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I also like to state to some users if you are testing this on your local web stack you can try ’./’ as your web url, this worked for me getting it to view on my local stack.

Also I am playing with this AGAIN lol and I would like to know how the hell do we resize it before outputting it? I have

I tired to change the 330 to 150 but this just gives me a bit of his head, so I know I have to resize the image after its created then out put it, how would I do this? function to_image(){ var a, temp_canvas; temp_canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); a = temp_canvas.getContext('2d'); temp_canvas.width = 330; temp_canvas.height = 330; var b = ctx.getImageData(5, 5, 330, 330); var c =; a.putImageData(b, 0, 0); zdata2 = ctx2.getImageData(5, 5, 330, 330); var d =; for (var i = 0, n = d.length; i < n; i += 4) { if (d[i] == 0 && d[i + 1] == 0 && d[i + 2] == 0) { d[i] = c[i]; d[i + 1] = c[i + 1]; d[i + 2] = c[i + 2]; d[i + 3] = 255 } } a.putImageData(zdata2, 0, 0); var e = temp_canvas.toDataURL("image/jpeg", 1.0); // Using PNG gave me bad quality images document.getElementById("placeholderimage").src = e; }

Can clarify, do you want to resize the ready image (that is placed on context) from 330 to 150?

Yes or 100 more Avatar friendly size for websites :)

Well, if you want to actually resize one size format into another, it can be a bit complicated, here are some relative examples:


Is it possible to automatically select/generate a given characteristic? I would like to say generate an avatar with brown eyes and white t-shirt? That would be lovely!

Yes, this is possible to change order for available elements (to make a t-shirt as the first element). You can also prepare the brown eyes and substitute the first default eyes.

GREAT support!! Cool fun product that works. Thank you 5 Stars all the way. Will be using this one a lot for some fun game ideas etc.

Thank You

Any update on this coming? I was hoping to see a little more come from it :)

Yes. In my mind – to add more parts into the product. Approximately in the next month

Great thing! However, using just number fields to select elements is not very intuitive. Couldn’t you change it to have the miniaturized elements themselves to click on instead of numbers? In this case I would buy it!

Also, a RANDOM button would be nice…

Hello, thanks for suggesting new ideas, I will try to implement most of them after summer vacation

Please inform me when you have implemented it. Thank you!

I hope we will see a update soon, I missed your post it didn’t update me, but this is a create little app :) maybe add Minecraft style avatars also this would be apic for game servers :) peace

can i use a real person? with real hair?

In general – yes, you can, but you will need to provide photo-realistic graphic resources

Can you swap out the avatar for our vector avatar? Plus the other item options as well? So it looks like our avatar?

Send me your avatar (email), I want to have a look

How hard would it be to modify the files so users can add, lets say a balloon and use drag and drop to place it where they want on the canvas?

well, I suppose that this feature can require several hours of work

hi! good job, but i have problem with img i can’t see the image to edit i don’t know whay

Hello, please check installation manual, step with ‘Javascript’ – you had to put your actual website address there.

Hi. I just purchased this but the javascript is minified. Is there a way we can get the full version? Thanks

Hello, this is a basic copy protection. If you need to get the full version please contact me privately

Hi AramisGC, Thank you for perfect sample, Presale question, could i change the image ? Like eyeglass ? I could edit, image, css, js..

Because, this is perfect sample, but, I want to make it sure about that. Thank you :)

Hello, Yes, the resource files are available (for example, you can edit them in Photoshop)

Any news on a update :)

can the source code be edited to adjust the placement of the various resources (eyes, mouths, hair, etc)? example: lets say i replace the main character image to another and then the new resources i add need the placement to be slightly moved to the right, left, up or down. thanks

Hey there,

I am looking for an avatar creator which can be integrated with our web app.The current web app is based on front end- react and backend- java, spring. Can i integrate this avatar creator to my application to let the user to create their own avatar and save into our db?

Also can i customize the application and add our own images, items, etc.