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InfyProjects is an easy to use Project Management Tool with Task Management and Time Tracking that completes all your day to day project management needs.

It provides very simple task management with features like Clients and Projects, Tasks management with time entries, Team management along with Roles and Permissions, and a very nice Web Timer to track the time for the particular task.



Features Description:


Dashboard for super admin to have a full view of the full system with a bunch of visual reports including,

  1. User Report – On which project and how much time a particular team member spent on each day.
  2. Daily Work Report – For a particular day, who worked how much time on each project.
  3. Open Tasks – This report is useful for the resource planning of the team. Who has the more tasks opened and overloaded project-wise.


Departments are useful when you need to divide projects department-wise. Like Outsourcing, Product, Training, Marketing, etc. And that can be useful to track how much time is spent in each department by all different team members.


Clients can be the person or an organization that offers a project. Even it can be your own company if it’s your internal project. Like your own website. Every client belongs to some Department.


Everything starts with a project. Each project must have an associated Client and you can also define Prefix and set of users (team members) who are going to work on this project. so only those users can see this project. Along with that, you can also define the budget of the project. The budget can be of two types. Fixed Priced or Hourly. Based on a budget type, invoice calculation will be made.


Once the project is started, all we need to do is define tasks.

The task may have,

  • Title
  • Project
  • Priority
  • Assigned To
  • Due Date
  • Tags
  • Description

You can also assign a task to multiple team members if you need them. If they both are going to perform a different set of activities on the same task. Like one is going to do the actual implementation and the other is going to document that task.

Easy to use Interface:

We have designed a very good and easy to use Tasks Listing Interface where you can complete all primary stuff of tasks without leaving the screen.


You can also filter all the tasks by various fields like,

  • Assigned To
  • Project
  • Due Date
  • Status


You can also sort tasks by,

  • Created Date
  • Complete On
  • Due Date


You can also attach files and media on the tasks to make it easier. Attachments are useful while specifying design, scope document, or anything else which can add value to task description and defining clear requirements.


In today’s world, collaboration is a necessary thing. Every task needs collaboration from different team members. Comments play a key role in providing that. People can comment on each task to discuss the task requirements or anything they want.

Time Entries

We all need to track how much time we spent on the system including which project or which tasks. Based on this we can track the project progress and make invoices.

Time Tracking Widget:

InfyProject provides an easy-to-use and always ready time tracking widget at the bottom-right of the screen. You can open that widget, select a task, and start a timer.

It also does offline time tracking. so you can also close the tab and return back once you are done with the task. Then you can insert notes of what you’ve worked on along with the activity type (activity type is a type of work you’ve done. It’s explained below in the settings section.) and stop the timer. It will auto-save your time entry on that task.


Reports are an essential module in each project management system. Reports help us to measure the performance of the team members as well as billings and invoices. Also to check if the project was complete within a budget.

You can create reports with various available filters,

  • Department
  • Client
  • Project
  • Users
  • Tags

InfyProjects provides two types of reports,

  1. Static Reports
  2. Dynamic Report

Static Reports

Static Reports are the reports, which do not update dynamically even if later on Task or Time Entry or Project Budget is updated. so once you save the report, it will take a snapshot of the system and save it statically.

It will not be updated, till the time to re-save the report. When you re-save the report, it will again take a snapshot of the latest system based on the filters you’ve selected.

This kind of report is useful for taking a current snapshot of the system and save it for the future. so in the future, if the project budget or salary of the team member is updated, it will still remember the old values.

Dynamic Reports

Dynamic Reports are the reports which are updated dynamically and give you the latest data from the system based on the filters you selected. For e.g. I want to have a report, How much time I spent on project X every month. so I can select report type Dynamic and Time Interval as this month. so it will give me the latest data on the current running month. I do not need to update a month’s every month change.

Also, if any change is made to the budget or time entry, or anything else, it will be reflected in the report.


Users are the team members. You can manage all your users in this module. Create users and assign them roles and projects you want. Also, this is a restricted area projected with permissions. so only users with given permission will be able to access the Users module.

You can also specify the salary of the User to reflect the cost of the project in the report.


Each user will have a role and based on the role he/she has, he/she can access the feature/modules.

By default, the system comes with some pre-defined roles, but you can even create your own Role with the permissions you want.


You can create invoices directly from your reports and also create manually here. When you create it from the report, then it will auto calculate the amount of invoice for hourly projects by the rate which is mentioned in the project.

For Fixed-Price cost, you can manually add the item to the invoice. You can also download the PDF of the invoice and send it to the client.


InfyProject provides various settings to control your branding and other general items.


You can see the list of all tags used in all the tasks. You can create new tags from here and also can edit and delete existing ones.

Activity Types

Activity types are the real activities that users do on the task. Like, Development, Designing, QA Testing, Documentation, Training, Deployment, Meetings, Discussion, and many more.

They can choose it while they do time entry. so on any task, you can have a clear idea of how much time was spent in each activity.

You can manage all activity types here of your organization.


Taxes are used while creating invoices. You can create taxes with its amount here.


This settings section is used to control the branding of the system including,

  • App Name
  • Company Logo
  • Company Name
  • Company Email
  • Company Phone
  • Company Address
  • Favicon
  • Working Days of the month (How many days you work a month / calculated while doing salaries)
  • Working hours of the day


InfyProjects also comes in various languages based on your needs. Currently, we are supporting the following list of languages,

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Arabic
  • Chinese


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