me a link to your test web page to avirtum[@]gmail.com

I have sent a testing link to your email. Thanks.

The problem has been solved. Thank you very much.

I have a Houze real estate Theme for WP and I was wondering if I could use this for the virtual tours?. In the properties page for the Houze theme it ask for a URL for the virtual tour. Will this work?

Yes, you’re right. One note: use images are powered of two like 4096×2048 and etc, because some video cards can’t work properly with another dimensions.

Ok going to buy it. Well worth it. Say, do you recommend any specific cameras to use?.

About cameras, I don’t know, the main principle, your photo should be 360×180 (equirectangular format) or just 360 (cylindrical format).

hi there, is it possible to play a youtube video while the tour is loading after the user clicks on the load button?. For example, a short video about the property?

There is no build-in feature, but we can create a custom js code I think.

Hi, I would like to buy it but I have a doubt, The plugin have a map for draw rooms and the user push on map to go more fast to some rooms? thanks, sorry por my bad english

I see. The plugin doesn’t support this functionality, you can do it only via a custom js code.

Will I be able to embed the virtual your and use it elsewhere?

Hi, I just not sure where is the WP page templates. This is inside the plugin? Will there be support on this when I buy this plugin?

WP page templates are just a standard wp feature. You can write me email to avirtum[@]gmail.com and I will show some screenshots.

Email send, please advice


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How can we get the output code in <iframe> tags not the wordrpress shortcodes

Hello. Write me to avirtum[@]gmail.com. I will send you an example of iframe support. It can be done via wordpress page template technique.