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From here ( ), it can be seen that mostly CodeIgniter 4 release its alpha version in 2018. So now if i get this script and run it on my school, at the end of 2018 will i be able to switch it to the updated version of this script which you will release? Please have in mind that i may ask for lots of customizations as well. so my customizations won’t be lost after i update to new version? Plus, i need to install this script separately on some branches each. with that, will you bring customization changes into installer package or on web after i install the script?

i have emailed you 5 days back and haven’t received any reply yet by email so i have to ask them here.

1- I want many “fields” to be added into “student information page” part. (when you add new student into database like, field for: father name, grand father name, ID Card/ Passport number, ID card photo attachment place, certificates attachment place and etc…)

2- i want each parent get linked into each student. not the way which is currently your system is. now from your system all parents can see results of all students but i want the exact parent, sees only marks and attendance and invoices of his own kid not any other’s.

3- i want visibility of Marks and attendance of each student, weekly, monthly, semesterly, yearly and all entire period of his study time (4 – 7 years). and all be printed as PDF and other formats.

4- an “add field” option in Mark section that Admin be able to add many fields according to needs and delete/edit them.

Questions: 1- How is database stability and its connection with script? i mean if it becomes bigger and bigger will it create problems which lead to data show failure?

2- Is it truly a guaranty from your side that people who use this script won’t face problem after 2018 on PHP issue?

Thank you :)

Sir, Please contact us via email for this kind of detail conversation.

Hello, I found your email. I am replying you as soon as possible.

Hi, Are these all mentioned modules are included in this script and in this price? or have to buy modules separately?


yes, all in one with this price only..

This comment is currently being reviewed.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

When we expect Android & IOS app???????

App launch date is not fixed! it is on development. Its a big application and app making is not easy for this application.

Hello author, it might seems we are asking for much. Yes we are willy asking for much to be done on your project, because we want your project to be one of the best on codecanyon platform.

This is another quick suggestion, on your next updates try and upgraded the “Admin LTE” template to a higher version like 2.3.5 or higher.

I try referring a lot of clients to your app an the is one of the most feedbacks I receive after checking the demo. And I think it is something that I am also in support of. If this is able to be done it will add another great touch to your app on this platform and no app can beat us here…

This year inilabs school system must be the number one school management application to pop up when search on this platform and we are all ready to help promote your brand.

Thanks for the great app and the great after sales support you provide on your portal.

Thank you so much for your appreciation, support and suggations! We planned a lot of thing for this app. Also, our team is working so hard to make this app best in the market. But we can’t do a lot of thing at a time, our first priority is to make the application bug free and most amazing features then we will think about the look. And also our app look is already very good I think. Further, if anyone wants to look better the app then we can do that as a customization offer and about the Admin lte latest version, We need to finish the priority work first then we can think about the look. Thanks

Alright Rid Well said. Bug free is the most important thing, first things first.We will be on standby waiting for the upcoming great features and later the looks as said.

Thanks Team.Keep the good work.

Thank you goodprogrammer.

Hello admin, i have submitted a ticket since Monday and i have not received any feedback on it since then, this is not fair

Hello sir, you have been replied . Please check

Hi, i have asked this question using the support ticket but: I just want to know the price for you to customize this software so that it can work without internet in the school where Schools can now have the app installed on a particular on-site school server. This server will synchronize with the online app whenever there is internet connectivity. This way, Schools with internet connectivity problems can fully enjoy all the features of this app . Please give me feedback on my mail. Thank you

this modification is not possible, cause our script does not support offline usage.

I also asked the same question about offline usage of the app and synchronized to online server when internet is available.

Author please I think it is about high time you consider this feature. Because most communities have poor internet connectivity and it makes the application usage difficult. Especially in Africa countries

Hello, Goodprogrammer we all appreciate all your suggestions but this one is not possible in our script, There are security issues.

I have purchased it today and want to install it on my localserver. i am using wamp 2.4. i have the script the directory in www directory. is their anyone who can guide me that what should be the further step. i mean , what should be the name of database and how to configure it in script.i will be really thankful

Please guide me that which wamp version and what configurations are required to setup this project on localhost. i want to be it at localserver.

i have uploaded it on my webserver at my domain its working well over their. when i have downloaded all files and backup at my localserver then its showing following error The requested URL /prj/signin was not found on this server please guide asap

replied on your email, please check..

Hello Author, I have submitted ticket 10 days before. Can you please respond to the queries. Thank you for your support.

I am having problem in teacher section

is teacher can take student attendance or not?

reply asap

be patient sir, our maximum support time is 2 business days, this issue is solved in the upcoming version.


Can you please help in installing the script in local xampp server