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I purchase this plugin and when I upload it through Wordpress my entire screen turns white. I can no longer access my website and it only shows a white screen. I deleted the plugin through Filezilla and my site returns to normal. I tried this on several wordpress sites and get the same thing. Can you explain whats wrong with this plugin?

What is your WP and PHP version? Also did you check my lite version – https://wordpress.org/plugins/imagelinks-interactive-image-builder-lite/. Does it work? For more detailed answer, write me email to avirtum[@]gmail.com.

Hi we bought this plugin to include on a clients site, this may be unrelated but the client explained that it worked fine until the site was upgraded to HTTPS then they got the error below:

Warning: First parameter must either be an object or the name of an existing class in /data01/c9944436/public_html/wp-content/plugins/imagelinks-interactive-image-builder-lite/public/class-imagelinks-public.php on line 120

Please can you explain the issue here?

Can you write me an email to avirtum[@]gmail.com. Thanks.


Your plugin seems to be really nicely designed!

Giving the option of different icons to be used as tags would be nice.

I have a pre-purchase question.

How can i add a link on a tag?

Did you try my lite version? If no, check imagelinks on wordpress.org. And yes you can make a tag as a link.

Thank you…it seems to work like a charm!

Hi, how can I align the images in the center?

Are you talking about whole image, you can use custom a css section and define a special class, then use this class inside shortcode.

Just purchase this plugin but I have an error message. Can not be installed… I used to intall those, so what happened ? WP version : 4.8.3

Check the package, it includes two folders: documentation and imagelinks, the second is the plugin.

It Worked, thank you. 1- how to let popover text shown ? (fix) 2- how to center the image ? Could you improve the plugin for those who doest’n use CSS ? 3- improvement to choose personnal icones (without animations) ? I’d like to do il like this image : https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/

Thank you

Please, use email for support.

How do I increase the size of the hotspot?

There is several ways to do that. First, you can create your own theme, second, define a custom css class and set it to your hotspot (see advanced section), third, use a custom js section and modify size manually ( I can send a sample).

Hi team,

Nice plugin ! I installed the free version but what about differences between free and pro version except watermark on right bottom and technical support ? Thanks in advance…

Only these ones, also only one active item.

Hello, a pre-purchase matter (The only thing that keeps me from purchase ;) )

I have installed the lite version and created a new item. I left everything default, and added one hotspot. I published and added the shortcode to one of the pages.

When I check my item via the preview option, everything works as expected. However if I check the page (wich has the shortcode) I only see a static image. So the image I chose for the item is displayed, but there are no hotspots, it’s just a plain, static image. I tried both shortcodes: [imagelinks id=”115”] and [imagelinks slug=”115”]

I use WordPress 4.9.1 on PHP 7.0 and Apache2 (However, I think that since the preview works fine, everything is there to make it work)

Thanks, your theme doesn’t include a footer as result my plugin won’t install properly (we should see the “jquery.imagelinks.min.js” file, but it doesn’t exist)

Thanks! Yes, the theme is still in development, but the footer should be included long ago. Changing to the Twenty Seventeen theme makes it work like a charm. So thank you for doing some debugging too :D You have a new customer.



Could I use this plugin to create something similar to the image I have attached.

Basically we want to have a map of the UK and hotspots to show the areas we work in, when you hover over the hotspot it will show details of the jobs we have done etc – but the HTML content will be quite big.

Also, if we have Visual Composer on our wordpress website, can we use Visual Composer shortcodes in the hotspots?

I couldnt see a wordpress version to try out. Please click the link to see the image:


As you can see – when you hover over the pins it brings up info boxes for each one.

Also, yes, it can produce such map as you shown me (pins and popovers).

Great – as large as the ones in the image?

Yes, but we should modify js code (see a custom js section), I made this for some of my customer, created a placeholder and fill content from popover. Or we can create our own theme, or modify css styles.