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donjohn Purchased

Friends, could you add some form of payment in Latin America ?. Example: MercadoPago, TodoPago, Easy Payment, Rapipago, etc.

not right now, and this payment gateways are not general needed gateways. you need to customize that..


litio105 Purchased

how to update to the new version


Muzukuru Purchased

I am trying to install my system in a localhost database but having an error msg ” database connection failed,” can someone help solve this problem.I know that the authors support does not include installation so I am appealing to my follow buyers who have installed their systems for help.

For your assistance email me on

Thanks in advance


Muzukuru Purchased

thank you let me try. Good day


Muzukuru Purchased

thank you let me try. Good day


Muzukuru Purchased

thank you let me try. Good day

pls share v3.4 version the one what we are downloading seems to be v3.3

No sir, its not 3.3. you might have been mistaken. Please download again and check. And if there any issue just tell us what is it. why you think its 3.3..? we will help you..


saranraju Purchased

my question is: can i have the v3.4 version., where VoguePay and certificate management feature is included. i did download installed again, but i cant see those feature in my new installation, so i am assuming its old version.

Note : on the item details it says v3.4 and it works well on demo site.

sir, we uploaded the new version for sure. And you can see our demo is also working fine with voguepay. So i don’t understand why you are not seeing the voguepay gateway. Do one thing, send a support ticket in our email and we will investigate your issue.

Hi there, for presales question,

1. I read a buyer saying there is no way to upgrade for him that he have to download and reinstall v3.4 and when he does that all the features mentioned wasnt there and i can see from your description that VoguePay integration is on v3.4, if i am buying this, this VoguePay integration will be on of most reason i will be buying it, please help me.

2. can you add this in your subsequent updates: add birthday greetings to all users, this should work based on the date of birth on their profile account and it should work for all users, parent, students, teachers and even admin. But it should be able to activate or deactivate for any of the user created, then the kind of message to be sent to each of the users should be different if the admin wants that, the one for the parent should be different from the student and teachers and admin and so on and can be editable at any time. This should work on automation once its active on any of the users both on email and sms, they just get the greetings at a particular set time on that day. This is on the app i have but i want to change to inilabs now if this can be done soonest.

Its something that everyone will love, not only me

i have checked the demo and i cant find it there, account section is disable in demo mode so i don’t see any payment method there

no payment method can be seen in the drop down box

Sorry, all payment gateways are disabled by mistake. you can try now..

Do I just install the zip as a theme or plugin or do I need to do some complex server installation?

Nothing, simple shared hosting is enough for installation.

Hi, inilabs I hope that you do not be too upset about me But I made a special purchase because the system is very beautiful The purpose of using it is the online exam and was surprised that it is incomplete I hope to clarify the misunderstanding Do you update the new online testing system and show full result to the administrator I also hope that the test solution is only one time Thank you very much and waiting for everything new you have

+ [Feature] Publicly Result Publication What is meant by this addition ؟

it mean students can see their results in frontend website

Upcoming Module (20-10-2017) :)

Please i want to ask if there is possibility for the school to generate a pin to give to students or parent so they can use this to check their report sheet or is this the Publicly Result Publication features that will be added today 20th

then the second issue is the android app, when is it coming up, i will be buying more of all this stuffs before the end of this month for some schools. I am talking of the web app but we shall surely need the android app also

we will defiantly launch a school application but for it will take time, and i can’t promise any exact time for that. But we are very close to start the mobile app work..


donjohn Purchased

Friends, the module assignments does not work. It does not show who uploaded the file.

can you send me a screenshot at email..? and tell us exactly what is the issue..?

I want to buy this but I am not sure about a couple of things.

1. Is this a plugin for Wordpress? 2. Am I am able to add fields for students? 3. Am I able to add more reports definition?.

you are talking about your custom needs, these features are need to be customized or added.

Is this a wordpress theme or plugin?

no, its not a wordpress plugin. its a php script

Hello bro, can u make it possible for admin to generate some sort of unique codes in bulk which can be given to the parents or students to check their exam reports (this kind of code should be able to be controlled, like how many times it can be used to check result per/students or parents)

this would be useful features for every school owner.

Day by Day, every possible things will be updated. Just need time..


NAGARAJBV5 Purchased

How to Update Old Version to New version? There is no instruction in User Guide. Please Provide me update Guide as soon as Possible Thank you, I hope you will give the User Guide within 1 Hour.

Can i send message to all users in the class and so on.

How soon will a new version be available? We have been following your application closely basing on comments and your demo. So, we are waiting for the new update, tour it on your demo and then buy.

Otherwise thank you for the hard work put into your script. It has come so far to were it is now.