HD Video with Material Design

HD Video with Material Design

HD Video is new application that offers great collection of Hd Video for your android device.

Are You thinking about to make video application that play video of your choice.

You can make Application of Your favorite Video,Tv Shows,Movie,Serial,Sport and many more.

Admin Add the category and its items and Viewer View thats.

Android Side:

  • All Device Combability(Responsive Design).
  • Brand New Look.
  • Easily Navigate With Tab.
  • Video Display With Category Wise.
  • Recently Added Video Display.
  • Video Change with Swiping finger.
  • Add to Favorite Mode.
  • Favorite Video Display Seperate.
  • Play,Stop,Fast Forward Video
  • Video Loaded based on Your Network Prefrence (if wifi on then load hd video other wise if your EDGE connection that load normal quality video).
  • Check Network Availability.
  • Your Server Video(.mp4 and .3gp)
  • Search Video
  • Admob and StartApp Added
  • Admob and Startapp both Standalone Package For Eclipse code(i.e 2 package,one is for admob and other is startapp)
  • Admob only available for Studio code

Admin Side:

Admin Side

Demo Admin URL:

Username: admin
Password: admin123

Category api

Video Api Based on Category

Latest Video Api
  • Simple and Attractive Admin Panel.
  • Easily Add Category.
  • Easily Add Category Item.
  • Edit and Delete Category.
  • Edit and Delete Category Item.
  • Upload Unlimited Category and its Item.

What You Get:

  • Full Android Source Code.
  • Full Php Code of Server Side.
  • Android Package hierarchy (that tells which class is used for what).
  • Video Tutorial(5 videos).

Video Help

video-1 video-2 video-3

video-4 video-5

  • 1.Application Overview
  • 2.How to Import Application,SherLock Action Bar Library, Copy Application into same WorkSplace and Change Package name,and Run it.
  • to change server url.
  • to cofiguration webservice in to your server
  • to add category and items into webservice.

We also provide support via Skype and Email

APK Download

Change Log


Parse removed and OneSignal push notification added


Material Design Added
Android Studio & Eclipse Code Added


Php Issue Solve


Add Google Analytic.
Add Push Notification.


your server video
search video
ad network added:Admob,StartApp


Json Error Solved
 Start App SDK Updated 

19 – March – 2014

Add SQL file.
Note:Plese This Aplication Test in Real Device because video does not play in avd sometime.

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