InfinixDonate - Decentralized Multichain P2P Cryptocurrency Donation Application

InfinixDonate - Decentralized Multichain P2P Cryptocurrency Donation Application

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InfinixDonate – A Complete Decentralized Multichain P2P Cryptocurrency Donation Application

A Complete Multichain P2P Cryptocurrency Decentralized Donation Application – We have developed a great solution for anyone who wants to receive donations using cryptocurrency.

Now you can receive donations directly on your application page and those donations end up directly in your crypto wallet

Your donors can pay with any token as they get converted automatically into the tokens that you’ve configured.

Payments performed with InfinixDonate are peer-to-peer. You will receive every single payment directly into your wallet, without any intermediary. Nobody but you holds your funds at any time.

You can set the platform commission/fee for each donation. (for example, if you set it to 3%, you will receive to commission wallet 3% of all donations.)

Wordpress Plugin Available

Install and place a Web3 Cryptocurrency Donation button inside your very own WordPress website

Wallet-to-wallet: Middleman-free P2P payments.

MultichainYour supporters can send crypto donations on various blockchains..

On-the-fly conversion 100% decentralized token conversion via decentralized liquidity pools such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap.

Configure incoming tokens: Receive the tokens you want while letting your supporters pay with tokens they hold.

Buttons & Links:The widget can be triggered in various ways.

Custom CSS: Customize the look of your donation button with your own CSS in the WordPress plugin dashboard.

InfinixDonate Supports:

  1. 3 Blockchains
  2. 100+ Wallets
  3. 8,000+ Accepted tokens

Features of InfinixDonate

  1. Highly Secure
  2. Own Custody of Tokens
  3. Anonymous Donation
  4. Highly Confidential
  5. Flexibility Token Exchanges
  6. Path to Sustainability
  7. Highly Customization Scope
  8. Protection Against DDOS
  9. Real-time validations (for insufficient balances, etc.)
  10. The auto balance is displayed.
  11. Add as many tokens as you want(Custom token listing)
  12. Add/remove tokens you don’t want to display on your swap.
  13. Whitelist/Blacklist tokens you don’t want to display on your donation.

Why InfinixDonate

  1. Easy options are provided for cryptocurrency donation
  2. No need for Smart Contract deployment
  3. 100% Decentralized network & no involvement of the third parties.
  4. Optionally, you may charge a convenience fee on top of donation executed through your web app. to make some passive income.
  5. Comes with a highly attractive layout
  6. Multi-tested and 100% error-free
  7. By using InfinixDonate, you can build a decentralized cryptocurrency donation in a cost-effective way.
  8. All donations goes into your wallet address


Infinix Donate was developed using the latest technologies for developing web3 and blockchain based application:
  1. React
  2. Depay
  3. Metamask
  4. Wallet Connect
  5. Uniswap V3
  6. Trustwallet

Wallets Supported

The following wallets are currently supported by InfinixDonate
  1. Metamask
  2. Coinbase Wallet
  3. Trustwallet
  4. DeFi Wallet
  5. 1inch Wallet
  6. imToken Wallet
  7. Ledger Live
  8. 100+ additional wallets via WalletConnect

Supported Blockchains

  1. Ethereum – InfinixDonate currently supports 3200+ tokens on Ethereum.
  2. Binance – InfinixDonate currently supports 4500+ tokens on BNB Smart Chain.
  3. Polygon – InfinixDonate currently supports 380+ tokens on Polygon.


Important! The demo is deployed on the ETH Mainet, BSC Mainet, Polygon Mainet, so users would be able to understand it more clearly the project, so if you are donating some tokens, make sure it’s a small amount.

Custom Development

Please use our profile page contact form to submit your customization requests for our DEX Products.


Kindly test this product hosted on the mainet before you purchase it.

Refund Policy

We do not provide refund once the item has been downloaded.

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