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Can you make fullwidth mode for desktop version?

or add background image

you can add a background image in the BODY Tag inside the html code. To make a fullwidth mode we should change the view from portrait to landscape but we haven’t planned to do it at the moment.

Is it possible to translate all game assets, like texts, images etc? The images comes with font for change text etc?

if you want to change the game texts you can do it editing the CLang.js file. To change the game logo, you need the PSDs files that are sold separately. For further info write at support@codethislab.com

Can you create horizontal version? It is very good for web and mob.

write at support@codethislab.com to get a quote of this customization

Hello codethislab, on samsung note 5, on the tutorial screen, no clicking is possible, it stucks on there.

Hi! we replied to your private message, check your inbox :)

Thank you very much. next time i will download the latest version before writing :)

no problem :)

Wow, this is a great game. Honestly, its addicting! Nice concept of the game. I hope the you’ll have a great sale milestone on this! :)

thank you!!! :D :D :D :D :D

I am new to this HTML5 games, I have publish some Android App after purchase from CC, Is it possible to publish this game in Android Play store. With Android Studio.?

Hi! A lot of our customers converted our games in apk successfully using cordova, phonegap or ludei. You can publish the game on Android Play Store, if you want to charge users to play the game, you should buy the extended license.

Hello Can we do the Turkish language ?

Hi! The current font doesn’t support Turkish, you should change it.

To change the Font you have two ways:

1) Add <link href=’https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Open+Sans' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> in <head> section in index.html Follow this option If you want to use one of the Google Font (Open Sans is just an example, replace it with the font you want to use)

2) change PRIMARY_FONT in settings.js like:

var PRIMARY_FONT = “Open Sans”;

If you want to embed your font into the game without using Google online font, you have to convert your font file into the following file types: .ttf, .eot, .svg, .woff. , .woff2 .

You can use web font generator like:


Do you have video tut for converted games in apk successfully?

Hi, we don’t have a video of the conversion. Some of our customers use tools like cordova, phonegap or ludei to convert our games in apk successfully. But since it’s something we don’t deal with, we have no way to check porting operations and we can’t be held responsible for eventual issues met after the conversion.