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I just bought the Pro Version. It works well on my Mac but nothing happen in mobile device (iPad or iPhone). What do I do wrong? The link is working but no rollover…


Long press will do rollover on mobile devices. But I am working with it so that rollover work on tap and hopefully it will be released soon.


I purchased the pro version and everything is fine except I cannot figure out how to disable linking. I just want the hover effects, with no linking. Right now I always get a round circle with an arrow prompting people to click that overlays the headline and text. The URL field is blank on all the hover enabled graphics. You can see on our staging server:

The hover graphics are about 2/3 down the page.

Thanks, Ron


I am wondering how to get rid of the header section so it is not showing at all. I only want a short caption in bold and no header

Also, how can I put space between the images?

And by header, I mean the header within the circle of the hover image. Not the header of my page.

Hi. I’ve installed the plugin and loaded images, but it seems to run over the other content on my homepage. What do you suggest I do?


I managed to get it to look right on my homepage, but it does not work well responsive. Can you have a look please?

I responded to your inquiry regarding sending you a website link yesterday. I have not heard back from you, and can no longer find the thread of our conversation. Can you please contact me with your response and how to find the related thread.

I can no longer find the thread for the inquiry I placed with you. Will you please respond to my message from yesterday and notify me with your solution.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With what email you contacted me?

I am trying to access you through Comment Section of the plugin “Image Hover Effects”.

The free version promises the PRO version will allow another picture to show when you hover over the first picture. The PRO version does not have that feature.

I showed you an example of the effect I was hoping your plugin could produce:

Presently your PRO plugin appears not to offer this feature. I am about ready to insist on a refund.

Yes plugin can produce images like you want to achieve. You have to choose background image for it.

Hello, Can I use it in WooCommerce categories? Thank you

Sorry it’s not.

Hi—I’m having two issues. The first is that on phones, there is a dark gradient showing up above and below each hover box. Also, I am not getting spaces between words on the main titles. Here’s the link to the homepage:

Thanks for your response!

Hello, is it possible to add a caption under my photos ? Thanks for your help !

Hello, is it possible to add a caption under my photos ? Thanks for your help !

Actually i solved the problem so it’s ok !


schimweg Purchased

Dear support, unfortunately your plugin isn’t working properly at all. The animation 4 for square is totally screwed and your setting page is so incommodious that our customer will be unable to use it.

for you to see:

I would like to return my order.


Hi, You are doing things wrong. Please use px with width and height of images and also select same “Images Per Row” option for every image.


Hello. I can not figure out how to show another picture to show when you hover over the first picture? Can you please explaine to do this?

Regards TL


eharkoff Purchased


I successfully installed and am able to use effects.  Problem is that Square Effect 1 does not work.  Thumbnails do not appear at all.  If switch to a different effect, they work.  Any ideas?  Did I miss something in settings?


Hi, Could you provide me link of page?