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Does this not work with Safari? It doesn’t for me. Will it be supported in the future?

It should work, I tested it on iphone and ipad.What kind of error do you have? In most case it’s a CORS issue (mixed https and http).

I cannot see the 360 image. It just shows the grid of cubes. The domain is HTTPS. Works fine on Chrome. Is there a work around for this?

Can you send me screenshots and the browser log to avirtum[@]gmail.com.

I created a second item (tour) in Lite version. Than downloaded and installed pro version. I can’t activate Pro due to error I guess because LiteV is still active. Do I loose all my work if I will deactivate Lite and activate Pro? I can’t publish second tour in Lite so now it’s just a draft?

Just delete the folder with the lite version, all items will remain

It worked. Thanks

Fullscreen in IOS is not working. is there any workaround for this issue?

Write me to avirtum[@]gmail.com, I will send a version with fullscreen support.

Hello, a few months ago I bought the “ipanorama 360” plugin and I wanted to ask how to customize, change the text, move or change in general “Click To Load Panorama” that we see in the preview. I would like to put an image of my choice. thank you

Hello. Read my email, I sent a reply.

Are you going to maintain this plugin in future? The last update was in August 2017. Is this plugin still supported?

Yes, it’s supported, I’m going to release a new version soon.

Great! Thanks! Two other questions. How can I achieve the opening in a lightbox option, you have on the website? Is it possible that I can restrict the visible part of a panorama so that only 180° degrees are viewable for example? Thanks!

The ligthbox can be done only with a third-party plugin, about limits, the plugin supports only pitch limits (vertical) only at the moment.

I am assuming the paid version doesn’t have a link to the plugin page?

Yes, the pro version doesn’t have the watermark (left-bottom corner)

OK. Thanks for the quick reply!

I just bought a iPanorama 360°, We would like to change the text of ‘click to load’ to chinese or sign pic, Is it possible, due to my website is in chinese, so there is show english text is feel not match.

Check the css file theme ([plugin]\lib folder)

I have checked the downloaded file > with lib folder. Does your mean is adjust in the content first, and then re-upload to the Wordpress ? Because we can not found the file name – ([plugin]\lib folder) in CSS Editor. Could you explain more what you mean.

Check your wp plugins folder, next go to the directory “ipanorama/lib”, next replace all strings “click to load” inside files like ipanorama.theme.*

I am planning to buy your plugin . Which are the requirements that must accomplish the photos/ camera . It would be fine if i take photos with android ? How must create the 360º photo composition . Do I need another professional programme in order to create it or how is it done . I have seen the demo and it was done just using one image not creating the whole 360º effect . Could be possible to confirm me the requirements of the photos and add a video of how the 360º is done . thanks

it admits 360º photos from samsung gear 360º or so?

You can read my description – http://avirtum.com/ipanorama-wordpress-plugin/#howtouse, also if you click on links you will see image samples.

The question before buying: how to make sure that when moving between scenes, the last position of the camera is not remembered. That is, when loading a scene, it always was in the position indicated in the settings)?

Try the lite version first, check wp repository

in lite version it’s impossible…

I see, well I can add this feature in the next version, but when I’ll release it I don’t know.

Hi. Plugin looks very nice. I would need to restrict the view to 180° horizontal. Is that possible?

Sorry, but no, only pitch restriction is support

I bought the Pro version yesterday and think the plugin is really great. Unfortunately, only the Gyroscope Rotation Support is missing, as I discovered. When is it to be expected that this will be integrated. This would be an essential feature for me!

Thank you for your prompt reply. My question, however, was whether or not there is a window of time when the Gyroscope rotation will be integrated. Or if this is even planned !?

I had one realization, but it was buggy (not so smooth as I want) and I removed it from the plugin. I can not answer with certainty, maybe yes, maybe not.

No idea if it’s useful, but this absolutely minimalist stand alone viewer masters the gyroscope rotation perfectly. Maybe you can look a bit down. https://pannellum.org

Hi, quick question, is there a way to add a feature to a logo at the bottom of the equirectangular. If not it would be great for a future update, also, is this plugin also compatible with the accelerometers and gyros of the phone so It can be used trough oculus rift? Thanks!

Hello. The plugin doesn’t support gyro at the moment.


jcuc Purchased

Hello friend, I have two big problems. Fullscreen does not work on IOS and Mac, and I have problems in Safari, black screen comes out. Can you upload an update?

As an extra note: if the plugin with gyroscope worked, the plugin would be very top.

Thank you.

Hello. Write me to email avirtum[@]gmail.com, I will send a new version.


jcuc Purchased

I wrote a email. Thank you.

Send attached files

Hi, I’m using the lite version and I see that the images are not uploaded at full quality. Is it the case with the pro version?

Hi, I’ve mailed you 6 days ago. Did you reply? Thanks

Strange, I found your mail in the spam folder.

I have this message on your site at the moment “This site can’t be reached”.

can this be done: ability to add a non 360 degree image(a regular flat image). so some of the images can be 360 and some may be flat or 180 degree.

Sorry, but no, only 360 degree images


baccioly Purchased

Hi there

I know the plugin does not support gyro and accelerometers at the moment, but are there plans to develop such feature in the future?


Only plans, I do not know when it will happen

Hi. Firstly want to say thanks for creating such a simple, yet powerful plugin! I do however have a small issue, the fullscreen feature doesn’t seem to work on mobile (specifically the ones I have tested on; iPhone 5s and iPhone 6) Are you area of a specific issue or know how I can resolve this?

Thank you.

Write me to avirtum[@]gmail.com, I will send a fixed version.