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Two questions about player with playlist and scroll:
—I had wanted two independent players (inline and playlist with scroll) but couldn’t get them to work independently. So now I’m using playlist selector with scroll as the only player on my audio page. The inline links play button (next to the link) works great (there are a bunch of links on the page), but of course they all play through the main player further down the page.
—One problem: inline links seem to download the entire mp3 before playing (I’m guessing) (so a bit of time lag). Is there a flag I can set to begin playing sooner?
—The big problem with the “inline links” with this player is that as soon as the selection is done it then goes to the playlist in the main player and continues with those songs. Of course if someone clicks on a link to play one song I’d prefer if it just played the one song and stopped. Is there a flag to set for the “inline links” so that it will play the one song and stop? Maybe the only solution is to replace the playlist in the main player with a playlist consisting of the single song…??


oh PS I tried setting loopingON to false. I hoped that would solve 2 problems: keep a hap_text_link song from moving to the player’s playlist when done (i.e. song doesn’t just stop) and also the problem of the player moving on to other random audio clips on the page after the playlist is done (I want it to stop at the end of the playlist). But it didn’t help either problem. Two separate players (inline and full_selector) would definitely be the simplest solution.

Ignore comment above about time lag playing some audio. I solved that problem. Had to do with some audio being in a folder from when I experimented with creating a playlist from a folder of songs.

Yes, its possible to mix different player layouts.

I have just tried inline and playlist selector with scroll to confirm it working. I had to do a little adjustment in the plugin for jquery selector checkPlayableLinks function.

I will submit plugin update and when you get notification of an update, you could download latest version.