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Hello I m wondering is it possible to have multiple players in the page? I need this for my site.


Yes, multiple players are supported and there is a demo included with multiple players in same page replicating this.


I was wondering if this code would work on Google Sites, the old version.


Do you have example of a song link?


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Seeking does not work when loading a single track. Player thinks that the file is not fully loaded, but it actually is. See here: http://gph.is/2gGhJfR

MP3 file is loaded in 1 second, this demo is from my local server.

// Chrome 54 on OSX El Capitan.


Does the same issue appears for you here in official demo?


If not, I think this must be file encoding, in which case mp3 file need to be encoded using different method.


I purchased the player package a week ago and have been customizing the “HTML5 Audio Player with Playlist”. Great stuff, thank you!

Could not find answers to the following issues in the help file of the package, nor in this support forum.

1) How can I remove the “shuffle play” button & function?

2) How can I disable the automatic starting of the next playlist item at the end of the current item being played? I.e., only play an item if its is clicked in the playlist.

3) If selected, the “replay” (“loop”) button & function only work at the end of the last item in the playlist, not on the item that is currently being played. What I want/need is that the loop-button works at the end of each list item being played, or never. How can I do this?

Thanks for your help!

I fixed one little issue with the demo player html files. If you add content (e.g., a text paragraph) after the last line of code of the player (i.e., between the closing and the in the demo files), then this content does not show up after the playlist (where it should be), but next to the top right-hand corner of the playlist. What is missing is an “alignment clear” statement after the closing :
(note: one could use
but that would be depreciated/old-fashioned HTML).

Hi Tean,

1) done, perfect – thanks!

2 & 3) Mmmm, that is rather inconvenient. My sound clips are used to test various mechanical teleprinter protocols – which is why looping the same track is extremely desirable. However, if looping a single track is impossible, then the behavior of “classic single player” comes closest. There, you CAN click on any track title and it will get played just ONCE, without auto starting the next track. All I want is the same behavior when I click on a title in the “Default player with playlist” (but of course, with the playlist GUI formatting of the latter). How do I get “classic “player with playlist” to behave like that?

Thanks in advance for your help!


index_classic_single.html demo just plays a song with api_inputAudio method. This is diifferent from other example because it doesnt load any tracks in the player, it just tells player to play track with info provided. If you want to loop each track and not auto advance to next one I think its best to modify the code to allow for such action.

With your help, I ended up with the following solution: selected track is played, player stops at end of the track, playlist does not advance to the next track title.

This required the following changes in two .js files.

In “jquery-html5audio.js” (re-minify after making changes):

In line items 1218 + 1225 + 2660 + 3502 + 4462: change autoPlay=true; to autoPlay=false;

Note: in line 1205, leave at default autoPlay=false; such that track still starts playing upon clicking the track title

In “jquery.html5audio.js”

In line 3394: change playlistManager.advanceHandler(1, true); to (0, true) such that the playlist stays on the current title (so the current track can be started again with the play button, i.e., without having to re-click the track title)

Thanks again for your support!


I bought this player but seems that when the playlist is a folder the player doesn’t load any content anymore. This worked in the past but not anymore for some reason that I couldn’t figure out. Could you be able to help with this? Thanks!


What demo page you are using from the package and what playlist are you trying to load?


Hi guys, any way to contact you directly? (It’s not a support request :P) I am trying to get in touch for some time…

Kind regards, Kuba


Yes, you can write here: http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact

I did that already ;) No replay… I will try again.

I need this to work on my site and it does not. Can please help me figure this out or give me my money back thank you For your time.


Send a message at http://codecanyon.net/user/Tean#contact with a link to your webpage so we can have a look.



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Im trying to put in the title tag of the html, the current song being played’s title. Is there a function to call ?

<title> <script>currentsong(); </script></title>

kind of like that.

Thank you much. your work is superb.


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Hi. Can i use this script with local files?


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Yes, it can play mp3 offline as well. Server connection is required for some other features like reading audio files from folders or download feature.