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How can I export all data with the Excel type.

There is a button to export

hello, your sample site seems not work, could you fix it?

It is working now. Thanks

hi ajay,

i have tried to contact you mutiple times through email and have not heard from you. I have previously engaged you to do customization for clock in clock out for my company. please respond!


When you will have payroll module in this script? I need that module in this script.

Thanks, Rizwan

We are not thinking of any payroll module to the codecanyon

How much you will charge to develop that module? Also can you please add the export to excel feature in this? like export all officers, export attendance etc.

Please check the www.snaphrm.com version. It has advanced features and you can ask snaphrm team for the customisation

I want the leave to have start date and end date

This comment and request was made a month ago and still no reply

Hello, Knight. There is no new update.

Can you at least approve a refund as this is not useful and you are not supporting us? two months to reply a question?

I need Payroll feature then I will buy your script. Thanks

We are not thinking of any payroll module to the codecanyon

Hello … This is Pre-Purchase Question

Question 1 – Can HR Manager mark attendances and leaves of other staffs … my staffs will not use this app . So i am only person to mark their attendances and leaves. Can i ??

Question 2 – Can HR manager minus staff’s Salaries for late attendances in this App ?

1.HR manager is the only one who marks the attendance of every employee. 2. There is no such feature of salary in this codecanyon version

so .. what version will include ??

Currently, we are not planning for that. For i cannot guarantee

amazing script … how much for white label ??

Sorry but we do not provide white label

Is it easy to customise?

Also – do you help change certain things on it?

Please go through with demo. You can check if there satisfy your needs. You can change the code according your needs

Info Before Purchase

Hi :) You guys did a really great job. I am interested to purchase it. I am very much new to codecanyon. Please help me with some information. After purchasing will i get all the source code and database ? Can i modify the code ? Any hidden cost exist ?

Yes you can modify the code. The code is not at all encrypted.

I have two questions

1) Admin mark attendance for all employee in a single click but after this if i want to mark the half leave of any one employee? because if i update all the list get updated. 2) Employee can mark their attendance from their login or not?

Thanks, Rizwan

Sorry but this feature is not available

I have requested like ages ago in emails to have my country currency added, start date and end date picker for the leave, also having a serious problem as the details of each staff are getting deleted or lost in the system, you have not replied to my email, denied to reply for the requests. would you kindly assist us or tell us your decision if you want to continue to ignor us so that we can simoly dumo this useless app?

It seems you are not satisfied with our product. You must have checked the demo before purchasing. It is not at all different from the demo. What you are requesting is a customization. Also, you have not purchased the support plan of this product.

Yes I am not satisfied! The support was there but your delays to answer a question made it horrible, two months to reply me, so it has expired. What I am asking for is not customization but common sense as when you speak of global sales you should have a provision of all currencies at least speaking less of other issues.

Would greatly appreciate a refund as the product is unusable here.

I have accepted your refund request

Please few things let me know if it can be sorted out, 1. can you include other currencies into currency or can i code it in myself, 2. can i disable the general settings so the firm admin doesnt have access to general settings. 3. can i incorporated finger print scanner

1. You just need to add to countries table 2. No there is no feature. You need to do it from code. 3. No

even if i write my code to incorporate finger print the system wont support it

You can customise it according to your needs

I emailed you a few days ago in regards login, can you check your emails please I am having massive issues with your script

Hello? I am really stuck here and you be grateful if at lease you would answer me, I can’t login, I can’t find the admin or staff login and I have a client would is not happy, I did email 3 days maybe 4 now and nothing and left a comment yesterday still nothing, my email is info@guruz.biz could you please contact me

You must be trying the wrong url

Could you please directly email me

Hi still no reply??? been almost 2 week???? Can you please help with my problem ?

Again I find myself messaging….. Really disappointed that I have yet to have even one responce to many of my messages I bought your project 1 week ago, I have sent 2 emails for support and commented 4 times, still nothing, I have lost a client due to the fact I have no feedback from you. VERY UPSET

I have replied you


Could you please directly email me

Hello, am really interested in getting this script. can I add 2 guarantors fields to the staff database and how can I do that once the script is bought

You will have to code for that. Firstly create 2 columns in employees table then make changes to 1. employess/create.blade.php 2.employees/edit.blade.php and then to EmployeesController.php

can you integrate Fingerprint device for attendance in this software…??

Sorry, we are not planning to integrate

Pre-sale inquiry: can the system be integrated with biometric devices for daily fingerprint attendance in and out?

Sorry but this feature is not available

i really want to buy this system. But the latest update was over a year ago. Is this system still up to date?

Yes, the latest update was a year ago. It has all the features mentioned in the documentation.