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it is impossible to win?

Of course not, I belive you can beat it :P

Not really ;-) i tried several times but no vein :P

The A.I. is like HAL 9000 :P

Cool! Wins almost every-time.

Here’s the order ;)
Bottom left
Top center
Top left
Center left.

BOOM! ha.

Nooooooo you shouldn’t do that! This is only one of them.

Bottom left Top Right Bottom Right 2 Ways to win, depends on the AI. – But always win, no matter what. As long as you start first. lol


You’re welcome!

Awesome game ! you do custom works ?

Thanks! Sorry, I coudn’t understand do you ask am I available for freelance works ? If you mean that, yes I am :)

Great job! I think this is addictive. What about a playing the computer with 5×5?

Thanks! Maybe I can add an ai for 5×5.

Hi. Can the X and O graphics easily change to my own graphics?


Of course. You can download ‘Construct 2’ free edition and change all of the graphics easily.

Will this template work for a native app (IOS, Android)? If I want to purchase this and resell the app (without ads) which license do I need? The Regular or Extended license? Thank you.

You can make this ios or android app with construct 2 or phonegap etc. If you make free app without ads, I think shouldn’t need extended license.

I don’t know how you can make the game work for a native app (it’s a HTML5 game, so supports browsers), but if you want to make changes and resell it, you should purchase the extended license.

You: Bottom Left

AI: Center

You: Top Right

AI: Bottom Right

You: Top Left

AI: Left Middle

You: Top Middle – Win


look good, bought, but problems with installing the plugins to change the graphics. send a mail.

Thanks for purchasing, I will send a mail to help installing plugins.

hi there, we have some pre-sales queries, look forward to hearing from you! :-)

1) Can this game be run side-by-side with other HTML5 games within the same app? 2) Are any modifications required to ensure #1 above is made compatible? 3) Is it possible to adjust the sound volume within the game itself? 4) Is the game playable without data connection (ie. self-contained)?