Discussion on ImageLinks - Interactive Image Builder for WordPress

Discussion on ImageLinks - Interactive Image Builder for WordPress

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What’s the difference between ImageLinks and VisionLinks?

The Vision plugin has more options and it’s modern.


Can you put shortcodes (acf frontend form) into popup and activate when clicked?

Can you share a link to ACF forms plugin to test?

It’s not a shortcode, it’s emebed into php file directly. Is it possible to call such a form with js?

Hello, Good day,

I’m interested in this plugin , but I see that last update was a year ago ! I wonder if it is still supported


Thank you for your prompt response, I tested this free version, is it possible to play a sound on click ?

Only with an additional code inside the custom js section.

Ok great, Thank you

Hello, is it possible to have the hotspot trigger a Lightbox link containing html?

Cool, so with “Vision” it’s possible to have the ‘Popover’ contain text, images and even an embedded YouTube video?

Yes, it can (text, images, youtube embed code). You can test the free version from

Great plugin! Purchased, thx.

Hello good day, I just bought the plugin but when activating it I get this: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare imagelinks_activate() (previously declared in /home/fruityfl/ -image-builder-lite/imagelinks.php:33) in /home/fruityfl/ on line 34

Hello. You should deactivate and delete the free version first, then install the pro from the codecanyon package. All items will remain.

Hi, the plugin doesn’t work with Transposh plugin. In the translated pages, the interactive image don’t display. I sent you a message a week ago, and I have no answer.

In the first one we can see the interactive image, but not in the other

As I can see in the second “es” page the plugin container doesn’t have attributes: data-json-src, data-item-id, as the result the plugin loads the empty config. Something clears these attributes from output.

Pre sales query Can i show the content to the right of the image When i click on the hotspot it should open the content to the right of the image. Can this be achieved?

The plugin supports only tooltips.

The video link for the video tutorial is not working?

What does it mean?

I’m testing free version of Imagelinks plugin to understand if it fits my needs, and I’ll evaluatebuying the paied version if it’s ok for me. Till now it works great – thanks! A thing really important for me that I can’t make work is emebdding a youtube video in the tooltip, the same way is done on the example website. I use “youtube” shortcode but a simple white popup appears, without preview. Could you please help me address this? regards.

ok, i solved installing and using Embed Plus for YouTube

Hello, i’ve placed the shortcode as text on my page. But it wont show on my site. Can you please help me. (shortcode is on bottom of the page. Thanks in advance!

You have the CORS issue, try to go to the WordPress Settings -> General and modify the WordPress Address (URL) & Site Address (URL), replace HTTP to HTTPS.

This is a presale question

I already tried the free version and I like it. BUT I am struggling with mobile usability. I have a drawn map with several markers. No in mobile it scales to fit in the screen which makes it impossible to use as everything goes sooooo small.

In mobile it should act like Google Maps does: image defined for example 2000px wide and scroll inside the container up-down, left-right with the markers bigger and easier to click.

Is this possible? I did not find the right setting if it even exists. How is people supposed to use the image hotspot in small screens?

Thank you in advance!

Hello. The plugin doesn’t have the zoom feature, it will be in next versions. About sizes, we can use css styles for different screen dimensions, it’s called media queries. I can provide a sample, just write me to avirtum[@]


Thank you for your quick reply. I am very familiar with css and media quaries, so no need for assistance with them :)

But the zoom feature is a must for this project and actually I just found another plugin with zoom and some other useful features, too. The final user will be very non-tech so everything needs to be as simple as possible and also accessibility is required on front-end.

Anyway, thank you for your answer!

Hey when u make a update for the actually jquery version in WordPress?

What kind of update I should make? I’m working on an absolutely new version now.


What is the difference between this plugin and your other “Vision Interactive” plugin? They look similar, but because they are created by the same author, I wonder why they are different plugins.

I am looking for an alternative to the “Draw Attention” plugin; which of the two plugins mentioned above would be the most similar? My intuition tells me “Vision Interactive”, but I’d prefer a confirmation from your part. And finally, is there something “Draw Attention” does that “Vision Interactive” does not? Just want to make the best decision, not the cheapest.

Thank you in advance! :)

The Vision supports popovers & tooltips (ImageLinks has only tooltips), about the draw attention, my plugins don’t support the polygon draw, you can place only images on a canvas.

I’m interested in this addon, however it works as a shortcode, so is there any way to add markers to post featured image?

I think no

thank you for quick reply

Hi, can it be set when click on the hotspot, will open a new url or go to other website?

If you want open an URL use the data section (the markers tab, marker config), another way is to handle the click event from a hotspot inside the custom js tab.

Hi, I have exactly the same issue. Can you help me to solve it? I’ve already sent you an email.. Thanks

Sorry the issue is: when i try to embed a youtube video it works in preview mode but it doesn’t work when I put the shortcode on wordpress page

Ok, I will check email and answer today

Thanks for great support

Hi, when i try to embed a youtube video it works in preview mode, but shows as blank when live on a wordpress page?

Can you share a link to your web page? You can send it to avirtum[@]

Hi Im trying to use the countdown (i tried different accepted formats), but it never starts when i try it online. Is there something else to do to make it work ? Thanks!

I’ve wrote an email to you

hi, i have tried the free version

i have few questions

1) close button for tool tips 2) width max =100 % for tooltip in mobile as if the width is set as 500 px, it goes outside the screen in mobile.

kindly revert

Send me email to avirtum[@] I will prepare an example

How can I save my one Item from Lite version? I buy pro version, but need to save work.

Don’t worry all items will remain after update


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