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hello my button facebook share doesn’t work on mobile devices? how the the way to fix that? thanks

Hello. Mobie version of the project contain event 186. And this working fine in mobile devices. Please have a look “6.Share Button” part in “Developer guide,pdf”.

but used “Cocoon browser plugin” instead standart “Browser”


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sometimes randomly game gets stuck while loading level and multiple times I get same error

(index):1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The requested version (1) is less than the existing version (2).

Are you familiar of this, do you have some estimated time when it will be fixed?


Hm. seems never look it.


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I want to add Chinese in language selection on mainscreen. How can I do? I try to modify text to Chinese character, but it doesn’t render when play.

Thank you for your time! With Regards, Hong Liu

You have to change: Sprite text: Character set (add new symbols in graphic editor) Reciprocally, need change “character set” in settings of the sprite text object inside Construct2 Also all game texts saved in folder “Files” (in the project bar) in json files: EN, RU and so on, you have to change it too, in any text editor. Also you can find event groups “TextSettings”, this events contain spacing settings for every character of the character set for the sprite-text object. That all! O, no! Text “You Win!” used as simple Sprite. You need change it separately.

Hi Im trying to make an android version of that, but when i installing in my phone its crashing. I tried with some webview script and olso Intel XDK for android export. I tried online and offline but still crash

Im seeing your android version working fine! Can you share with me how you solved that Tnx

I use for compilation only “Cocoon IO” + “Canvas+” service. It have to work. Also try update all used IO plugins in construct 2.


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Hello i’m very interested, can i build to tizen OS?

Construct 2 support export for tizen os, but i never used it. So, may be it is possible.