Discussion on ImagePicker: Uploader - Webcam - Cropper

Discussion on ImagePicker: Uploader - Webcam - Cropper

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This is great, but what about a Logo / Watermark that can be put on the image?

How can solve the problem: Failed to upload the file ?

Hi, I would like to allow all pictures file types but to save all in jpg format?

Hello. The code is nice and I want to use it.

I wonder if I can send variables from javascript to php.

url: ’/assets/page.php?i=16’,

16 will be variable here it shows and deletes. But there is no upload and edit.

Is there any other way?

Sorry my bad english.


Hi how are you? Does it comes with compressor? Thank you

Hello! I’m interested, but Live Preview is not working. Also, when is next update? It appears to be quite some time since last update. Thanks.

Hi , regarding folders created dinamically , It works but the folders named $userid doesnt get the Number but remains Just $userid. Any way to transport the id?

Sorted out

Hey Author!

Can I do refund?

I buy wrong item. Should be I buy filepicker instead of imagepicker.

Because I need to integration with laravel.

Or can you help to integration with Laravel? your help appreciate.

Hello Support,

Please can I modify your database to fit into mine when I buy your product???


If you use PHP 7.2, add in the file “server\ImgSelect.php” row 548: $val = (int)$val;

Great utility. Is there a way to ensure the user has selected a crop area before it lets them proceed? At the moment you can an upload an image without cropping and it means you don’t get the aspect ratio I’m attempting to get for the upload.

Ok – figured out a solution to this. The ‘cropSuccess’ callback isn’t technically a callback when the image is cropped, but just when the user has saved the image. So I modified the jquery.imagepicker.js file slightly; around line 425 change updateCoords = function(_coords) { coords = _coords }, to updateCoords = function(_coords) { coords = _coords; self.dispatch(‘cropping’, image); }, – this then fires a callback when cropping is actually taking place – so you can start your form with the save button disabled and then use the callback to enable it so you know something has been selected.

where can I find SQL table: example_images.sql

where can I find SQL table: example_images.sql

Multiple Image not support. How can i solve it

How can I capture the back view of the mobile camera rather than the frontal image of the mobile camera.

Please i am using CodeIgniter and i need to save/load in MVC. I really need your help i try but i can’t do it it’s because i don’t make good configuration with your files. Thank You.

Hi, sorry but 3rd party frameworks are not supported by the script. You might want to check

Hi, load not work. I set image in load, but the image not autoload on show modal.

Please tell us if there is a way to block the 1:1 ratio (width:height) of the cropping tool which makes it impossible to use with images that are not already 1:1 such as banners (height rectangular) and cover photos (width rectangular). It should be possible to crop in a manner not 1:1. Let us know please. Otherwise great product.



Yes you can set the crop option to false for your image version. See

getting invalid response. tutorial video is down. please help.

Hi, please follow this

I’ll update the website too, latter today.

Uploading and cropping a high resolution JPG might throw a “parser error” in the imagepicker modal as the GD library decompresses the JPG to its original size which might exceed the memory_limit setting in your php.ini.

For instance, a decompressed 5MB JPG file can eat around 50MB * 2 = 100MB of your servers memory (*2 because the script generates a new instance of the file to work with). So in this case, if your memory_limit in php.ini is set to 64MB, you will encounter a “parser error” on the front end modal and an “Allowed memory size of n bytes exhausted” PHP Fatal error on the server-side back end.

Quick solution is to set a higher memory limit inside your imagepicker config file: ini_set(‘memory_limit’, ‘128M’);

More details:

Hope this helps someone!

It’s better to set it in php.ini


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