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I want to show only Denver area in the map, how do I do that?


Hi! Thank you for using the plugin! The plugin does not go to city level, it only displays countries or maximum the state shapes. It doesn’t display city boundaries unfortunately. Sorry for this limitation. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

:( :( is there any other way? is that possible to manually input or something?

Unfortunately it’s not possible to use custom maps, only the maps provided by the plugin, which uses the Geochart API only. Sorry for this limitation.


kathihu Purchased

I want to do the overlay so I can have a colored map with markers, but I am placing the map using php and not the short code.

How do I do that? Can I do that?

Hi! You can use the shortcode inside the php function, with this format:
<?php echo do_shortcode("[show-map id='1' overlay='2']"); ?>
Hope it helps! Greetings, Carlos

Hi Carlos,

I have the exact same question as David had 3 years ago, see quoted text below. I’am not such an advanced Wordpress user. Which exact code should i place in stead of this line: //$capability = ‘manage_options’;

Hope to hear soon from you,

With kind regards,

Ruud van Bergen

about 3 years ago Flag Hi Carlos,

Is it possible to make this plug-in accessible to logged in Editor level Wordpress users, rather than just Admin level users somehow?

Thanks, David

cmoreira cmoreira AUTHOR about 3 years ago Flag Hi David! Thank you for using the plugin. If you open the file map.php you can see the line:

$capability = ‘manage_options’; This line will control the capabilities type for administrating the maps. You can change the ‘manage_options’ to some other capability. You can see editor level capabilities here: hope it helps! Greetings, Carlos DavidKirkpatrick DavidKirkpatrick PURCHASED about 3 years ago Flag Hi Carlos,

Sorted now. I needed to edit that line and also if (current_user_can(‘manage_options’)) Thanks for your help. David

cmoreira cmoreira AUTHOR about 3 years ago Flag Hi David. Glad everything is sorted now. Thank you for the update. Cheers

The update-proof way would be to add a line of code to a child-theme, if you’re using one. Or use a capabilities plugin to give the ‘manage_options’ privilege to the editor, for example. Write me via the contact form on the support tab and I can provide more info about how to implement these solutions also. Greetings, Carlos

Yeah I am using a child theme. But are you saying it is also possible to create a child-plugin? That would be great :)

The code would go into your child-theme files, not a child plugin :) Write me via the contact form on the support tab. Greetings, Carlos

1) is it your map will appear like this?

2) If at post we put several pin at map that we put at post, is it that pin will also appear maps that we put at homepage?

3) Is it the map we put at post can appear only appear that we want? For example we put pin texas restaurant at that map and other pin didn’t show. Can?

4) Can map at homepage filter the the pin category like restaurant. accommodation, school?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Unfortunately my plugin will not look like that map, it uses a different technology. Mine is more appropriated for larger scale maps, like country maps ou world maps, it doesn’t go to city level and it doesn’t connect to posts that way and it won’t filter like you want. Sorry for the limitations. Greetings, Carlos

Can I input radius around a map location with this plugin? I can currently do this on my own with “Google My Maps”. I do this by using this website: to create a KML file and then import it into a map I have created with “Google My Maps”.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a radius around a location. The plugin uses a different API from Google that provides vector maps, that doesn’t have this capability. You can however have round markers, as big as you want, so they could work as radius, but you would control the size in pixels, not in km/miles, and you wouldn’t have a pin indicating the center. Sorry for the limitations. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos


is911 Purchased

Hi, I would like to perform dynamic markers. For example for a membership site, I would like the map to dynamically:

1- show a total count of users from any country on the world map. 2- place a pindrop on the world map displaying the user’s avatar of where the user is located.

Please suggest how this can be done currently out of the box or with minor tweaks.


Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. Out of the plugin the plugin doesn’t have that feature, it is only ready to read the data added in the administration screen. It is not capable to reading data from other sources. So you’ll need to customize the plugin to read data from custom sources. You’ll need 2 maps: a markers map (for the users locations) and a regions map (to display the count per country).

In the plugin code, in the file map.php, the variable you’ll need to manipulate is this one:
$input = $mapdata['places'];
That variable will have all the data to populate a certain map with the CSV format you can see on ‘advanced tab’ when editing a map. You’ll need to manipulate that variable to include the dinamic data you need.

At the moment I am not able to provide customizations like this one, but if you write me via the contact form on the support tab I can try to give more details.

Greetings, Carlos

Will I be able to use this in a blog? Just bought the interactive maps version and doesn’t support javascript.. Should have checked that before..

Hi! The plugin will only work on self-hosted WordPress sites, since unfortunately doesn’t allow you to install other plugins. It also makes it very hard to add custom javascript unfortunately.