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Hi, good app, please consider improving the checkout screen.

Thanks for your opinion.

hi will we get source code too ?

Yea you will get full source and DB Script.

Hello sir You encode With your mvc5 We’ll do as OpenSource , You can change the languages ??kolaym?d?r I’m a student I want to improve ourselves Thank you

This is c# asp.net version you are looking for MVC5 Razor. OK i will try

hi sir, mvc5 to co-pilot approximately how long will it take a ready to use mssql in 2012 could also

more details citkar@live.com for quick response.

I need also accounting software in asp.net please!!!

If you have or planned to do an accounting in asp.net, please tell me i will be buy

We are thinking.. please more citkar@live.com

I would be great a csv or xml option for import items to the stock plataform!

when this version will come out?

This was 3 months ago and I still waiting for you guys

Please check your email inbox i sent you 4 days ago item upload page

What is database interface (ADO.Net / Entity Framework)?

ADO.Net with SQL server 2008 with stored procedure

Hi, I was testing it and when you purchase a product to the supplier it gives you the same amount as the sell amount..so is like not making a profit when selling..

You have change item rate before purchase from supplier.

Do you have plans of doing this with MVC5?

Currently Not. You can do that it’s easy.

Hi, how hard is the installation? Do I need a specific program for this?

Hi when I use the scanner for the same product it should change the quantity instead of adding another line for a single product

it’s follow walmart style. don’t worry about calculation.

when we get items from the supplier can it be able to modify the price in the invoice ? Also in the payments section sometimes our supplier gives us credit… or made in several payments … can it be managed same as the customers (Partially Paid) and be able to find ut how much I owe to that specific supplier?

Yea it’s possible. You can make several time payment(partially payment)
please see details in demo version.

I do not see where… I can see partially payments on Customers OK but not on supplier can you tell me how?

When company create invoice for customer. customer paid partially.
When company buy from supplier company have to pay full payment. but u can customize code . u can also create partially payment form for specific supplier.

Does your POS handl emulti user selling items at the same time and update realtime inventory? Example, 5 cashiers are selling the same item at the same time with other items, will it update the stock master file with realtime inventory and produce on report the actual stock on hand? Thanks!

Yea it’s real time update inventory as ur example. items-1 has 5 qty. 4 cashiers same item at the same time with other items it will update the stock master real time.

what is the difference between “Advance Point of Sale System (POS)” and “Inventory Management with POS”. would like to know it before purchasing it..

Advance Point of Sale System (POS)” is Desktop POS system. and “Inventory Management with POS” is web base POS

1) I have one more question.. It seems the DB looks like not having any relationships defined. would like to understand the reason behind it? 2) IS it possible to use it in client server mode?

yea it’s possible to use it in client server mode.

is this mvc project

No it’s ASP.NET web form.

Can this be used on mobile devices? Is it responsive?

yea it’s Responsive. u can use any device.

Hi, some presale question. Does this app easily integrate with a barcode scanner? Thanks

yea it’s integrate with barcode scanner. you can create barcode and you can add item to sales register with bar-code.

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Hi. I setup the database and changed the web.config and when I run and click Login the following Error: Invalid postback or callback argument

how to resolve?

sorry, there’s no page called Master.aspx, I could find MasterPage folder with bootstrap_master file, is that what you mean? please be specific

MasterPage direction -> MasterPage/bootstrap_master.Master.aspx.

To remove your error please add this code in line 1 between <%@ - %> in Login.aspx page EnableEventValidation=”false”

More details contact our support email.

Now version has been uploaded. you can download it now.

how it will work for bar code


kindly, reading purchasing management is it available over there so can the Manager request some Quotations from Purchase officer through the script and latter on he can submit those Quotations to the manager to get the approval

please let me know if that is possible, because i didn’t see this facility in your Demo version


Purchase module only keep item purchased records. there is not approval option but you can customize what u want full source code and database included.

can this work with the hand held scanner and what model would you recommend.

yea it’s work with bar-code scanner. Any key input mode scanner.

Another question, after adding all items, is there a way to print all bar codes?

yea you can print. see http://citputer.com/test45/Items/ManageItems.aspx and click create bacode in barcode icon under item image.