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Hi Boris. I just uploaded the latest version on a site and I can’t make the widget image look ok, it displays a 150×150 image instead of the original size. I selected Original in the plugin settings,I added the image size in the widget and ran Regenerate Thumbnails. Any ideas about what’s wrong?

Hi! Can you send me link to your site via PM

Done, thanks!

Hi! I found my Hover Effects Pack deactivated. Trying activate it and get an error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare hover_pack_resources() (previously declared in …/plugins/hover_effects_pack1/hover_effects_pack.php:16) in /home/p62678/www/ on line 42 Please, help to solve problem!

No, I didn,t. I’ll try to disable all other plugins, maybe there is a conflict. Write back later.

Hi! Can you send me admin access for your site via PM. I will try to fix this

Hi! Sorry for late answer. Yes of course, send it via e-mail.

Can I add this in revolution slideR?

Hello! Yes, you can use it with Revolution Slider

Pre-sale question:
Hi, your plugin looks great. I need to use your text always stays option with new text on hover. But I really need a zoom/fade on hover animation also. I don’t see this option – is it possibly available and just not in the demo?

Hello! Do you have some links, where I can see examples of effects that you need?

Pre-sales question:

Will this work with the Avada theme? Thanks!

Hello. Yes, it’s compatible with Avada theme

I have just installed this plug in and I can see the Hover effect settings in settings but where or how do I create a hover effect? I can not see the tool for this.

Hello! You can add Hover Effects via button in WYSIWYG editor, WP Widgets, or if you use Visual Composer or SiteOrigin Pagebuilder – you can also find Hover Effects widgets there. For more details please see plugin Documentation

Quick pre-sale question,... can I use custom content on the hover overlay? I want to define content like they are doing here (see screenshot) -> ... but I would need to be able to add my own divs/img’s and html to do it,... can this plugin allow this type of content? Many thanks for your feedback here…

Hello! Yes, Hover Pack is support HTML content. To try it you can send me HTML, that you want to add, I can check it on my dev site.

Hello -

I purchased this plug in and installed it in Wordpress. Now it is telling me to do any of the effects you have listed on this page that I have to spend another $19 to upgrade to the Pro Version. The version I just purchased is very limited. Have I done something wrong to install incorrectly? Is this version not the Pro version? Please help – I would not have purchased if I had known I would just have to turn around and spend another $19 to actually do what you’ve listed on your page here.

Thank you.

Hi! I don’t have pro version of this plugin and this plugin is contain all necessary functionality. Please send me access to your site via PM, so I can figure out, is there some problems with this plugin.

I can’t seem to add links to text on the hover effect. When I add HTML to my text box it doesn’t even show up. It shows without adding HTML, but when I add the links it seems to break. Any ideas? You say that you can add HTML…

Hi! To fix this you need to change option in Settings -> Hover Pack Settings Wrap in link tag -> No wrap

Thanks for the quick reply – unfortunately, that doesn’t work.

HI! Can you send me admin access to your site via PM. I will try to fix this.

Hey! I just sent you an Email about an Issue I’m having, I didn’t notice this comment page…oops. Anyway, We purchased the Hover effects and we can’t seem to get these things to work! We installed the plugin and that went well everything is activated and the options show up on our images but the animations don’t seem to work. again sorry to pester!

Hi! I just answered to your email.

You still updates for this plugin?

Hi! I have some features, that I will add to this plugin, but not in the near future. If you have question about certain features, or you can propose feature – we can discuss it.

And ‘possible to have the image exchange?

I mean two identical images but with a different background image is possible to exchange?

Instead of transparency do is make another appearance image

Hi! Unfortunately there is no such option in my plugin. You can use only color as a hover layer.

Hi, the images become blurry on my page – see (See bottom of page with client logos). Also, there is a “white flicker” when I move the mouse from one image to another. Any help appreciated.

Hi! I didn’t see flicker effect. What browser do you use?

The flicker is only apparent in Safari… Works perfectly in Chrome. Any suggestions to fix the issue in Safari?

Hi! Seems like this is browser rendering issue. I’m not sure, is it possible to fix this.

Pre-sale question: So can you use Fusion Builder and most other pagebuilders? And can you for instance add a image in a container and then apply the effect or how?

Hi! My plugin supports Visual Composer and SiteOrigin page builders. But also you can use it by adding shortcode to any place (pagebuilder text widget, WordPress widget etc)

Hi Boris. I just uploaded the latest version on a site and I can’t make the widget image look ok, it displays a 150×150 image instead of the original size. I selected Original in the plugin settings,I added the image size in the widget and ran Regenerate Thumbnails. Any ideas about what’s wrong?

Hi! Please try to select image again in widget. This will replace previous image link (that was small size)

Hi! I would like to change the font for the title only. I have looked through the tags, but I really want to custom it to a different font. How do I do this? Is there a specific code I put into the css? Thanks!

Thank you so much!

I added the code to the css style box (im using siteorgin page builder) and its not working. I did try to use a simple font to test it but its not changing anything.

Hi! Please try to add CSS via theme custom CSS section or via Simple Custom CSS plugin


Can you give me a custom css, to modify the color of my title and my text on an image hover specific?!

Thank you in advance

Hi! You need to use following CSS for title: .b-animate-go .b-wrapper .h { color: #fff; /* your color here */ } And for text .b-animate-go .b-wrapper .p { color: #fff; /* your color here */ }

Never mind – I forgot to deactivate the other version!

Hello, quick presale question here; can we reverse the effects (like overlay first, than image)? Thanks

Hi! Yes, you can use inverse behavior. By default there will be color, and on hover – image and text