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before i buy it, i need to know if i can upload multiimg at the same time. And show uploaded file in a grid to order them with drag and drop.

If you want to upload multiple files I have another script https://demo.hazzardweb.com/filepicker/

If you want to order them you’ll need a database to save the order and some jQuery for the drag and drop.

Is there a way to add a csrf token from the js to the php file

Do you want this for a specific framework or just in general?

Hi, before buying the script. From uploaded image: is it possible to create several different thumbnails and save them into different folders, with same name?

Yes, you can use the versions option to create multiple versions http://docs.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/1.3/configuration#versions

Hello Author, I have purchased your product on 9 Aug 2016..

The package is working good in normal php, but facing issue in codeigniter framework.

The problem is here, but he generates the tmp images . How can i get the error?: tmpImage.onerror = function() { self.alert(self.i18n(‘img404’), ‘error’) };

Please guide. Thanks and Regards

i’m on Macbook os el capitan, trying your demo on safari but the webcam is not working ! Did you test it before ?

Hi, Safari doesn’t have support for the Camera API http://caniuse.com/#search=stream

Hello, can you give me an example on how to validate image that too large.. i see in your documentation that you have minSize .. can you give me an example on how to use it ?

Hi, the minSize and maxSize options are for the image width and height for jQuery plugin http://docs.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/1.3/options#options . If you want to validate the file size use max_file_size http://docs.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/1.3/configuration#max_file_size

Another problem i had.. i made a crop, the handler show exactly i want.. but the result is square.. what possibly caused this ?

Hi, SuperTool! Unfortunately there is an error in the webcam in the demo.

Webcam Error: PermissionDeniedError

Access without the Envato preview because they don’t have SSL https://demo.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/

Great! Thanks, it works :)

Hello I bought this like a year ago as I thought it was a nice library but I am just now getting around to using it in a project. My project is a bookmarks manager in which when a bookmark record edit link is clicked I build the inner HTML for a modal DIV and init the image picker in the modal with the bookmark ID. It then fetches saved images for the selected bookmark and shows them and allows more uploads. When my modal is closed I hide the DIV and when a new bookmark edit link is clicked the cycle repeats except since the `$(’#imgPickerMulti’).imgPicker({});` call returns a cached instance when the new bookmark modal is built it does not fetch images for the new bookmark ID and instead shows only images from the 1st bookmark. I need a way to destroy the instance of `$(’#imgPickerMulti’).imgPicker({});` when my modal is closed so that I can create a new instance for each bookmark edit modal. Could you possibly help in adding a destroy method or something to help in my case please?

Another solution to my case would be to allow me a public method of calling the `this.load();` function as new uploads for each of my modals uploads images with the correct data it just doesnt show the images from my DB for the current modal as the load() function is only called on the initial init(). SO my options are to destroy the library insatnce and create a new instance each time my modal window is shown and closed or to call the load() function on my own each time a modal is shown. Could you provide a public method to call load() please?

UPDATE = In my loadComplete() callback function I set a global variable to true to indicate an insatnce exist. I then call var imgPicker = $(’#imgPickerMulti’).data(‘plugin_imgPicker’); imgPicker.load(); when an existing instance exist. THis makes sure the load() function is called each time my modal window is created and still uses the same instance of the library but updates its data so it works great so far! It might break if I had multiple instances of the library on the same page but in my case I have only 1 so I havent tested with more than 1.

I do have a feature request that I am missing now… I need to have an option to upload image from remote URL. Just like stackoverflow and other sites allow you to upload from local PC, drag and drop upload, and upload from remote URL. This library has all that plus webcam and is only missing the remote URL upload feature. Would be a great addition! Maybe could be an additional button next to the upload button and webcam button and when clicked would show a popup modal prompt asking for a image URL, on submission the PHP side could fetch and download the image. Any thoughts on the idea?

I have hosting with godaddy. CanI view image on server as if now it show only as file cannot make out image from file. I run a prestashop store and prestashop create image with different name and different file size on server. Once product is sold and deleted I Need to delete image on server.

I have hosting with godaddy. CanI view image on server as if now it show only as file cannot make out image from file. I run a prestashop store and prestashop create image with different name and different file size on server. Once product is sold and deleted I Need to delete image on server.

support PHP7?

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘url’ of undefined – PHP7 problem

Hi, where do you get this error ? What response do you get form the server ?

Please fix demo. Webcamera PERMISSION DENIED

Use the direct demo link https://demo.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/ . CodeCanyon doesn’t support ssl.

api also available

Works on bootstrap 4?

It doesn’t matter what UI framework you use. The demo uses Bootstrap 3 but you can use anything you want. See https://demo.hazzardweb.com/imagepicker/example-zero-interface.html

I did a server version package for Laravel 5 https://github.com/JoanVt/ImagePicker – Hope it helps someone

Hi, we are using http://jobcareer.chimpgroup.com/ theme for building our website. Does your product integrate well and seamlessly with this theme? We need this for the profile and portfolio pictures that the users will be uploading. Thanks.

I’m not sure. It might require some customization.


Vito227 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

For the moment there’s no plan for anything major. Just bug fixes (if found).

If you’re expecting more features, I have another script Filepicker, that’s more advanced and complete.