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Nice work, GLWS! :)

Thanks Lakose! Happy to know that our work is appreciated :).

very great script , whish you lots of sales ! :)

Thank you Eric. Same to you! :)

fantastic work!! very useful! me to whish you lots of sales!

Thanks basil5. Glad this helped you :)


Quick question. can I make the selects horizontal instead of stacked? I want to use for horizontal selection, not vertical selection in my search bar.

Thank you Brian

Hi Brian,

You can use CSS to style your elements in any way you want. The examples on the website are only for functionality presentation. The way you style the elements is up to you.


Hi, if i’m using dataobject (not ajax), how to go to url after selection?


On each dropdown change, the module calls the onSelectChange callback function which can be defined. It returns the current changed dropdown. You can then add your behavior based on the element’s value, name etc.

If you need additional clarification, please ask.

I am sorry I was under the impression this was a form. How can I use these select fields in a form? If you have a basic example I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Hi Kidd,

You can generate the selects wherever you like in your HTML code. You can also customize the names of each select so that when the form is submitted, you can manipulate the results as desired.

Thanks for the purchase.

If this is still unclear, please let us know and we will provide you with a basic example


In your demo, loaded from AJAX isn’t working. No matter what company you choose, it shows the listing for Opel…

Other than that I want to buy your file.

Hi arctic,

You are right, but this is just a demo and it was intended to work this way. Its mai purpose was to demonstrate that dopdowns can be generated on the go or already exisitng dropdowns can be updated.

The demo is about selects that are updating when other selects are changing values based on the data they receive from the server. So the main product works, the file that generates the JSON object is the one with the “problem”.

But thank for your observation. :)

Quick question -

I would really like to use this with Bootstrap Select to customize the look of the drop downs,

I’ve ensured bootstrap select is installed and working as it should (it works on other select inputs that are around your chained select code), however it does not work on your chained select elements. Any input?

Hi Cabenolan,

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work now with bootstrap, as we rewrite the options on each select change.

We will have to investigate and we plan to add this option in a future version.

The look and feel from bootstrap can be easily achieved with CSS though.


Hey I got the file, and the javascript is beautiful! Thank you.

One question. Once the final select has been made, I need it to display a string, based on the last selection made. So if someone goes Audi > A2 > Coupe > Blue, I then need to have text say “Blue is my favorite color”...but lets say they go Opel > Astra > Coupe > Red, I then need to have a text say “Red Astras are bright”

How could I do that? Just a point in the right direction would be a blessing thank you.

Hey Arctic_ark,

Unfortunately the plugin doesn’t have this option, and to accomplish this the core code must be updated. We’ll soon start to work on a PRO version of this plugin, and we’ll keep your request in mind.

How can I update the core myself? I really need this…

I think you should include a more thorough example with the callback.php and Ajax. I have tried on my localhost and online dev server, I’ve changed request url to full path of file. It gives me the onAjaxFailure alert even though I’ve followed your instructions.

Hi Arctic_ark,

Can you please provide us the staging URL so we can investigate your error?

Found a new bug, the script stops listing items in the data.js after the 6th item. That means if you want the first selector to list 10 product categories, it cuts you off after the sixth one. I need to add 10 options to the first select. tried using the data.js that came with the file, and just copied the first level items, same problem, it stopped reading items after the sixth one. How can I fix this?

Hi Arctic,

The CSS was left to customize by each user according to their needs.

This is indeed the solution to your issue, but isn’t the best way to do it. A better approach would be to use overflow: auto. In your example this works good, but if the dropdown would have let’s say 30 or more options, it would be impossible to the users on small screens to view them all or scroll trough them.

Awesome, thanks for the heads up. Yea it was just the css, but the form works great! I love how you used JSON to build the data.js object. It’s very easy to work with and so far the only file of its kind on code canyon!

I linked to you from my project – check it out!

One more quick question – Is there a way to default select a value of an input? For example, say I have a three level chained select form, is there a way I can default select the first two levels on page load? Assuming this would need to be done with JS?

Hi cabenolan,

Unfortunatelly we don’t have this option at the moment.

hello? thanks for the great app. i would like to show textbox/area any knowledge how i can achieve that?

Hi mySudi,

I suppose that you need to display that textbox/area after the user has selected the options – in this you can do this by using the callback function: }

callback: onAjaxComplete(){ 
     //Add here the code needed for displaying the textbox


I need help on how to submit selected items to another php file

Hi, i want to Ajax with callback.php but all value is static in callback.php. please send dynamic callback.php sample script.

Select ‘Opel’ or ‘Wolkswagen’ open same model values ‘Astra’ ‘Vectra’ ‘Insigna…’

Hi serhantutgun,

The callback.php is just a sample of how you can have data to use in AJAX calls.

If you need it to be dynamic you’ll have to create your own file that contains the specific data that you need for your project.

Please let us know if we can help with something else.

WOW! Amazing!