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please help me to fix https problem. it doesn’t work it say cannot ecc ecc

If it says cannot load textures, you should check CORS issue (see your .htaccess file)

thank you is ok now, but i have problem with smarphone, no problem on tablet

What kind of problem, and please use support form, it will be good for me except comments.

I have a pre purchase question….

I need to implement this for a 360 virtual tour of a store. The store will have products within glass cases. My plan is to implement hotspots on the glass cases that then pop up and you are able to shop products within those cases. My plan is to use WooCommerce. Would it be possible to load 3 products, possibly more within the hot spot popups?

It would be best if you could explain your wishes with more details. Some sketch will be enough. You can send it to avirtum[@]gmail.com.


uaenoob Purchased

Hey, Facing 2 issues 1 ) Mac Chrome (lastet version) doesnt work “YOUR BROWSER DOES NOT SUPPORT WEBGL” 2 ) The full screen version is not loading correctly in Mac Safari latest version. The background opens full screen but the panorama only shows in a corner.

Any solutions

I see. I will try to check it, thanks for report.

Dear Author

I can see your plugin is the best ever, only one question which make me decide to buy,

when do you think this plugin going to support 360 video ?

regards Jaifar

Hello. As always it depends on my busy and currecnt tasks. I have a working prototype, it will be my new plugin, but maybe I will add this functionality to this plugin too.

WOW this plugin looks Awesome! Curious, can this work with regular images or needs to be panorama…?

Image should be 360×180 format like https://www.flickr.com/groups/equirectangular/

Pre- Sales question:

1- Rather than have hotspot icons as linking 2 different panoramic images i wanted to know if polygons will be introduced so i can highlight a shape rather than basic hotspot icon.

2- Can hotspot icons be changed? and made more transparent color?

3- Also when creating a tour is it possible to make it a smooth zoom transition towards the hotspot rather like how google streetview zooms along to the next hotspot- looks more presentable with this affect. Thankyou for your time.

Get well soon so you can update the plugin.. any rough estimate of when next update will be with additional functions please?

I don’t know the date, but I’m working on it. There is many factors, the main is my free time.

Thanks for the confirmation so I shall go ahead and purchase your plugin as it’s on sale I believe and await for when the embed iframe function and zoom transition will be available. Thanks alot.

Great Plugin but waiting for fix bug on full screen on Safari and I’m offering FREE VR 360 Photography on my website http://pixexid.com/free-360-vr-panoramic-photography-download/

I’m trying to set right environment on my Windows PC, because ll my Apple devices do not have this issue.

Thanks, but I saw it from my another customer.

Hi, is there an admin demo available , Does this plugin support 360° panoramas for pictures taken from dual fisheye lens camera like ricoh theta .

Check your email.

Thanks for the reply


I would like to know, how can I give access to my site user to build a tour using your builder without compromising the administration panel?

The plugin doesn’t support this feature, you can edit only via admin panel.

ok, For the live preview at http://avirtum.com/demo/ipanorama/builder/, is it a jquery version?

I am a photographer and want to purchase your plugin for my website to showcase my panorama. I just downloaded you light version for a quick test. I noticed that the image quality of the panorama is far too low! Before I purchase the full version, I want to know if there is a way to show panorama in full resolution? What image size and resolution do you recommend? As I am a photographer it will not really benefit my business if I show this low-quality panorama on my website.

Hello. Can you send me a screenshot to avirtum[@]gmail.com for better understanding what exactly wrong with your image.

Does the plugin provide zoom with double tapping on mobiles? Thanks!

I’m working on this feature. I hope it will be available in next version.

Thank you for your immediate response. Your plugin is very promising !

Another issue that I have is the exit button from the full screen seem not to work properly. Could you check it as well? Many thanks

Ok, I will check it too.

Hi, pre-sale question: I tested your free lite version and I see there’s a bug in Safari preventing the image to go full screen. Do you plan to debug this feature? Thanks

I plan to use a standard fullscreen API except current version (absolute fullscreen div), but on some iOS devices this API doesn’t work.

Hello, I try to embed it in an iframe but the content is stuck. Any idea how I can embed the tour in the website of my client ?

Hello. What exactly do you want? A simple instance on your page or sharing to other sites via embed code. Also you can write me to avirtum[@]gmail.com.

Super support, fast and friendly a refreshing change. Well done!! 5 stars.

Thanks for comment ,)

will this have Vr functionality ?

No, the plugin doesn’t support VR, because it has hotspots realization that’s difficult to embed into VR.


best4uk Purchased

Please help me! I purchased iPanorama for $15 but my site powered by wordpress and now i don’t know how to install licensed plugin to wordpress. Can you give me some step by step manual for beginners how to update/install after purchasing. Tank you.


best4uk Purchased

Hi, i just bought version for Wordpress but i still can’t install the plugin. I spent about $50 totally and still can’t use it. There is now any description how to install that. Please I need your help.!!

The package include two folders: documentation and ipanorama, the second folder is a plugin, just copy it to a wp plugin folder.

I send an email to you again .)

Hi, I am trying to make the iPanorama height change when the browser is resized. We have set it to 750px and it fits well for 15-17” laptops but when on mobile or larger screens it is too big or too small in height. Is there a way to tell the panorama to resize on height using the custom css within the plugin?

Tried several ID’s and ways of resizing in the CSS but not yet successful.

Here is the website where the iPanorama is featured: http://www.in-360.co.uk/

You should set a default size, then in your shotcode define class like [ipanorama id=”123” class=”mypanorama”] Next in a custom css section (general tab) use this css rules as example

.mypanorama {
@media only screen and (max-width : 400px) {
.mypanorama {

Hello Avirtum,

Does the iPanorama plugin split the single scene to multiple part which results in quicker load time?


Hello. No, each scene has only one image for load.