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Thanks for the reply. Well pretty basic really. Right now the first row (block) in your demo has three images and all of them are 400px X 250px.

Will this work if they were different aspect ratios in that first row (block). Say three images but the first is 400px X 250px the next is 300px X 200px and the last is 275px X 275px.

Does that make sense? When I use firebug to adjust I am getting mixed results but I also know that the script has already fired.

Okay, I think what you’re asking is not specifically related to this plugin, but just to the layout of your page. The demo blocks get floated left. If your blocks have different heights, they may not be floated next to each other the way you want. A jQuery plugin like Masonry could help you out with that.

HoverUp has no problems adjusting to different block sizes. The very last HTML block in the demos has a different size, for example. I hope I answered your question well enough.

Hi, Really love your plugin and just questioning if it work with an additional lightbox effect. Looks like I can include the “rel” in the href. Just wanted your POV . Thanks!

Hi. Yes, adding a lightbox link to a box with a hoverup effect should cause no problems.


Nice little script. Before buying, is it possible to display a title, then hover to display the full content/description?

That is, display the top lip, then the full box on mouseover.

I’m not exactly sure what effect you have in mind but if you like at the demos, you should get a good idea of the possibilities. Of course, you can dive into the code and make some tweaks to your likings, if you want to. In that case JavaScript/jQuery skills are required.


Is it possible to have an effect like in this page (the three images in the carousel): ..if you see there is first displayed the title, then on hover it appears the description. I didn’t see this feature in the demo.

Good question, however, this is not a built-in feature. The caption is positioned just below or above the image, so it does get hidden completely. You could go tweak the script if you like. Thanks.

Does this work with responsive layouts

Not really, I’m afraid.