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hello my button facebook share doesn’t work on mobile devices? how the the way to fix that? thanks

Hello. Mobie version of the project contain event 186. And this working fine in mobile devices. Please have a look “6.Share Button” part in “Developer guide,pdf”.

but used “Cocoon browser plugin” instead standart “Browser”


sometimes randomly game gets stuck while loading level and multiple times I get same error

(index):1 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: The requested version (1) is less than the existing version (2).

Are you familiar of this, do you have some estimated time when it will be fixed?


Hm. seems never look it.


I want to add Chinese in language selection on mainscreen. How can I do? I try to modify text to Chinese character, but it doesn’t render when play.

Thank you for your time! With Regards, Hong Liu

You have to change: Sprite text: Character set (add new symbols in graphic editor) Reciprocally, need change “character set” in settings of the sprite text object inside Construct2 Also all game texts saved in folder “Files” (in the project bar) in json files: EN, RU and so on, you have to change it too, in any text editor. Also you can find event groups “TextSettings”, this events contain spacing settings for every character of the character set for the sprite-text object. That all! O, no! Text “You Win!” used as simple Sprite. You need change it separately.

Hi Im trying to make an android version of that, but when i installing in my phone its crashing. I tried with some webview script and olso Intel XDK for android export. I tried online and offline but still crash

Im seeing your android version working fine! Can you share with me how you solved that Tnx

I use for compilation only “Cocoon IO” + “Canvas+” service. It have to work. Also try update all used IO plugins in construct 2.

Hello i’m very interested, can i build to tizen OS?

Construct 2 support export for tizen os, but i never used it. So, may be it is possible.

Hello i tried export to tizen, and problematic on en.json etc. Wrong format on json. Can you help me?


I need to change some text in the game and i need to know if i can do this with a html editor or do i need to use construct 2

Here are some of the text i need to change:

I appreciate your help!

hi, all texts placed in files en.json, ru.json and so on, for every language, you can change it in notepad. If you want change font – you have to use construct2, and create new sprite font also.

Hi !!

The Greedy Rabbit game is great! but i’m having a problem, when i finish the level 45 the game get’s stuck, if i try to play the level 46, this one doesn’t start, and sometimes in the level 45 after i finish it, it doesn’t allow me to continue.

Hi !!

The Greedy Rabbit game is great! but i’m having a problem, when i finish the level 45 the game get’s stuck, if i try to play the level 46, this one doesn’t start, and sometimes in the level 45 after i finish it, it doesn’t allow me to continue.

Please give me a hand, i’ve been waiting for this answer about 3 days ago

Sorry for late. Game have only 45 levels. See description. If you want more, you can play in android version in Google play with 150 levels.

One more thing…is there a way to show to the user only 45 levels? there is this whole block of a new level that people won’t be able to play so i rather remove thar completely.

Thanks in advance


I’m almost done customizing the greedy rabbit game. But i don’t know how to customize the share on facebook button (and also erase the twitter share button), because it always show me the greedy rabbit image and the text you set by default. How can i redirect that facebook button to my customized version?

Thaniks in advance

Hi!! please i have two unresolved questions. Please give me a hand

Please man, help me with my questions. It’s been days sience i post them. Please

Hi! i just added a level 46 , but everytime i change the background on this level, the change applies to every level from the 31 to the 46. how can i create a different Maptile for new levels without affecting the previous levels . (i’ve duplicated the 45 level so that i had a base for the 46 level…does this affect?)

You need dublicate all tilemaps used in new level, in project bar. And replace them inside new level. Because when you dublicate layout, its only make new structure but not objects inside layout.

Hi! There is no duplicate option in the Tilemaps… can you explain step by step how to duplicate the Tilemaps? Here’s what i see

Hi, im working with the rabbit game and it’s going great, right now i need to set spanish as a default language. how can i do this? thanks in advance

Hi! im working with greedy rabbit game and it’s going great. Right now i need to set spanish as a default language, how can i do this?

thanks in advance

In E_MainScreen. Move first condition from 22 to 24 event and make it “or”.


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Доброго времени суток, какой шрифт использовался в данном проекте и можно ли его где-то скачать(купить) в формате .ttf ? Или данный шрифт делался конкретно под этот проект.

так шрифт в кролике это Sniglet он полностью бесплатный, думаю его легко можно найти в сети.


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Подскажите, где можно найти(купить) похожую по стилю графику т.к. не хочется при добавлении новых уровней менять стилистику игры.

ну хорошая графика на GRAPHICRIVER


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Можно как-то избавиться от этого бага?: Пробовал делать доп условие “Platform is on floor” но тогда вообще ничего не работает(платформа не разрушается) Может быть есть какое-то решение?

этот баг не баг вовсе,так работает Construct2. Просто так от него не избавиться, иначе бы я это сделал сразу. На данный момент я вижу решение в создании дополнительного спрайта-маркера, в контейнере у разрушаемого спрайта. Этот спрайт должен находится внутри разрушаемого и быть меньше него по бокам и снизу и чуть выступать сверху. И при касании его кроликом разрушается спрайт носитель.


Great game! is there a way to view the game locally ? without internet?

thanks in advance