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If I purchase with Regular license… Can I remove copyright ?

yes you can, but you can use it only for one end user or client. :)

ok no problem… I have here few clients … I will buy licence for each… and later I have plan to buy extended with good support from your desk…thanks :)

thanks for choosing our script :)

when i give premonition student one class to another class it is removing privies year data like attendance, marks and every things i want to buy it but after fixing it.

thanks for your information, we will check on this..

We dont know why is so hard to install it … No input file specified. After 2 ours of trying install …

We already raised a ticket

WE MANAGED TO install the system but now we can’t see the main menu …

how did you managed? there is only one way to install the system. please contact

I can’t creat more than one parent account why?

even student


medchadid Purchased

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inf8nity Purchased

Hello, Please respond to my ticket. I have problem with installation.


inf8nity Purchased

I’m still waiting for your response 5 hours later.


inf8nity Purchased

I fixed the issue.

i replied.


inf8nity Purchased

How should I contact you if I need customization?

hi team,

planning to buy your program.

checked your demo on 3-4 different android devices. browser used chrome, opera, ucbrowser and stock browser but it looks very-very bad. visuals not ok. responsive not working.

looks nice when test on laptop with chrome and opera browser .

please check, make correction and update me.

thanks and regards.

we already checked on various devices and it looks fine to us,

Hello, your Student Account Info under class report has a huge bug, take a case where a student pays in installment, like if his due is $ 2000 the if he 1st pays $50 it’ll include on the paid amount but again pays another $50 it won’t include it, its a huge problem try it…..

you are not a purchaser of this script then how did you fixed this bug?

am sorry if somehow i breached some rules but am a programmer and the school i work for bought your product v3.0 sometime back, am their system administrator,, so they were asking me about that error…. please i couldn’t wait for your bug fix….. by the way do u still need the fix or…..

i did not checked it yet, if you solved this already then just send me the solution at email, we will merge that if we think that’s correct..

Pre-Sale questions: Is possible to enable the option “Add Mark” to Teacher’s role? and can I register the Marks with decimals?

yes its possible, you can give permission to teachers to add mark..


ashwinksa Purchased

Can you pls share us demo database ? By that ways it will be easy for us to demo to our clients and then get each and every license for them too.

Contact our support team for that.

1. Why in admin we dont have option to view the account module like accountant 2. Can the fee calculate by days of the kids? Because we have a kids school that fee bases on days they go to school?

1. Admin can also see account module and admin can also manage accounts. 2. This script account depends on invoice creating, you can create invoice whenever you need

when you update the absentees sms Notification module?

hopefully next month, from 23th to 1st July will not be in service, Eid Holiday Festival starts

Will you Update that Module or Others?

Wish you Happy Eid Festival…

Hi, Please Update the Attendance Module its in Individual If we want All Students Attendance list Print its not available in you Application, Please update it As soon as Possible. Also If want to send the Message for multiple students there is no option in script please update it.

Hi Dear, As I am checking your demo account is not working getting error as you can check it and let us know soon.