Discussion on HTML5 INTRO

Discussion on HTML5 INTRO

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Hello – would it be possible to have the audio file change with each slide?

Hi sorry,

If audio embed need button play on the first slide, cos audio not allowed auto play

Thank you

This is looking very extra ordinary stuff I would like to share some information about the interior design idea here.

Hi, can this intro be added to an existing HTML page?

Hi yes, you can add hmtl5 intro in html page like preloader, with setting some function thank you

Good luck with your sales

Hi… Very good work… Why the autoplay is ok on your live preview but not in my locallhost (need to refresh page to autoplay the music)

Hi Thanks for purchased my file, some of browser has strict the auto play music,, i will update my file if solution has find it, many Thanks

Thank for your response. I just don’t understand why it’s ok on the CodeCanyon live preview

Hi Maybe, you can try upload it on server, many Thanks

Hello on3-step, Is there anyway to make the video intro play not as long? I feel it plays too long and i just need it for a 5 second loading screen.

Hi Vegas,

you can set the data-frame=”4000” to 1000, 1000ms mean is 1Second

many Thanks

The post is exciting. It looks at the Discussion on HTML5 INTRO. Do you have any idea about the HTML5 INTRO? If you don’t have any idea, you should go through the post and it will let you know about the HTML5 INTRO in detail.



1-I am very interested in this script, but before buying can add a new demo ?, I am talking about adding a navbar bootstrap 4 menu and a button at the bottom of the page.

Happy new year thank you

Hi sure possible, we can add navbar bootstrap 4 menu and other think here, many Thanks


When a date I would like to know before I buy

Thank you

Hi, intro mobile ios video not work. not load video why?

Hi regarding policies on ios, i can not do anything in this code, i will update when ios give acces autoplay video for html5 video again, if you want refund i will glad give you refund, many Thanks

hi dear , i can wait without problem update

Hi i will let you know when i have fix this code regarding strict ios autoplay video, but i think it will take more time, many Thanks

Hi, please is it possible to have like 3 drop down menu options that will be redirected to a chosen page before visitors can see the main page? Thank you

Hi, can this be use on a WordPress site as into? Thank you

Whao, the Wordpress template is really beautiful but I already have a design I only need an intro. Is there a way I can incorporate the intro with my existing wordpress site? Thank you

I’m thinking what if I use this as intro by saving the intro page as index.html and once the intro finish playing it can automatically redirect to my Wordpress URL that I will put there. Do you think it’s possible?

Hi There, yes its possible, just change direct link in intro.js after intro playing, many Thanks

I paid extra to get an additional 6 months of support, yet after paying, it says I have 6 months total. Please update my info or credit my additional payment.

Hi Thanks to purchased our file, please ask Envato suppot about this

many Thanks


Still not updated? In an email you said that will have an update?

Thank you

Hi there, sorry for the late update, busy with other file now, soon i will update more feature and layout for our file, many Thanks :)

Can you create such a website?

Keen to buy but is there an online generator?

Thanks for interest with our file, I’am sorry its only html version of intro, many Thanks

Hello! At your demo sound play auto every time i load the page. But for me it is not auto play. How can i fix this? Thank you!

Hi Thanks to purchased our file, is it sound include in folder sound?

Let me know

Many Thanks


Possible with the plugin to create an “intro” page, as on the site here I’m talking about adding a menu and a button

Thank you

Hi There, yes sure possible, i can custom it as html intro version for that, thanks :)




Thank you

Hi it is possible to put a button in a video ?? with link to other html page ??? thanks

Hi yes sure its possible, but video intro not support auto play sound in mobile device & tablet, we have plan update this file with stop version button and replay, after we done with our wordpress version from our template in themeforest, many Thanks

hi and thanks or your reply two question : 1 – you will fixe that in the future version ( not support auto play sound in mobile) because i will use it in tablet

2 – we can activate the sound manually ??


Hi yes we will update this file, with manual button in mobile version, many Thanks

hi, love your job, but at the end i do not want it to automatically go to some url, but need it to stop or play in loop, and it is possible to make 2 button, one is english to go to english site, one is japan to go to japan site. thank :-)

Hi thank you, yes it’s possible, just need custom bit code in intro.js, and also put button in last frame :)

can you help me with that, if i buy it ?

Hi There, yes sure, i will update also my file follwowing your request, many Thanks


This is looking nice. Before buying i have a few questions.

What is your email?


Hi this my email many Thanks :)


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