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Nice game my friend! : -)

Thanks Mate!

Possibly make it where the pattern changes by level?

Don’t buy this code if you want to make it a mobile game. 1. It displays well on web, but the display on phone is so small. The blocks are too small to make you easily pick up one and start playing. 2. all social media buttons are not working 3. no admob ads showing All in all, if you want to buy, be prepared to spend huge amount of time completely redo the game.

thank for purchase but, you didnt contact with me anything to ask about the game(Im alway support customer, in fact all the things you say are not true), you decice byself and say to another dont buy the game, so great, thanks for your “recommend”, all the social work well (you need config in intelXDK before to build), admobs sitll working well, if you know how to setup in construct and config in intelXdk before to build, thanks, regards

thanks, Regards

Thank you very much for Crazyprogrammer’s support. I didn’t know I could contact author after I have bought the code. He was very patient in answering me questions and eventually all my issues were solved. I am very glad. I cannot remove the comment (sorry about it). But I would like to express my appreciation here so my previous comments would not cause any negative effects.

how many levels is this game and can i add more levels

plus is there in app purchase like ad free or in app purchases at all

has errors in it can you fix them for me. and its says its missing plugins i sent you an email thanks in advance

i try to install plugin and i get this error
i email you about 2 weeks ago i got no answer can you tell me how to fix the problem when i try to build the apk it shows up half a screen on my phone plus here is a video on what i did

Hi, can we use it without changing graphics? if not, can you give the link for graphic assets? Thanks.

yep, you can use it without change graphics, thanks

i think there is something wrong with the game when i play it it does not said game when there is no more spaces for the pieces plus some of the pieces hang over the edge of the game can you tell me how to fix this issue here is the screen shot i have the game on my website where you can play it from there here is my website l

ok i got it working on my website using the capx file for construct 2 now my question is how do i use admob or do i need it to work from the HTML file and where do i put the admob in the capx file so it will show up on localhost here is my website if you want to check it

on the capx file or htlm file where do i put my facebook id and google id and twitter because when i try to share score it give me an error

mainly the capx file because thats the one i am using

here is the error i am getting on facebook and google plus and twitter. is there a place on the capx file or HTML files where i can fix it

thats okay i fixed it

how i can publish it as a android game ? i published it with cordova and phonegap the result is very slow and lagging

could you try to export use intelXDK with Crosswalk, the performance is better.