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for me it is not working on android 4.1.2 i can only see the menu but no cards a showing

It could be a network issue, I have to move the demo to another server because dropbox don’t gzip the content.

Are you accessing the demo through wifi?

Sorry, you were right, there was an error in the code. I just upload a fix (it should be approved in the few hours).

Thanks for reporting this bug.

1. After going threw deck twice, it stopped letting be go threw it. (rule?)

2. When I had no more moves to make (and hadn’t won) it never said anything about game over, or no more moves.

3. Cards could use edge shading so stack of 3 cards together don’t blend so easily together.

Thanks for your reply.

Not sure you understood my 1st question.

It wasn’t that it was showing 3 cards at a time, it was that after I had gone threw the deck two times, I could no longer go threw the deck again, to find more cards to place.

I clicked on the top card of the stack of 3, and on the empty spot, I even tried to undo my last move, to try again, but the game wouldn’t allow me to sift threw the cards another time.

I hope this helps track down this bug.

Noticed that the new demo repeats the drawing of cards in Firefox, after you added the shading. May want to look into this.

It's hard to see where you are placing the card, as the card is repeatedly drawn wherever you drag the card. Seems to work fine in Chrome, haven't tested others.

I wonder if shading on the card might be done with the graphic card, and not actually drawing an outline on it? Might have increased performance as well?

On that same subject, are the graphics of the cards easy enough to change?


Thanks for reporting this bug. I have fixed the error (I will upload the new code ASAP).

about your first question. That is one of the game rules (hard mode if you like) you can just go thru the deck 3 times (see solitaire rules, the first one in the list).

You can configure this and allow to pass thru the deck of cards any number of times.

Note: you can edit the image, is a png file (see here)

Good start. Needs more polishment. The menu should be auto-closed if clicked out of it. Also should have an auto-match (auto-move) if you double-click or tap a card.


yes that works smoother now. Even in desktop mode. Think you changed the behavior it doesn’t get in the “movement” mode if you simply click it. Works much better. Too bad the game doesn’t load on iphone or ipad. That’s really a downside. Hope you find a device and can fix that problem. I can’t tell you where it stops. Not really into debugging on those devices ;)

I would also suggest to give the player the direct option after he complete the game to restart a game or start a new game. This should add a higher replay-ability.

You can now download the new version that works on iphone.

Wonderful now it’s very good =) !!

Hi, Can the reverse of the cards be edited?.. i.e. my logo put there etc.?


Excellent!.. I’m buying it! :o)

Whats in the new update?

some bug fixes. BTW, have you noticed any issue with the game?


Hey, I love the support you provide and the game is looking really good. I want to buy it, but I have a few questions.

1. Can you add a Facebook share option? General share and sharing when the player wins?

2. When there are no more moves available can a game over screen popup? Telling the player basic info like you already show in statistics but also an option to retry?

3. Same as above for winning?


Thanks for your suggestion, I will add 3 and 2 this weekend.

Why it’s not working on iPad/iPhone? :/


The game don’t work on iPad/iPhone because I don’t have a device to test it (that’s why it is not listed as compatible for these devices). but I think I know what the problem is.

If you like you can email me and I will send you a new version so you can test it on iOS (I will really appreciate your help)

Hello Sney,

This looks really great on the PC. I would be happy to purchase, but I need IOS support. I would be happy to test for you (iphone 4 and ipad 2), if you are interested.

Cheers, Greve

Is the live preview the most recent version of the game? Tried it in iOS simulator but it’s still not working. I also need iOS support for this game!

Yes it is. the game works on iOS as pointed IzzyGames

Hi Sney,

I can see that you have added iOS support 2 months ago!

But I can’t play the game iPhone 5 on Safari. It just says “loading…”.

Can you please tell me what’s wrong?



I edited the “sprite.png” file in order to change the card’s background to the logo / graphic I wanted to use, but it’s still the default blue grainy card background — even after I saved the new .png as “sprite.png” and replaced the old image on the server. Any idea why it’s not working? I saw in your comments from a while ago that all I’d have to do is edit the sprite.png file and it would change after uploading new sprite.png to server. But it didn’t :-(

In order to edit the back of the cards, what are the steps I’m going to need to take? Is there a breakdown of steps in your documentation that I’m not finding?

I think I know what’s the problem, you should edit the image in build/assets/images/sprite.png no the one in app/assets/images/sprite.png.

Sorry I should make that clear in the documentation.

Okay, thank you for letting me know. That worked perfectly :-) Again, thanks for the support.

Can you direct me how to re size the cards area? I want to increase the actual size of the displayed cards by about 30 percent. I bought the single license to see if I could easily alter the code. I am going to by the multi-license if I can modify this.


You should edit the file app/view/board.js and change the BOARD_HEIGHT variable, by default the board height is about five cards
BOARD_HEIGHT = (Pile.cardHeight + 10) * 5,
change it for 4
BOARD_HEIGHT = (Pile.cardHeight + 10) * 4,
to test the changes, load the unminified version (app/app instead of build/app) index.html:
<script src="build/require.min.js" data-main="app/app"></script>

Looks good, some pointers:

- Tested in iOS 8: Doesn’t work (iPad and iPhone) Loading text shows, but it stops there

- Tested in Safari: Some sound issues (but thats more Safari’s fault and the way it loads HTML5 sound), some layout issues (very minor) and the start animation is bugged (though this is due to the sound. If I turn the sound off, the animation goes smooth, again Safari’s fault)

iOS 8 support is the biggest thing to fix I think

Hi, could you tell me what file I can edit to change the Green Background ?

I tried the docs, but it did not say which exact file ?



In the game we a getting a issue where the timer didn’t start, due to which it create issue in the scoring.

Scenario : When the game load and you get “ace” in the column, double click on that, the card goes to “Home” at that time timer didn’t start, due to which when i move any other card after this, the point again starts from zero

You can see the issue in the below Video link :

Looking for your help.

Thanks for the bug report,

I have sent you an email with the new code.

Thanks you.

Is it possible to add image instead-of color at the game back ground without hampering the game? Same scenario with card holder at Home section?

Please let me know if it is possible? and how?

Hi any update on the above one… seeking your help.

Hi looking forward for your help..

Hi As per my earlier conversation on you comment section :

We required image instead of color at game background and at card placeholder at home section :

the image at background that we want : the image at placeholder of card at home :

Looking for your help..

how to compile source ?want to change sound format,ogg not support on iOS


to compile the source code you must download the requirejs optimizer, nodejs and uglifyjs. then run the following command from inside the app folder
node ~/path/to/r.js -o mainConfigFile=main.js baseUrl=.


I just downloaded the source code of the game, and I noticed several bugs: - when you start the game with a double click or tap, the timer doesn’t start - in file build / app.js (or app / app.js), if I modify this:
 points: {
             Move_to_foundation: 33,
             Waste_to_tableau: 22,
             Foundation_to_tableau: -15,
             Turn_card: 55
It doesn’t work :-(

I try your online demo and I do not see these bugs… Perhaps I do not have the latest version? Can you send it to me?

Thanks you.

Any news? Have you received my message?

I found another problem in Internet Explorer 11: if you double click cards, it does not work and the game fails (cards can’t move any more or disappears). IE console displays this error: Variable undefined in strict mode (file app/view/main.js)

in function testNCardsFromPile(n, pile, piles) , if i replace
for (i = 0, length = piles.length; i < length; i++)
var piles_length = piles.length;
for (i = 0, piles_length; i < piles_length; i++) 

then it works fine :-)

To fix the score points bug, modify the following lines in the file app/UI/main.js

changeScore("up", points.move_to_foundation || MOVE_TO_FOUNDATION); 
changeScore("up", options.points.move_to_foundation || MOVE_TO_FOUNDATION);
changeScore("up", points.waste_to_tableau || WASTE_TO_TABLEAU);
changeScore("down", -Math.abs(points.foundation_to_tableau) || FOUNDATION_TO_TABLEAU);
changeScore("up", points.turn_card || TURN_CARD);
changeScore("up", options.points.move_to_foundation || MOVE_TO_FOUNDATION); 
changeScore("up", options.points.move_to_foundation || MOVE_TO_FOUNDATION);
changeScore("up", options.points.waste_to_tableau || WASTE_TO_TABLEAU);
changeScore("down", -Math.abs(options.points.foundation_to_tableau) || FOUNDATION_TO_TABLEAU);
changeScore("up", options.points.turn_card || TURN_CARD);

To start the timer on a double click / tap, add this lines in the function “initInternalEvents” (file app/view/main.js)

channel.on('pile.tap', checkFirstMove);

elfinet Purchased

hi, there is sometimes a problem when moving a king on a free cell of the tableau :-(

Watch these videos:

The problem only occurs when moving (using drag and drop) a single king (no problem when moving a group of cards). Can check this please ???

I sorry for the delay.

I will check this issue and let you know as soon as I fix it


elfinet Purchased

several players reported me this problem (under windows). Thank You for your support …and Happy New Year :-)