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Can I use it in wordpress.. In wp I can copy paste raw html and jawa scripts since m using Visual composer..

Yes, If you can add plugin js and css files and html data. It can works.But I am not tested.

I can Upload all the files… I can use raw jawasrips or html in my page… as you also not tested, let me test.. just give me some clues.. 1. Am I have to upload all the files in root of document? or in some other foders? OR Can I create a seperate folder and insert all the files there in? if so where I have to change parameters of path? and after that If I put the html code there in the page of wp?

hi, I am interested possible to have automatic What license? buy thank you

hi, I buy license after receiving responses thank you

hi, I am very interested by your script “testimony” for people to deposit their evidence but I would like them to use a form like example here validate from an admin panel thank you
hi, to avoid manually do at each new testimonials would the member proposes to file their own testimonies with a form. such as on the site and accepts or rejects from an admin panel the presentation of the testimonials page an example an example of the form thank you

Merhabalar ;

Opencart’?n bilgi sayfas?nda kullanmaya çal???yorum ancak js dosyalar? sitenin yap?s?n? bozuyor.

Yard?mc? olabilir misiniz

Merhabalar Mail olarak test linkini ekran goruntusunu atabilirseniz yarin bakabilirim. ?yi gunler

Mail gönderdim. Te?ekkürler

I am getting the following error. Uncaught TypeError: $(...).ideaboxTestimonials is not a function

Hi, This problem is due to the work of the jQuery library. Please test jQuery library version. Or send me test page url.

Pre-sale question: Can the testimonials be set to display randomly?

Hi, can not display randomly.

how can i use it can you tell me please, i wish i can add testimonials on my web site( i use html and css only) do i need some js script to add and how it will slow down the page.