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Hello. Please explain to me in more details the web app part. How does it load the videos, what server requirements, and what is the administrator panel like for adding videos?

Edited plist file (xml based text file), upload your server thumbnail images, videos and plist file. Plist file to set the path

Also, will I be able to use this in Titanium? Thanks

Can I make categorys?

Category 1 - Video 1 - Video 2 Category 2 - Video 1 - VIdeo 2

Duplicated view controllers

Looks great. I was wondering what happens if the user doesn’t have internet connection? I will integrate this into another app I am building.

Doesn’t have internet connection not play video

How can I make pagination or pull to loadmore? My data has 1000+ video. Thus, if load them all the app will very slow.


Pagination or pull to loadmore iOs5VideoPlayer not support

Is this app for Video similiar to your app for Podcast – ie pulling in a feed – and if yes – would it pull in a Vimeo Feed ?

Also would it pull in a hidden Vimeo feed ??

No, plist based video playlist

SOrry to sound dumb – but is a plist based within the app or is it feeding from an external source – ie Vimeo ?

External source, plist based files (http server, dropbox etc.)

Hi, Do you have a version of this app for flash builder 4.7, which works on android devices? If so, I would like to purchase it. Thank you, Brian

Unfortunately, there is no

Do you do freelance work? Would it be possible to create an android version of this? thanks, Brian

Hi, Would it be possible for you to give me a quote for an android version of this app? Thank you, Brian

is it possible to make the videos available within the app? so the app can work without internet?

Not possible

How to update the video list?

Does it have push notification if the list got updated?

Edit plist file, push notification not support

Hi, is it possibly to receive a stream over rtmp, eg. from wowza or flash media server?

Rtmp not supported


It is possible with wowza. I am using this on my clients live video streaming using wowza server. If you need assistance contact me littleantz77 [at] yahoo [dot] com.


What kind of file formats does it support?

Quicktime based format (mp4, m4v, quicktime, avi etc)

Does .mkv files work?

Not support mkv

Can you post a link to the app on the App Store, or a link to an app made with this source code. I want to review it before purchasing.


is it possible for user to save the video? Thanks

Could u please make update for ios 9?

Downloads new version in Themeforest

Could you give me the link?

or just send me the updated file to my email clvxc@icloud.com thanks

I bought the app but the video I have not working? an email address so I can share with you the link?

If you will not answer I will ask for refund as the app not working with me

The application works perfectly what the problem is

The developer not answering and I will give him 2 days if not I will ask for refund via email

The application works perfectly what the problem is

The user can download the video?