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hi, i would like to display my woocommerce cataloge/shop on a map with the possibility to filter products by categories, tags ecc… more over i would like to customize the buble of marker with data from prducts. is it possible with your plugin?

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin, but unfortunately it is not possible to achieve that. The maps won’t have live filter capabilities unfortunately. Sorry for this limitation. Greetings, Carlos

Hi! Can you discount for Black Friday? Envato and everybody make it :

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Unfortunately the plugin won’t be part of the promotion this year. Sorry for this.

I need only 3$ discount for buy :( so thanks!

Is it possible to interactively click on a German State and get a preview of that chosen State? for example : Germany > Bavaria > Munich.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. The plugin won’t include maps for individual regions of Germany, it will only be possible to display the map of Germany divided by regions. You can however set a different page to open when you click a specific region and handle the details to the region on a different page with a different tool. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

Hi cmoreira, does this plugin support RTL? thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. Yes, the maps should work fine on RTL also. Greetings, Carlos

We’re looking to have this feature on our site, example:

“Use this map to search articles. Discover places, find out where we mostly write about or select destinations you’d like to read about!”

Will the plugin allow us to do this out of the box? We do not wish to handle any coding.

Out of the box the plugin is not ready to fetch content automatically from other sources, you would need to create the map manually and it doesn’t provide a search feature. You can however create a map and link each country to a archive page or any kind of page with articles from that country, for example. Many travel sites use it this way. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos

I am experiencing very slow load times for my maps. Much much slower than the examples on the plugin page. Any reason this might be?

I am using coordinate markers for everything.

Just visited your page (a link you shared via email last year) I saw a couple of maps and they loaded instantly, I didn’t experience any slow loading. But consider that the maps load from Google servers and the files to load them are placed in the footer and will load after everything else on the page, so if there’s something slowing down the loading of the page, it will also slow down the maps. But there are tests we can make to determine this. Can you share a link to one of the maps where you’re experiencing this? You can use the ‘contact author’ option in the support tab and we can follow up via email again. Greetings, Carlos

Is a map showing the USA and Canada, at the same time, possible? Thanks!

Hi! You could choose the map of North America, but the 4:3 aspect ratio is not the best and the countries wouldn’t be divided by states. To have them divided by states it’s only possible when showing them individually. Greetings, Carlos

Hey Your Live Preview is not working…!!

Hi! The live preview seems to be working, but it could be a DNS issue. You’re not able to open ? Greetings, Carlos

Thanks it works now.

Hi, I am currently using Version 1.3.8. How do I update the plugin? I would like it to be responsive bcoz currently its not. Please help.

..nevermind, fixed it.

Hi! Glad you managed to fix it. If anyone else needs the same information, to update the plugin:

And the option to enable the responsive mode is available in the settings.

Greetings, Carlos

Hi Cmoreira,

we bought your plugin, and we need your help.

This is URGENT as we need to launch our blog soon.

Can you please drop us an email at thank you.

Hi! Thank you for using the plugin. I sent an email. Greetings, Carlos

Hello, I would like to ask if it is possible to add map of Macedonia with its 8 regions

Thanks in advance, Blagoj

Hi! Currently the map included is divided by 71 municipalities Codes from Wikipedia: It is not possible to have the map divided by the 8 regions unfortunately. You can however group the municipalities. If you have any other question let me know. Greetings, Carlos

That is awesome! it will work for me! :) Thanks


skuud Purchased

Hi dear support,

I’d like to know when you will send new update for French Map :)

We had new update of regions and it not appears on the nativ product downloaded.

You can follow this link to see the new map. Thanks a lot dear for helps.

Hi! You can set the inactive regions to ‘transparent’ in the visual settings. You can also use the ‘custom css generator’ below the map preview, to set the borders of inactive regions to 0px. Hope it helps. Greetings, Carlos


skuud Purchased

I didn’t get it.

You can follow this link to check it

Thanks in advance.

You can set the ‘stroke width (inactive only)’ to 0. That should hide the borders of the regions you are not colouring. Check if this post helps: Greetings, Carlos

Hi, is it possible to hide the regions border in the world map? I need an interactive map witout any state/region border.


Hi! Thank you for your interest in the plugin. You can set the region borders to be 0px or to colour it the same colour of the countries. This will provide the effect of the world map without the borders. Greetings, Carlos

Hi :) I am using your plugin since a few years and really love it! Atm I am focussing on improving the performance of my website. I managed to get a 94 performance grade on pingdom. When I however activate the interactive map plugin the performance goes down to 86 and I get the recommendation to Combine external JavaScript. I really want to keep your plugin but need a solution for this problem. Any ideas? I highly appreciate your help. Thank you, Tim

Hi Tim! Glad you like the plugin! The maps load some files from Google that can’t be combined unfortunately, they need to be the way they are, since it’s google who loads them into the page depending on the map settings. Sorry for this limitation.

Hi, is it possible to have a map of a italian province/region? Thanks

Hi! You can only have the map of Italy divided by regions, it’s not possible to have individual maps of regions. Example maps of Italy available here: