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Very impressive game! :)

Thanks, I’m glad you like it.

Hi! Are you using Construct 2 ? Did you try it locally ? Does it run without being in a web server, just by locally clicking the index.html file ?


- The game was made with pure javascript.

- The game works locally, but the configuration file does not load because browser restrictions (is a JSON file).


P.S.: Hablas español :)

Not working on Chrome 46.0.2490.86 (Win8) Don’t see white blink over color block. It’s not displayed at all.

Hi, I just upload an update that fix this problem

Chrome bug is fixed, but:. found some small problems that was not present in previous version: 1. build.js is not minified (obfuscated) 2. on chrome first block is back (on FF – green)

Hi, I can’t reproduce the 2. problem, are you seeing this problem on the same google chrome version and OS?

Please tell me how I can get the wordpress plugins for the HTML5 Color Memory and Word Search Games, I would like to purchase them.

Hi Have a strange one. I’m trying to change the colors and the sounds however they never change when i change the config file or the original sound files

Tal vez estabas haciendo los cambios en el código fuente, si los cambios se hacen en el código sin minificar hay que usar el script de npm para volver a unir todos los archivos en uno solo.

Pero la cosa es que el script no lee desde json en el demo tampoco

eso si esta muy raro, si puedes enviarme el link del juego por correo (desde mi perfil) puedo ver que es lo que pasa. si es así es un error porque debería usar los colores que están en el archivo config.

How can i replace color boxes with images?

nice layout. This is on the guidelines of what i am looking for for my first app (newbi here) . is it possible to double the play area to 8 squares or at least 6?


It’s not easy, but I can add this if you buy

Hola Jhonatan!

Ya compramos tu juego color memory, ahora queremos cambiar los 4 colores por fotos de un producto. como podemos hacer esto?

Hola, envié un correo ayer, no lo han recibido?


Si lo recibí. Hay alguna otra forma de convertir el proyecto en .apk? ese programa cordova se ve muy complejo y exige instalar muchas coas antes de usar

también existe ludei que tiene un servicio para crear los apk. la ultima vez que vi era gratis (con limitaciones).

Hi Sney, I just purchased your cool game but now I need you to install it. I can’t put all the files on my server so I need to put all the folders on another server (ex: One Drive or Google Drive) and embed the game on my network. It’s possible? If yes, could you please help me?

Hi, I could not get it to work with any of those services. are these services the only options you have?


Aldo62 Purchased

Hi Sney, to date, unfortunately, yes. Can you contact me in private please? This is my email: I’m here waiting for you ;-)

I sent you an email