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hey, is there a way to have the forward, backward, and pause buttons hide until the screen is clicked?

I am not sure I understand what you mean. Where is the setting?

I would like those controls to disappear after, say 5 seconds, of the video playing. Then reappear if the user clicks anywhere on the video screen

There is no setting, I was referring to the fact you can modify the code for such feature.

I am very confused, I just want to add my youtube video and i have no idea where to put the link. the page i want to use is the single youtube page and when i open this page keep asking for (Youtube API key missing! Please set API key in player settings.) where is player settings? i got the api key, do i need to use it? where? please, i need help. cheers

replace ytAppId using my key?

Input youtube api key there as value:


Thanks so much! All working like a charm! I am impressed, the support was brilliant!!!

Hi Tean, In HTML5 Video & Youtube background how I can use fullscreen video in index_singleLocal.html on mobile devide


This demo example contains fullscreen button. What is that you are trying to achieve?

Is there a way to set it where the user can control where they want to play the video…. useVideoControls ???

If you mean youtube default video controls, this is not possible here, this uses youtube chromeless player.

this URL HAS YouTube “player control” on :http://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/jquery/yvgb/index_playlistBottom_scroll.html

this URL does NOT have YouTube “player control” on http://www.interactivepixel.net/cc/jquery/apvb/index_playlistRight_scroll.html

So which file do i go to in order to turn it off or on?

This required code modification, ap_YoutubePlayer class needs to be edited.

Thanks for this easy thing. It’s working well on my devices. But if I watch it on my mobile the preview-image and the video is downsized, to make it not cropped. Is it possible to make it bigger, so that you will not see the black background anymore?

Thanks, cheers


Use data-aspectRatio=’2’ on playlist item node. This will work for mp4 videos. For youtube you might need to enter video width and height.

I know the default mode for mobile is to not autoplay, but where in the jquery.apvb.min.js do I change that to default to True instead of false? I need the video on the home page to autoplay and loop.


Autoplay and other settings are set in settings in html page you use:

/*autoPlay: true/false (default false on mobile) */

/* loopingOn: on playlist end rewind to beginning (last item in playlist) */
loopingOn: true,

Are youtube ad’s supported? i need a youtube fullscreen player to show our videos including the ad’s before or after the video is played.


Unfortunately ads are still not supported. However, this is something we do plan in future updates.

Hi, I don’t use Youtube API, so would like to remove all unnecessary code. Can you help me with that? In your single local demo you linked to jquery.address.js and jquery.mousewheel.min.js, seems like I can remove it, right? What else I can remove?


address is not needed if you dotn use deeplink. mousewheel is used for scrolling thumbnails.

Thank you! I don’t use skipping intro, so I can remove apCookie as well?


Hey :d

I am looking for a WP plugin that will allow me to have a video background on mobile devices – ideally within Visual Composer.

Is this something your plugin can do?

Many thanks, Ian


This is jquery plugin so it can only be installed in Wordpress manually.

Ok Thanks – will it work on an iOs mobile device?

Yes, it will. You can test the demo examples.

hi “YouTube single mode” I use. I would like to add pictures along with video. The second video instead.


This is video gallery, images are not supported (except for poster image when autoplay is off). What kind of image you had in mind?

Is there a way to play a video then show a url page? Introduction video out to html page.

No, this is not possible. Maybe you can make this run (at least on safari) with html5 audio tag: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23058202/playing-m3u-playlist-with-html5

Okay I think I have a solution on the encoding side. Thx. Is it possible to implement a user sign on into this so we can have a user only viewing? Would be nice for member only or fee based viewing.

User signup would be possible as custom work.

HI i pleasure to contact you. I just bought your product and it´s superb but i have one question. Is it too difficult instead pressing the fullscreen button (youtube o local video option) do it automatically without any button? I want fullscreen option right away at the beginning. Is that possible?




No, it’s not possible – for security reasons accessing full screen requires the user’s “permission”, and so is tied to browser input events (mouse/key press).

hi!, can i use your plugin to add a video background (responsive) to section of a site like this :http://ecoestrela.com/#location (with full page scrolling)? also will it play on mobile devices?

We dont have the same plugin for wordpress.

I used your plugin to put video on my site http://ecoestrela.com/#test the problem is when you move to another slide it pauses and never starts playing again, is there a way to drop the pause functionality completely and just let it play continously?

This is not functionality. You have installed it in one page and when you move to another page it gets removed. If you want to use it in background maybe then embed it in some background div behind your slides or similar.

Hi does this have the ability to be used on a site as a background video, where each page on the site has a different video?



Yes, you could add this in site background, then change video source using api on each page change.

Will this plugin support Youtube 3D video? Will I be able to move around the video with the overlay?

Hello, I actually asked that question at the same time I purchased. I loaded a 3D video in there and it actually worked! I was afraid the video would pause if I clicked the mouse in the video to move it around.

I’m Sorry, I actually meant 360 Video, I’m so sorry for the confusion!

Ok, thanks for sharing.

How do I make it disapier YouTube logo from Android and IOS?


Its not possible to remove youtube logo unfortunately.


I have some issue. Could you help me? How to change source path http://joxi.ru/v29PBnNuGvW7Nm ?

No. I contacted you because I had some issue with your plugin. Have you read my previous comment? How to fix issue which I have

Like I said your support has expired and you cant use this in your themes because you dont have explicit permission.


Saltas1 Purchased

Hello I have bought “HTML5 Video & Youtube background ’ ( Purchase codes 95703437-c626-4e7d-9822-1f2e0a991a9a).

I have uploaded in my server this deploy folder and in all browsers it appears the starting page like example 1 in your demo, but it does not appear in any android or ios devices.

Please can you help me?




Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.

I’ve tested it, it redirects to URL after play ends on Chrome and Firefox, not in IE Edge. Could this be fixed before purchase? Thanks.


Which demo are you looking at?


Hello, i think Youtube Blocks any Videos is that right? Because i can not load all Videos… Can u help me please: burhan.k@me.com Or Skype: burhan@adbro.de

Answered on your email.