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Hello everybody, I am new to html5-globe. I am trying to stop rotate on mouse over. I tryed the following code but dont works. Any help? $(’.globeGl’).hover(function() { $(“div#globeGl_”).globe({ autoRotate:{val:false}, }) })

$(‘div#globeGl’).trigger(“mousedown”) – works.

But if it is wrapped in a mousedown handler, it hides the canvas. Im not sure, but it might be browser security kicking in :-)

How to avoide hides the canvas ? I tryed hover a button outside #globeGL then it stop rotate but when mouse go over the globe this is hided .

How to setup default data-lat and data-lon for default orientation of the globe when page load ?

Hi. I see on the live preview page for HTML5 Globe an example of manipulating the position of the globe when something is clicked. What code can I use to accomplish this? I don’t see a setting or option to just activate this.

Hi – thanks for buying. To accomplish this, you need a bit more than “just” a setting :). If you have a look at the sourcecode for the preview you will find a javascript section near the bottom, containing two, among other, functions; showOffice and showOnGlobe this is where it all happens, and the code should be pretty much selfexplanatory – hope this helps you out :)

Thanks! I found the code and implemented it. With a few tweaks I should be able to get to where I need to. Is there another function/method that would position the marker differently to the center (such as at the top)?

Yes – there is – please have a look at the configurator. There you can define placement, and after you can review the produced code – so you can replicate on your project :-)

Hi. I’m trying to dynamically adjust the size of the globe. For instance, when I resize the browser window, the size of the globe needs to scale accordingly, that is, it should be responsive). How can I do this?

Anybody has any thoughts on this? This is very urgent…


I have some questions : 1- is responsive (mobile friendly)? 2-Can I change the image map to another one customized ? 3- On my project when user click from and external link to a specific country the globe should rotate to the specific country and change the global image to anther image ? Please reply as soon as you can cause I want to start my project soon. Than you for your help.


I need to add some objects and can’t access the scene. I can on the developer console access a few objects like, for instance, headLamp.intensity=0.8 if I want to decrease intensity but I can’t set the globe rotation to a specific angle, add satellites or add vertex dots on the globe’s geometry.

I just can’t find the scene and its objects


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Hi, demo not working.

Hey thanks for the heads up – up and running soon again :-)

I want to customize this and insert into a WordPress page. Can anyone please help me customize this purchase, to achieve the same effect as the ‘animated demo’? I’d be very grateful! Thank you!

did you have a look at the sourcecode in the demo? – if you know some js and html it should be manageable – Thanks.

Can you make it work with mobile and tablets so that you can move the globe with touch input, at present it only works on desktops with a mouse?

Sorry touch is not supported – hope to find the time to add support for this in the future.

Hello, I want to use this globe for a project. Can we set a specific zoom and disable the scroll zoom functionality? Another requirement is to disable the vertical rotate. Thanks

I am trying to dynamically add spots on the globe. It works on one of the servers but doesn’t on other server. Hotspot is always hidden. Can you please check.

Hi there – thanks for buying. Okay, first things first – something is not right when you cant show the hotspots on the globe, we need to address this first:

- Do you have these statements in your functions.php; remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ); remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ );

If you do not (please try adding them), wordpress might try to help “fixing” your input, by adding p tags to your embedded js.

During this developmentphase, it might be useful to break out of the wordpress environment and run the component as a static htmlpage. Then when everything works, implement it back into wordpress (i guess debugging is easier when you only have the globe to worry about)

Another helpful thing is to contain the globe in a var like this:

var g = $(“div#globeGl_”).globe({ ... });

This way you could add htmldivs for new hotspots and trigger this:

//refresh globe var currRotation = g.globe(‘getRotation’)


You can check out the full source in the included generator.

BTW, im working on a upgraded version of the generator, that will make it much easier to take your globe into wordpress.

It like; upload a folder to your siteroot and paste some html/js into the wordpress page’s htmlview – done :-)

Wow the last statement was a big relief, will be waiting for a wordpress support.

However the issue was resolved as the default wordpress classes (.overlay) was messing up with them and was overlapping.

Secondly you also might want to remove all the generic css elements as once added to any theme all the body,h1,h2’s were changed.

I am not able to get this working on mobile devices. Is there any quick fix and also show the hover text when the click on the hotspots.

Thank you very much for your reply.

Actually I just received notice that the update, with better support for WordPress integration, was approved by codecanyon yesterday – so I guess if you re-download the files and start up the generatortool, you will see a new section for wordpress in there, with a bit of explanation too.

Thank you for pointing out the issues with the generic css, you are absolutely right – much of it is fixed in the latest update mentioned above, but i will go through it again to check (i think the .overlay class still exist – didnt bother avada or twentythirteen themes though, but i will off course rename it).

Looking forward to seeing your projects progress :-)

BR Jan

Hi ! After opening the pop-up window of a specific countries ! the Globe stop rotating. I want when I close the pop-up window the Globe keep rotating … Looking to get your advise.

Best Regards

Hi – thanks for buying – please try implementing this js to start the globes automatic rotation again;


Hi. Great job! How can I remove the boder of the canvas?

Hi – Thanks for buying – This could be accomplished by changing the css styling. If you have your project online somewhere, send me a link and i can help you better :-)

Thank you very much for the offer. I have already solved

Now I am trying to implement the g.globe(‘startAutoRotate’). but I crash. Could you give me some indication? Thank you

Hi – please provide a url to your project, for me to help you :-)

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Hi, I have implemented the globe in my website, but its not rotating in its axis, but it also swinging from left to right slightly. Also please add the option to stop and rotate on mouseover and mouseout, on globe not on canvas.

Hi – thanks for buying. Do you have your project online somewhere, please send me a link so i can help you out – thanks.