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Nice. I don’t see clues showing. Also,is this responsive? When is this available for wordpress?


The clues are shown in the header of the game. a wordpress version is coming in the next few weeks

Couple of things:

1. every time i view the demo, many of the puzzles don’t load at all but the original one you put up for the demo works… what’s the deal there?

2. please hurry up with a wordpress version

3. features that i hope you don’t forget since i bought a different wordpress crossword plugin already from codecanyon and it is horrendous: a. ability to delete crosswords b. clear letter/word feature c. timer d. autogenerate crossword from clues/words (yea the other one didn’t even do that) e. shortcode that allows you to designate specific puzzles by id.


Thanks for your feedback.

1) The problem with the puzzles that don’t work is that they were created with the same clue repeated (still a bug, but is very unlikely that a real puzzle has the same clue for every word). I will fix this.

2 and 3) thanks for the suggestions

Nice demo, nice puzzle I love it.

Thank you.

Very nice. It works wonderfully. Thank you. Just one comment. It should check the answers!!! Thank you!

I could write something like you had 95% of all the letters correct.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will add this in the next update.

Con-grates for such efficient game.

1) Per Game option to allow download or not (Radio Button). 2) Per Game option solve the game or not (Radio Button). 2) Image / Audio / Video per game upload or link. 3) Per Game description about the game. 4) Submitting score of game to server (may CSV file) with following information. Name,Email of guest,date& time stamped,solved in minutes/seconds. 5) I have purchased word search game long back,So I wanted common login for both “Word Search” & “Crossword”

CAN I insert UTF8 characters in game?

Just purchased this today and love it. I have been looking for something like this for my classroom for a while. Question I have is the customization.html instructions is really sparse and actually seems to reference a solitaire game and not the crosswords. Would it be possible to get a better explanation of how to customize the puzzles?

Also are you available for hire to make custom edits to the PDF portion of the script? I’d really like to add an image to the PDF print out to help spice up the look of it and would be glad to pay you to add this option.


I’m Glad you like it. yes I’m available, send me a message through my profile page.

about the customization.html, it is maybe from an old documentation (sorry)

Hi, I sent some emails to you waiting for your reply regarding the Score, you are reminded??? Thanks

any update on when wordpress version will be released?

Hi, is there any progress on score ?


Will this work on a tablet with touch functions enabled. Also can you change the size of the grid and the amount of puzzles.



The game works on tablet (only tested on android), you can test it yourself here. the size of the puzzle is determined by the words used to create it.

will this work inside of wordpress?

  1. I wanted to Disable Solve button.
  2. Secondly – Disable/Enable Download Button State 2: If Download button is Enabled,Only Word & Clue can be Downloaded in PDF Form ( Answer will be excluded ) This functionality may attract visitor again to get answers for the Crossword.(Say Answer will be available after next 4 hours or next day etc.) .Than it is responsibility of Admin to put Answer’s PDF on website or email the answer who has asked for answer.This way website can grab some contacts.
  3. State 3: If Download button is Enabled,Whole Crossword will be Downloaded including Word,Clue & Answer can be Downloaded in PDF Form.
Wanted to disable completely two functionality.
  1. Download
  2. Solve

Yes, Thanks toy you, for your updated version. Your support is really awesome.I am very happy that I have purchase your Crossword & Word-search.

How do you build the min.js?


I won’t allow me to download the PDF. It says “Oops, you can’t download this puzzle. but you can still playing” I haven’t changed anything out of the box. How can I allow it to be downloaded??


Could you please show me what exactly should be in download/index.php? It works in your demo on this site so I assume it does work. Please if you could let me know. Thanks!

Please send me an email through my profile page.

I had sent you an email- did you receive it?

hi, how do you build the corssword itself? Can you supply a list of words and the program creates it ?


you just need to supply a list of words and clues.


html: Is the main markup language for displaying web pages php: Open source server-side scripting language mysql: The world’s most used open source relational database

thank you and what about the size of the game, could we change the font size?

No, but I can make some changes in order to allow that.

Hi, will this crossword work in WordPress?

Not directly as this is not a wordpress plugin, but you can insert the game through an iframe

Is it possible to change font size/face of the words and the clues?

An excellent game that I really recommend. You can create a new game in minutes. I have been using this for a year now. You can see some examples here:

I’m glad you like it

I am looking for something to use as an app that will complement my site. This looks like it may work, but I am not sure how to get the games into the app store. Can you provide any instructions that may help with that?