Discussion on Hover Effects Pack - JavaScript Plugin

Discussion on Hover Effects Pack - JavaScript Plugin

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Well, crap, I did the same thing as several others did. How do I get the refund and purchase the WP version? Thanks.

Hi, I made the mistake of buying the Javascript Plugin Hover Effect and I needed the version for wordpress, can we make the change by paying the difference? From already thank you very much

Hi! There is no ability to pay difference, but you can open refund request for JS version and purchase WP version after you will get refund

Hi, how do I add in a text link in the hover content? When I try it breaks the functionality. It seems that your plugin can only use 1 occurrence of an a href tag.

Hi! Answered to your email

I, too, thought I was buying the WordPress-compatible plugin. I’m all bummed out.

Hello! Sorry for that, but I did everything I could: I added “JavaScript” text in plugin title, I added link to WordPress version to plugin description. I know, that some sites advertised this plugin as WordPress plugin, I tried to contact with them and ask to change link from this plugin to WP plugin, but I didn’t get any response from them.

Hello, i use bootstrap 3.1.1, with your code the images are no longer responsive… your code work with this??

Hello! Please send me link to your site

I accidentally purchased this plugin instead of the WP plugin. I was a little mislead by the link I clicked. I still want to use this plugin though, however I am just not too sure how to copy the files into my WP files. I’m not sure which directory to put them in. Would you be able to help me with this? :)

Hello! Sorry, but there is no simple way to include those files into WP, so the easiest way – purchase WP version of plugin.

I came to this page from here:

There were “WordPress” word in the name of that article. So I just spent money for this and now see that this is not a wordpress plugin.

I want my money back.

Hello! You must contact Envato support about this.

Hi there! I was just wondering how I would go about making these rollover effects click events rather than hover? Is it pretty straightforward or a little more involving?

Thanks! Great stuff otherwise.

Hello! You need to modify JS code. There already implemented such option for touch devices. You can contact me via PM if you need additional details.

how do I use this on wordpress?

Hello! This is not WP version of plugin. WP version is available here


I want to add these effects on my homepage, on all the images. Is that possible ?

Thank you.

Hello! Yes, but maybe you will need to change HTML on your page. I can send example of HTML, that used in my plugin to your email.


Will this work on a responsive website ?

Thank you.


I use dreamweaver cc fluid grid layouts.


Hi! I will check it and give you answer

I sent you email

Hi Author! I’m interesed in buy your plugin, but I’m not sure about one thing. On my page, my images are mainly in shape of circle. Here is example:ów.png. My question is, do your effect will look like square or circle?

hii…i have purchase this item but how to install this plug in??

I try to add new plugin from my WP I get notification… Unpacking the package…

“Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.”

Hi! Where can I send message to you?

by email?? or you can help me by after this reply??

I wrote answer to your email

The plugin seems to make the image look strange when I use the “flip” hover effect. I’m not sure why.

Hello! What do you mean? Can you give me screenshot of this strange look?

I’d suggest adding a caption that is also covered up with the hover effect. I could have an image and, below that, some text, then, when I hover over, the hover background and text appear and cover the image and the caption. To do this now, I have to make the text part of the image.

Thank you for update! ;-)

Hi,great work, looking to buy, however I am just looking for fade effect which is good that you have, can I make the colour change on fade effect semi- transparent and also I would like the text to appear with out sliding effect.

Hello! Transparency for now not available, but I will add this option in next update in near future. Text can appear without animation.

Thank you very much for updates. I appreciate you are looking after your script. Nice work, css very good described. Now I see it is working perfectly, so I bought it. 5*

Have a nice day ;-)

Thanks, but opacity goes down with white text too and I need semi-transparent only the color.

Hi! Can you give me link to this page?

I’ve found solution. Now I have it semi-transparent. I changed colour backround into semi-transparent PNG image :-)

Hello, after some time I had look what is new. Sadly, in FF 28.0 it is not fully working, exactly I cannot see any text over picture (in demo).

Hi! I recently updated Hover Pack. This bug was fixed.


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