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using this interactive map users can choose a continent which opens a nations map which when clicked opens the individual nation map which each individual city region area that can be clicked opening showing the gallery of users listed in this area? I am seeking a fully functional interactive map plug in to add onto my site, Thanks Ryan

Hi Ryan,
You can add unlimited number of clickable push pins anywhere on the map and link each of them to a webpage but the continents or countries are not interactive.

Updated: Now, Continents are clickable so you can link each continent to any webpage.
Separate map for each continent will be available here.

Thanks codexcoder :)

is it possible to use this template for a building per example? So we can categories by floor and each floor contains many shop/office?

Hi iislb,
No, It’s a world map, if you want the same functions for a building we can create it for you as a private work, please feel free to email me for further details.

A client wants this map on the main page of their site. But the site is on squarespace. They have some code injection options at squarespace. You think this would work? I might buy it.

Hi Visualspire,
I’m not sure how squarespace works but if you are free to embed the code that you want, you should be OK. please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Hola deseo el mapa de perú, cuanto me costaría.

Hola jbalta,
We are planning to create more country maps but if you want us to create a custom map for you, please email us through the contact form to discuss the details. Regards

ok, ya envie el Mensaje. Espero su pronta respuesta

We got your message and replied. Regards

Hi, great script!! i have a problem with the pins, when i roll over the pin the pop up does not show anything, everything else works fine on it

Thanks for your comment :)
Please email me the link privately to check it and get back to you.

a couple of questions, is this a standalone version (its not wordpress plugin i hope)

does this use jquery files to work, because i want to use this on a CMS page of magento, and magento already has jquery loaded for the menu and shopping cart to work

so before i buy this i need to know if i paste this code to the page will it conflict with magento’s jquery scripts and effect the menus etc

Yes, it’s a standalone map for standard websites but also can be inserted in a WordPress site using html snippet plugin, A step by step installation guide is included for both types.
Yes, it uses jquery but you can link it to your default jquery file. but we can’t guarantee its compatibility with other site content.

Hi, I have longtitude and latitude of the location, so is there any ways to convert those longtitude & latitude to pos_X and pox Y in order to map it on the interactive map?


Hi Michael,
You can simply click anywhere on the included X, Y coordinates guide to get the values of pos_X, pos_Y to be used on the interactive map, but I’m afraid longitude and latitude don’t match with this map.

Awesome! Works fantastic and great support back and forth via email to tune up for my site. Well worth the money :)

Thanks very much for your feedback :)

Hi there

Interesting map indeed!! Is there a way whereby I can replace the default image with a more enhanced one?

Also if i need to remove some continents? how can i achieve that please?



Hi Chris,
Thanks for your comment :)
We draw the vector map anchor by anchor in Adobe Illustrator for highest quality and lowest file size, also changing the map drawing or removing continents will affect the XY coordinates guide.
You may be interested in our individual continent maps in our portfolio. also If you need any private customization, please email me directly.

Pre Sales Question: Does this allow you to add your own SVG map? Can the pins support animated gifs? Can the tooltip be customized with any HTML both inside the box and the actual box itself?

Thanks, Ryan.

Hi Ryan,
Does this allow you to add your own SVG map?
Can the pins support animated gifs?
Can the tooltip be customized with any HTML both inside the box and the actual box itself?
You can add HTML formatted content in the hover tooltip but remember it’s just a tooltip so adding too much content or complex code may not work. You can customize the tooltip box through the included CSS file.

this is not working for me and no answer yet?

Hi, We got your email and replied on Sat, Sep 12, 2015, please check your spam folder of your email jos* * * * if you prefer another email, please send it to us through the contact form here. Regards


would it be possible to link to a modal form instead of new page? This way the customer won’t have to leave the webpage.



Hello Pieter,
Thanks for your message. You can use ID instead of links so when clicked it jumps to a section in the same page. Regards

Thanks for your reply! I will buy it now :)

Hello, The hovers on the pins aren’t popping up in the correct place on my Wordpress site. I’ve tried moving the to the footer section like the instructions suggested, but that makes them go away completely. Is there any way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

Hello, Please send me the link to check. You can email us directly. Regards

Hi, i want to ask you if it is possible to set the name of each country. If it is possible please tell me how to do it?

Thank you

Hi, This is a world map by continents. If you are looking for a world map by countries, please check this map. Regards

hi thank you for your reply. I mean the world’s map with names of countries like this:

Thanks for clarification. That’s possible but requires editing the map graphics, please email me for more details.

hello, is ist possible to insert this map in a pop up?

Hi, I’m sorry, I’m not sure what do you mean?

Hello, can you install a zoom-function for mobile devices? I do not hit the small country with my fat fingers ;-)

Hello, please note that, this map doesn’t have clickable countries (Only clickable continents / Cities).
You may be interested in the Interactive World Map by Countries or the Interactive Drill Down World Map which is better for mobile devices.

1. I have a list of countries/cities on excel and csv, is there a way to import the list and allow countries/cities to appear on the world map after importing automatically?
2. The plugin (Regular license, currently 8 usd) includes the world map and 5 country maps (US, France, etc.), doesn’t it?

1. You need to add the cities manually on the map, that can be done through a simple JS file (JavaScript knowledge is not required).
Note: This is an interactive world map by continents. You may be interested in our Interactive World Map by Countries.
2. This world map has been selected by CodeCanyon to be included in Cyber Monday offer of one week discount.
Note:This item is for the world map only (US, France, etc maps are separate items).
Please let me know if you have any questions.