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RuthPA Purchased

Love the plugin but I’ve done a new menu and when I preview it the images are overlapping. I’ve triple checked all the settings and they are the same as the other menus I’ve done with are working fine.

Hi, Could you please provide me link of the page?


RuthPA Purchased though it’s in construction mode so you may not be able to view it and I can’t add a screenshot here

RuthPA Purchased

Hi, I’ve added 2 lines of description but they are coming in on the one line. Is there some code I can add to have it on 2 lines? The text is

Office Manager Click here to read more

But it’s appearing as Office Manager Click here to read more

Also is it possible to make the Office Manager larger than the Click here even though they are both in the same description.

Thank you, Ruth

Hi, By using at the end of the line where you want to move text to next line.

Yes you can wrap it in any heading tag.

I have a issue with this plugin it effects one of my other plugins how can I get this to work when I activate the plugin it messes up the footer block on my page please help

Hi, It’s fixed now please check.

Regards, Labib Ahmed

Thanks for fast reply top man


fvpc Purchased

When I click ‘Save’ the image does not save to the Catagory. The screen tells me it saves but on reload the image is missing from the catagory list. Please help


galabox Purchased

Good morning Mr. Ahmed I’m contacting you because today I bought the pro version of image hover effect, but I have some problems. The main thing is that the measures assigned to the thumbnail are not properly reported on the page. Even when I use the default 220×220 format, I have a rectangular image on the page. Other issues concern fonts, which are the same for title and description and sometime are not, sometimes italic and sometimes regular, while I would like, if possible, to be able to use the default fonts set in my site. The theme I’m working with it’s Sydney. Finally, I would like to know if it is possible to remove the white thread at the end of the description.

Thank you for your help Fabio Galavotti

Hi, Could you please provide me link of the page?


galabox Purchased

Hi this is the link of the page, and the plugin works in the first module after the cover.

I’m building the site so, to let you see, I have temporarily disabled the maintenance mode. Please, replay as soon as possible. Thanks very much. Fabio

Hi I have purchased the Image Hover Effect Wordpress plugin. However, I can not find any zip files to install. May I know how can I install the plug in?

Thanks Victor

Hi Victor,

You can download zip file from your download section

After downloading zip file you can upload zip file from wordpress dashboard in plugin section.

Hi labibahmed,

I have just purchased your product & received the message from you “to download zipfile” from download section, but I can NOT find the file in download section… Tell me exactly where with screenshot or detailed description.

Thanks in advance & look forward to your reply very soon. V

Hi, It’s better if you can contact codecanyon support for this.


I bought the Image hover effects plug-in and I really like it; it only bothers me with the limitations of 4 images per line. I need to extend the limit to about 10 images. Would it be possible?

Thanks a lot. Azifaral

Is this plugin support for visual composer extension?

I have problem to add image and new categories via Image Hover Effect plugin I installed plugin Zip file on wp and add 2 categories with 50 images, but after that there was not allowed to add images and category, continually failed.Please let me know what issue is there and how to fix it, I’m so stressful, I have used free version before, there was exactly same issue too, so it is reason why I purchased pro-version. If it can’t not be fixed, I would like to refund it.

Hi, Have you purchased pro version from this profile “photowrapcover”?

Yes, I purchased pro-version and have license key number

Hello! Your plugin looks great. I would like to try it out, but it is possible it won’t be exactly what my client is looking for. If it’s not quite right, do I have the ability to return it for a refund? Thank you very much, Erin

This plugin doesn’t seem to show in the admin menu when using the editor user role?

For now it’s only for admin to access. Please contact me here I would enable it for user role also.

Just emailed you

Could you tell me how to enable the user role for this as I have to make this live today.

Hi there, can i use this effect for single product images on woocommerce? thanks

No sorry this option is not available but I would like to add in it future.

Good morning, The pro version I am using with my theme is not responsive in relation to the type. For example: when the responsive tablet version and iPhone version fold down on the screen the header and sub-header type gets smaller, as apposed to scaling down with the proper proportion box size. Is there some code that needs to be added in. I’m currently running my site local, I can send you a screen shot and purchase verification if need be.


Karen Barrett

Sure please contact me here with screenshots.

bedag Purchased


I have the problem that the mouse-over background is completely colored (e.g. white), without transparence. so, by mouseover the image is no longer visible.

please could you help?

I have sent you the solution via email. Please check your inbox.


bedag Purchased

great thanks! it works :-)


I’m wondering if your plugin will allow me to treat images similar to this in a wordpress site.

Hi, Not same as you provided in link. But can be achieved similar to it. If you want same effect I can create a customized version of it for you.


webtech98 Purchased

I sent a message over a week ago and have not received an answer. I began using the free version of Image Hover Effects and loved it so we purchased the Pro version so I could have more control. However, the Pro version mis-aligns my page when I use it. Here are links to what I am talking about. The first link is the home page with the free version. The second link is what happens when I put more than 1 image on a row in the pro version. I have gone through and set up the pages exactly alike. Please help. If we are not able to rectify this I will request refund because it is not doing what I need it to do. Thank you for a prompt reply to

Hi there, Am interested in your marvellous hover effects plugin for wordpress. I have been caught previously by buying plugins that don’t work on mobile iOS devices – before I purchase your plugin can you please confirm whether it works on iOS? Thanks, Jasmine

Hi, Thanks for your interest.

Please check demo on IOS to see whether it is working for you or not. You can see demo here