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Hi, my problem is on mobile phones and tablets all images get stretched and/or partly covered by neighbouring items. Any way to fix this? I’m a CSS newbie working with SiteOrigin page builder and there has to be a way to scale the images correctly in responsive layouts. But I’m stranded here.

Thank you Best Dirk

Hi, Could you please provide me the link of the page?

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Hi, In the color picker there is a small transparency slider below it which can be used to set the transparency for the background.

Thanks! Sorry I was not clear. I am using the slider, but it not altering the gallery. It appears I can save the setting, but its not appearing on the site.

When I change and save the order of the images within each category, it does not stick. The order reverts back (I assume to the order it was uploaded). Any ideas on getting the order work? Its a critical feature.

I’m still not able to change the order of the images? This is a critical feature. Any suggestions?

Hi, I just checke that and really it’s not working. I am working with this bug and let u know when it be done

Thank you. Is it possible to determine when the fix will be available?

The sorting function is not working for Image Hover Effects Pro. After saving, it reverts back to the same order everytime. Please help!


reichlm Purchased

Hi -

I have created a lot of objects with the none-pro version of Image Hover Effects and now I have bought the Pro Version and installed the new Pro plugin. I’m wondering how to migrate all data from the none-pro version to pro version. Is there a documentation how to do that.

Thanks in advance for your answer


Markus Reichl


vevans2 Purchased

Is there a page or file that lists all the possible hover effects? There are just the 26 shown on the demo page. I want to avoid blindly selecting the effect number and doing a lot of trial and error. Thank you for the support!


vevans2 Purchased

Hello – How do I remove the circle with the arrow that appears over the caption? Here’s a screenshot -

Hi – I could not access your site – the ssl certificate is wrong?


Sorry for the inconvenience.You can contact me on this email address

Dear Ahmed, I bought your module, and really happy with it. Two questions. I would like to move the description and title down in the picture. How can I do this ? (i use square #7) and second on gtmetrix it shows picture dimensions are not defined. Is there a way to solve that ? site is thx Pim


Please add the following css to your custom css file.

.ih-item.square.effect7 .info h3 {
    margin-top : 70%;

You can adjust position by changing the value.

I am unable to get your second issue please help me to understand that.

Hi There,

I’m wondering for the third effect for Circle Effect 17 – if I can have an icon with a transparent background as the main photo. I then want it to fade to a particular shade of blue. However, I do want the outline of the circle in this same shade of blue, then the icon in it is blue, and the space within the circle to be transparent and show our homepage photo through it. Is this possible? When you e-mail me back I can send a photo of exactly what I’m trying to do.

Please let me know and I’ll purchase this right away.

Thank you!


Hi there.. The link below is the exact layout we’re building. Notice the 4 circles are transparent with an opaque coloured circle and an icon within it but everything else within it is transparent. Is this possible to do with the the third effect under Circle Effect #17?

Yes this is possible but it need to be customized.

For further details please contact me here Please contact me here

That webdevocean link takes me to a 404 not found page. Is there another way to contact me? I can be reached at

Hi, I see at free version that I can show only max. 4 images at a row. Is it possible to show more than 4 like 6,7 images at a row ? Regards

Yes its possible with some customization.

Please contact me here

Regards, Labib

I have just purchased the hoover effect PRO: 380597cf-f7c6-47d9-9679-77c9942fe63a – 3 Dec 2016

Unfortunately I am not able to resize the width and height of the Square and circle images.

Can you help?

I did many times. No changes

I used the free version until I purchased the pro version. Even if I have deactivated the old plug-in, can it cause the problem?

Hi Labib, First of all let me say that you have a really nice plugin. I have few presale questions. I need to re-create this site: and my questions are: 1. can you please take a look at the THE TEAM section and see if we can pull that off with your plugin? 2. The only 2 of my concerns are, can we add view bio link to it, and can it be lightbox? I don’t use Visual Composer, but Divi theme. Thanks Vladimir

Perfect, I will purchase the plugin tomorrow when i get back to the office! Thanks

i’ve purchased your plugin. can you please help me with the lightbox customization? thanks

Hello The site is

The problem i’m having is the border line is so close to the heading text? how do I add some space, In the photos for the plugin it shows more space? I have version 3.4 what version are you on?


Please add the following code to your custom css file .info h3 {
    padding-bottom: 7px !important;

On my site here:, I am not seeing a way for the text and images to be responsive. How can I make the images responsive and look the same on phone and tablet.

Your site is in under construction mode.That’s why I can’t see it.

Please contact me here with details

i have taken it off of under contstruction. please view on phone or ipad

sent message to site above too

  • Image distorted [CRITICAL issue] *

After installing the Hover Effect PRO plugin, I discovered 3 issues –> created 3 tickets, one for each issue.

_ The image size ratio is incorrect __

I’ve a gallery with several pictures of 260px by 350px each. This ratio must be kept constant. On large resultion this is ok, but on smaller resolution, like a mobile phone, the ratio is modified and the picture are distorted.

Visible here:

I’ve tried to use 100% and the real size in the width and height fields, but it does not solve the issue.

Philippe Dufour
  • Image order cannot be defined by the user [MAJOR issue] *

After installing the Hover Effect PRO plugin, I discovered 3 issues –> created 3 tickets, one for each issue.

_ I cannot define the image order __

I can move the image order in the Image Hover Effect user interface, but it is not saved.

Regards, Philippe Dufour
  • Broken link found in plugin [MINOR issue] *

Xenu tool found one broken link in plugin: /wp-content/plugins/image-hover-effects-pro/images/bg_header.jpg Referenced by: wp-content/plugins/image-hover-effects-pro/css/ihover.min.css

Regards, Philippe Dufour