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Hello everybody, I am new to html5-globe. I am trying to stop rotate on mouse over. I tryed the following code but dont works. Any help? $(’.globeGl’).hover(function() { $(“div#globeGl_”).globe({ autoRotate:{val:false}, }) })

$(‘div#globeGl’).trigger(“mousedown”) – works.

But if it is wrapped in a mousedown handler, it hides the canvas. Im not sure, but it might be browser security kicking in :-)

How to avoide hides the canvas ? I tryed hover a button outside #globeGL then it stop rotate but when mouse go over the globe this is hided .

How to setup default data-lat and data-lon for default orientation of the globe when page load ?

Hi. I see on the live preview page for HTML5 Globe an example of manipulating the position of the globe when something is clicked. What code can I use to accomplish this? I don’t see a setting or option to just activate this.

Hi – thanks for buying. To accomplish this, you need a bit more than “just” a setting :). If you have a look at the sourcecode for the preview you will find a javascript section near the bottom, containing two, among other, functions; showOffice and showOnGlobe this is where it all happens, and the code should be pretty much selfexplanatory – hope this helps you out :)

Thanks! I found the code and implemented it. With a few tweaks I should be able to get to where I need to. Is there another function/method that would position the marker differently to the center (such as at the top)?

Yes – there is – please have a look at the configurator. There you can define placement, and after you can review the produced code – so you can replicate on your project :-)

Hi. I’m trying to dynamically adjust the size of the globe. For instance, when I resize the browser window, the size of the globe needs to scale accordingly, that is, it should be responsive). How can I do this?

Anybody has any thoughts on this? This is very urgent…