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Hello Can you help me with an issue I am having with Chromium. I need the player to show a live stream from WOWZA which is HLS encoded. I see you have included HLS as well as DASH options which is great but I can not get either of your samples to play on Chromium. Note: the reason I need Chromium to work is it is feeding an outdoor LED screen and the software requires Chromium. We do not have the access to modify Chromium.


Supported browser are listed in item description page. Chromium is not on the list. What error do you get in Chromium when trying to play?

As far as I can see, Chromium is not on the list of supported browsers for hls project:


Hi There!

I have a 7 part docuseries and were hosting the episodes with vimeo.  Long story short, we want to self-host the videos and looking to replace Vimeo player with another HTML player with similar features.   If I purchase your video player, can I do the following:

1. Resize the player to fit our existing pages, which were created with Vimeo player.  We want to remove vimeo (we are self-hosting) and replace with another player.  Is this possible with your player?

2.  Can i set a thumbnail image before the video plays with your software?

3.  If we host video on a baremetal server with ample CPU, Ram, and Bandwidth, do we need to purchase anything in addition to your software to have this work on our server?   


1. You can use self hosted mp4 videos in this player. And all other supported media listed in product description.

Media support:
Self hosted video (or any public link that plays in browser)
Virtual reality 360 video, example here
Apple HLS Live Streaming, example here
MPEG DASH Live Streaming, example here
Youtube single videos
Vimeo single videos
Image support (with optional time duration)
Image panorama 360, example here
Self hosted audio (or any public link that plays in browser) with optional image 
slideshow background
Mixed media in playlist
Single looping video

2. You can set poster image before video plays.

3. This plugin is made from html, css and javascript (jquery) so you can use this plugin anywhere where you can place this code.


Hi there,

I’m using your product to play a youtube video with a poster image showing before the video is played. When the video ends I would like to stop and return to show the poster image and play button.

Could you please advise how to achieve this?



You can use this options in settings:

mediaEndAction    next / loop / rewind

Poster is currently not possible to display again after video ends, but we have this planned for next update soon.


Hi, is it possible to have multiple instances of the player with YouTube videos on a single page?


It is possible to have multiple instances in the page, regardless of the media played.

To create such example follow instruction and duplicate everything, plus rename settings and wrapper id ( div id=”wrapper2” )


Yes, that works, thank you!


ACFyou Purchased

I need to play a Vimeo video ONCE, autoplay, sound on and, after the play finish (once), redirect to URL.

What parameters should i place and where? Is there a documentation? Thanks.

Maybe if the background option is used (which means Vimeo controls hidden) Vimeo does not show preloader, intentionally or by mistake.


ACFyou Purchased

So, as Vimeo show nothing, nothing can be done out of the box?

There is no custom preloader. You can set poster url, but then user needs to click to start video.

Hi Tean,

Thanks for this plugin, we have implemented the video functionality using this. We are currently facing an issue when using it on iPad/mobile devices. So whenever we change from portrait mode to landscape mode or vice versa, the video is not playing smoothly and it is constantly loading and sometimes it does not play at all.

Is there any change that has to be done to support the responsive design to play smoothly on rotation without refreshing the page?


Hi Tean,

Yes we tried that, so the issue we are now facing is: if the video is already playing and we rotate the tablet it continues to play and video automatically resizes.

But if the video is not played initially and the tablet is rotated, the poster image is not automatically resizing. It remains in the original dimension and we see that it has some styling added from the plugin(fixed height and width). So we are not able to control the css for the poster image.

So finally the video is responsive but the poster image is not responsive and has some styling controlled from the plugin. How can we make this poster responsive??

Can you send a message at with a link to your live page where we can check this?

Sure. Have messaged you the details. Thanks!

Hi Tean,

We are using this product to play a youtube video with a poster image showing before the video is played.

We are facing an issue in Full screen mode on iPhone. The sticky header from the website does not fade away in the Full screen mode.

Is there any way we can check if the video is in Full Screen mode or not?

We have replied to your email. Please keep conversation on one place.

Hi. This video from youtube ? Possible hide logo, share link? Thank you


Yes, it is from Youtube.