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Nice game man! GLWS!!! ; -)


Do you have complete version of this game ?

no, game have not other versions

If i buy extended version, can i use those graphics for phone publishing?

Yes, you can, i have not plan use it graphic enywhere else. But I warn – performance at mobiles is no so good. Can be seriouse freezes

I already purchased extended version ^^, Is it possible you send me the high resolution of the game icon, i just want it, if it is possible, send me :D

the game doesn’t work on iPhone browsers (Chrome, Safari). Can you fix it?

I not shure about it. But this game can work only on top devices. I check it on macbook some later.

I made some tests: Ipad2 game work in chrome and safari with some freezes 4S working 5S in chrome not worked, but in safari working good. And I can`t guess where is problem. Try test game using direct link:

RIght, it works in Safari only on my iPhone 6

wao thats a realynice game, can i put it on playstore to put ads in the game

with extended license, you can make it, if somebody not do it before…

If I purchase this item with regular licence;

Can I modify this item and use on my own multiple websites for free to play. Can I use website name and use or replace other locutions(terms) in this item. Can I use commercial graphical items in game which are belong to my websites? Does this item has any other levels included or I need to extend it by my self?

With extended license yo can make with game anything. With standart license you can use it on your own website as is.

where can one buy this graphics or similar graphics?

when u say No Way, are u saying one can’t buy it?

I do not sell graphics from Gunmach separately. but in the description I have that those who buy an extended license can use the graphic of the project as it is. You can also try search in graphicriver something similar.

Hi, in code I could see facebook, twitter share and also leaderboard but all appears to be disabled. Can we get these enabled and working so we can use them?

I need help. I see in code leaderboard but disabled. Can you enable it for me and have a leaderboard screen that shows users levels. They just need to a enter a name when you start the game. Thanks

Hi, sorry, but now I have hard deadline at work. May be some later. leaderboard screen can`t be enabled because project not content code for him, only button and old layer.

The only reason why I am trying to get you to help or do it even if it means paying is because if I go to fiverr to look for someone, its likely that they will use the code and sell it or make it available free online.

this has happened to me before.

Can you advise with one final question as I am not getting anywhere with it. Where in the code can I zoom out the game area?

hello i have purchased this and can i know how to add that andriod IAP for this i am really new to C2 so can you pleas tell me that… and if i add chartboost also no problem right?

Regards Roshan

Beautiful work GLWS :)

where are the instructions?

Unable to play on chrome. It doesn’t take to game at all. Yesterday it was fine but not today.