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Hello, I want to use the validation for checkbox fields. What do I need to change?

I am working on this problem. I will update as soon.

hi @MorpheusDT, I added checkbox and radio validation. please send me private message and I will send new version. You can test.

Thanks for comment

Thank you, I have downloaded the new version.

Is it possible to have have sections like these 3? –

Also please let me know if it is and if I can send data using Zend framework.

If it can actually does all of these I think you have a winner, and I will be recommending this plugin as it looks awesome!

hi @Thegrey912, I think so that possible.

before i purchase, hello, i want to use the form to connect to payment gateway where user will have to enter username on the website, confirms the username, enter the amount and click on proceed where the summary of the data entered will be displayed before it will redirect to payment gateway and afterwards, send data to an email addreess. is this possible? i mean something like this pls fill in a demo data to get an idea of what i am talking about

i mean after data display

something like confirmation

data confirmation

Hey! before purchase, do you think i will have any significant difficulty in converting the form to ‘right-to-left’?

thanks in advance.

hi, @wolfazb. I have not test “rtl”. I think it can be easily replaced with css

Hi. I wanted to ask, where do I add the php code that sends the data from the form? I tried adding in demo_steps_form.php but it wont send.


hi. must be on the server to run PHP. Example get email from php:

<?php  echo $_POST["email"];  ?>

Hi tgundogdu, nice very nice but one question.

Is it possible to get the form like an accordion menu when we are on small device?

Thanks in advance

Hi @ claudeabandonato. This is not possible. Thanks for comment :)

Hey,before i purchase, i want to know in your step from image file uploaded through ajax??

Pre Purchase question: Can I set the form into: 5 questions with a short text, then possible answers are “Yes”, “No”, I don’t know”, at least there’s a overview/summary with all the answers and then clients are able to send this form to us and a copy to the client??

Is it possible to integrate it into Wordpress??

Thanks a lot.

Hi, does this library allow us to create steps dynamically as depending on what a user selects on Step 1 will determine how many extra steps we need to add? Thanks.

HI, i am looking for some plugin like this but i have a question on that.

my requirement is on the page i place 6 radio button which is customize to 6 images. when a user clicks on any of the image it will redirect to next step form, so customer don’t need to click next button on the first step

on second step if next and previous button is required. is that possible ?

Nice form. Just wanted to know if your form result can be exported to an Excel. If not. any suggestions? because my client want to be able to access the form results with her excel on her system

You have some control panel? Should we have programming? Do you work with mysql ?, I can install on a normal server apache?

hi, no control panel just source code, Yes you have programming for the send data. Yes, you can use MySQL and you can install on apache server

Please, it have how to open a specific tab via an external link? Thanks!

Is there any way to determine what step I’m currently at? For example I want to trigger alert(‘something’); but only when going from Step 2 to Step 3 (last step).

Ideabox – Multipurpose Step Form – Do you have any plugin or code snippet for uploading images? If so, could you please share? Thank You.

No working for me, radio button and check box… Thanks to tell me how to do?

And apparently no working installed in modal. Thanks if it possible to give me a solution