IonCrypto - Ionic Cryptocurrency Management UI Theme

IonCrypto - Ionic Cryptocurrency Management UI Theme

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Cryptocurrency is a trending title now. Therefore we decided to create the best crypto management ui theme using latest ionic framework.

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App Template Screens

  • Splash Screen
  • Intro Screen
  • Mobile Input Screen
  • OTP input Screen
  • SignUp Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Home Screen
  • Price Alert Screen
  • Convert Screen
  • Converted Modal Screen
  • Converted Success Screen
  • Compare Charts Screen
  • News Screen
  • News Details Screen
  • Market Screen
  • Buy Currency Screen
  • Card Selection Screen
  • Payment Success Screen
  • Currency Dertails Screen
  • Profile Screen

    How to setup in my machine?
    It’s simple as you think.

    1.Extract(unzip) the package.
    2.Open the project in your favorite code editor.
    3. Type ‘npm install’ to install node modules.
    4 Just type ionic serve’

    To build android apk
    1. ionic cordova platform add android
    2. ionic cordova build android—prod

    Thank you

    Changelog & Update History

    Version 1
    29th September 2021

    New: ionic 5.5.2, Angular 12.1.1