Ionic5 Fruit App with Firebase

Ionic5 Fruit App with Firebase

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Ionic 5 Fruit App with Angular backend Admin with Firebase

If you want to build your own Fruit app with the latest version of Ionic framework, and allows you to build easily your mobile app both for Android and iOS devices, through this App, You can publish directly to production, add new data from the backend.

It Builds with Angular 8+, Ionic 5+, Typescript and SASS to take advantage of the future web standards.

Forms validator

Form validation ensures that users fill out forms in the correct format, making sure that submitted data will work successfully with our apps. In fruit App, form validation is already set up, so you no longer have to worry about incomplete submits and empty fields.

Free updates & free support

Once you purchase the license, all future updates added in this app template will be at your disposal for free. Therefore, rest assured that you will not miss any great feature we prepare. As we already mentioned, Fruit App includes great documentation, but in case you are not able to find an answer to your question there, you can always contact our customer support. e-mail:

App Features

  • Sign In
  • Sign Up
  • Home page
  • Discount page
  • Category page
  • Product List page
  • Filter Items by Categories/Subcategories
  • Add products to Cart
  • Place orders
  • Calculate Shipping Fee
  • Address Management
  • Order List/Details
  • Wishlist/Favorites
  • Search Items by keywords
  • Favorite Page
  • Payments with Cash
  • Multi-language
  • PWA support
  • SEO Friendly
  • Card Page
  • My center page
  • notice page
  • product detail page
  • Push Notifications
  • More….

Backend Admin Features

  • Sign In/ Sign Up + Social Login
  • Dashboard page
  • address page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • banner page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • cate page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • cate-relation page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • discount page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • delivery page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • favorite page
  • product page(add,edit,delete,query)
  • lock page
  • log-chart page
  • login-log page
  • not-found page
  • notice page (add,edit,delete,query)
  • order page
  • order-chart page
  • good Items by Categories/Subcategories
  • ows(add,edit,delete,query)
  • pays(add,edit,delete,query)
  • sub-cate(add,edit,delete,query)
  • users
  • Calculate Shipping
  • Order List/Details
  • Favorites
  • Search Items by keywords
  • Multi-language
  • Product photos/video uploads
  • Product content Support images uploads

Version History

Version 8.0.2 (04-11-2019)

- Update: Backend angular version to last production
- Fixed:  Backend upload error
- Fixed:  Backend router progress
- Add:    Backend data init page
- Add:    Backend Goods page Support photos upload/video upload
- Add:    Backend product content rich text support image upload

Version 8.0.1 (23-10-2019)

- Add: Add online document
- Fixed:  Ionic App router bug
- Fixed:  Ionic App all pages back button bug

Version 8.0 (20-10-2019)

- Update: Order Page tabs color
- Add:  Backend dashboard page
- Add:  Backend support chart statistics
- Update: Backend and Ionic app versioned update to 8.0+
- Fixed:  Optimized the ionic app, fixed N bugs
- Add:    Order page Add status color
- Add:    Backend support muti language
- Add:   Backend  dashbard notice and fullscreen
- Add:   Backend lock page
- Add:   Backend log-chart page
- Add:   Backend login page
- Add:   Backend login-log page
- Add:   Backend not-found page
- Add:   Backend order-chart page
- Add:   Backend ows page
- Add:   Backend pays page
- Add:   Backend users page
- Add:   Backend delivery page
- update:   components upload img
- Add:   components loading
- Add:   components header-notify
- Add:   components header-user

Version 7.0 (03-10-2019)

- Update: Order Page tabs color
- Fixed:  Add Pull to refresh to Home Page
- Fixed:  router canActivate
- Update: Discount page support Get Discount
- Fixed:  Favorite not add bug
- Add:    Order page Add status color
- Add:   Backend Goods page and detail
- Add:   Backend Order page and detail

Version 6.0 (28-09-2019)

- Update: Update all package to latest
- Fixed: cate page display bug
- Update: Good Filter Page support search
- Update: some icon img
- Update: Friendlier error message string
- Add:   Backend Banner page

Version 5.0 (21-09-2019)

- Fixed: Tabs.router.module  route bug
- Fixed: pages.router.module route bug
- Add:   A lot of Service
- Add:   Refactoring the Admin backend
- Add:   Backend support image upload

Version 4.0 (15-09-2019)

- Update: Settle page, Add address select, express select, discount select
- Fixed: Settle submit bug
- Update: Shopcarting page layout and scss
- Update: My Address Add All states and cities
- Update: Update Sign Up Page

Version 3.0 (12-09-2019)

- Fixed: Order page animation display problem
- Fixed: Home page product categories sometimes do not show bug
- Fixed: Discount Page back bug
- Update: My Address Add All states and cities
- Update: Update Sign Up Page

Version 2.0 (10-09-2019)

- Add: Firebase Auth
- Add: Firebase Email Sign up and Sign IN
- Add: Login log
- Update: Update Sign In Page
- Update: Update Sign Up Page
- Update: Update My Center Page
- Update: Ionic Version 5.2.1(latest)

Version 1.0 (04-09-2019)

- Add: Init Release