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This looks great – will you be able to use it within WordPress? I’m looking for a way to interactively show WordPress Posts in the tip content window.

Hello. Could you provide a screenshot what are you meaning by private message.

Hello – Doesn’t need to be private I dont think..

This shows hotspot with WordPress page in tooltip popover. http://imgur.com/VJ2siQs This shows the Admin (assume this works inside WordPress?) where I can include an existing WordPress page as the HTML content. http://imgur.com/V786Wvv

I see I can do this with iframe, but that seems to intensive to load a lot of iframes instead of calling on the WordPress pages (or excerpts)

Would also be nice to have the width of the tooltip popover be responsive (assume in %)


I see. You can use content only through an iFrame or just plain HTML, I do not know how to realize the direct access to existing pages, maybe some php, but it goes away from my plugin architecture design. About %, I can do it, but this % will be depends on size of the image below., so I made a decision use only px. Thanks.

Pre Purchase question. can you set several maps with in a set of tabs where when I click the tab I go to another interactive image?

This is not a reflection of your plugin. There are very few out there right now that do it due to the fact that developers didn’t see that people would want to do it. thats all, so that doesn’t mean you dont have a good plugin. This is just something that would improve the abilities of your plugin thats all. There again not many have this ability right now. Please let me know as soon as you can use it within tabs. thanks for your time.

Thanks for advice. I’ll try to improve it when I’m free for this task.

I realized this feature with tabs (version 1.1.0), but tabs should not use ‘overflow’ = ‘hidden’ in some cases, because my popover windows will be cut off, if they out of borders of the image.

Pre-purchase question:

Can I check with you, is it possible insert shortcode to description? For example shortcode of Slider Revolution.


Hello. In this version shotcodes do not work only html or text.

Hi, thanks for your quick reply. Is there any method to add image slider in description? Or is it possible in future version?

I will see how to implement this when I get the time. I think about a simple content editor. Now you can use only pure html and javascript, but it’s not friendly.


I am using Visual Composer plugin in wordpress. How can i add shortcode of imagelink item to the page or post?


I send the jQuery version to CodeCanyon review team, next step I will update WordPress version today or tomorrow.

Just uploaded the new WordPress version for review. Fixed the bug with special characters in the popover content. Now you can use any characters and also shortcodes.

Thanks. It works


I used world map with one hotspot but it does not work. https://goo.gl/J2J7Pd Could you please help?

I see. The php handles my comment block in the file imagelinks/public/class-imagelinks-public.php. You can just delete the line 211 (//popoverContent:...). Thanks for your reply. I will update this bug on codecanyon soon.

Thanks. I deleted that line and worked.

Ok. I’m glad.

Hi, pre-sale question, Can WordPress users use this on front-end?

This plugin doesn’t have a frontend upload part, you can make a panorama via admin side.

How much to make it happen?

I’d appreciate if you give me an example how to do it, because I don’t know yet .)

1. Using this plugin, can we setup a 100% width/height image? (fullscreen) 2. And, it will be responsive? (you know, working ok on several devices, desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile…)

Mmmmm, in this case the odd thing is that (when browser is maximized, or at a wide opening) the hotspots remains to the left of where it should be (in the example 1 should be in brasil, and the other one over chile)... the image is centered (by css), but hotspots sections remain fixed… maybe is some issue of used css conflicts, and the way image divs are handled? When the browser window is shrinked, < than the image width?, it works great, hotspots properly placed…

BTW, when we use a custom image hotspot the cursor:pointer is lost and have to be defined by hand

Another thing… when the example http://niñezyadolescenciafepal.com/prueba-1/ is viewed in a mobile… the hotspot image are not resized (as the main image is)... that will generate a bunch of big hotspot images…. There is a way to make them shrink size a bit, as the other image do?

About hotspot sizes on mobile devices. I think we should use css media queies like @media (max-width: 600px). Also I will check hotspot position you talked about. Thanks for report.

Hi, I am very interested in this plugin for a new project, but before I purchase I was hoping you could clarify some things: - Does this plugin support full screen images? - Do you perhaps have any full screen examples?

You can test it by youself, I have a lite version https://wordpress.org/plugins/imagelinks-interactive-image-builder-lite/

Will do. Tx.

Hi i have a presale question. Can i use image builder to have as many different images with tags in my site ? (100 different images with different tags in each image)

Yes, it supports multi instances on one page if I understand you right.

Can we use Zoom Feature?

What do you mean?

I mean Can we use zoom option on the image?

Zoom is unsupported.


I’m interested in an interactive image solution for Wordpress and installed your lite version of the plugin for testing. It looks very good, but I have a couple of questions or problems before I’m going to purchase it.

1. Responsiveness I didn’t really catch what you answered to luuuciano. Is there a way to enable responsiveness for the image? I didn’t get this to work, the image always has the same size on any device or browser window size.

2. I’ using Visual Composer, which allows to define several columns. Putting the image into a column the image exceeds the column width because it doesn’t scale. Any solution for that?

3. Is it possible to remove the ( i ) mark on the buttom right in the pro version?

4. I’m using SSL for my site (HTTPS). Loading of the image from the media library doesn’t work there while it does on non HTTPS. A work around for this is to specify the local URL like ’/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/xyz.png’ but don’t click ‘URL is local’. So this problem is not blocking, just for your notice.

Thanks Thorsten

Hello. 1) Responsibility. You can set a class via shortcode like [imagelinks id=”123” class=”myclass”]. Also you should define css rules in the custom css section (general tab) like .myclass { width:100%; } It’s just a sample.

2) See 1)

3) It’s a watermark, in pro version it will disappear.

4) In most cases it’s a CORS issue, but I didn’t test it yet, because I’m realy ill at the moment and can only answer to emails time to time.

Best regards, Max.

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Mmh, looks like I set my own comment under ‘review’. This was not my intention. Just wanted to edit it and add that I selected another solution, so no need to investigate my problems anymore.

Sorry for confusion.

Hi there,

Couple questions: 1. Is this multisite compatible? 2. Will you be able to give usa little hand with some CSS help if required. I am not very good with CSS.



Actually the first question is not an Envato question. Your are the plugin developer, so you should know if your plugin works on multisite (WordPress)?


I think you ask me about license. About WP multisite, it should work, but I didn’t test it. You can check it by yourself, find my lite version on wordpress.org.

OK great! Thanks I will try this first.

Hello Max, how can i copy an ImageLinks Item?

Sorry, it’s been dealt with. I used Duplicated Post.

Yes, it works.

It would be possible to add a feature of hotspot image change when cursor is hovering the hotspot?

That will be really nice

Or, even better, a way to add another image below it (not change, add)... for example if we use arrows, it will be nice to show some animated circles below, when the mouse is hovering that hostpot…

It can be possible only via customization, I think.

Hi! I want to buy this item but. Can I create only one image map or a lot of images maps? Regards

I have another question. What is the maximum height and width that I can use with a image? Maybe 800px x 600 px or more? Regards

Image size can be any

You can test it by youself, I have a lite version https://wordpress.org/plugins/imagelinks-interactive-image-builder-lite/

Hi – Is there any information or documentation about how to change the style of the popover captions?

You can test this plugin, because I have a lite version on WordPress.org, jsut type imagelinks in the search input box. You can change the popover style you via custom css.

Hi! Pre sale question. I use theme with VisualComposer (VC) and I work with all images via interfae of VC, so is it possible to make Image with links (on this plugin) and after embed on page through VC ? Thanks!

Hello. You can try a lite version, just type “imagelinks” into wordpress plugin input search box.

perfectamente, mucha gracias