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i just bought the plugin and it is working but i have a list of 30000 job titles to be added with a jason format, when i added it the navigator became super heavy and mobile load is a huge pain too. is there a way to load only 10 entries maximum from the jason file? https://forms.mercan.com/testttttttt/ please check the second field “choose your occupation” and test it on the mobile too. Please Help me with a solution for this.

Hello, perhaps you need custom code for this thing. if you’re interested i can ask our developers to give you the quote.

In my web https://cadaviernes.com does not work this addon. Can it depend on the php version?

Hello, could you please send a ticket to the support center. Please include wordpress backend access and a link to the form. Thanks. http://support.ma-group5.com

Hi, I am interested in purchasing the plugin and would like to know if I can load the details from other form entries such as I want to add your plugin on sales form that could fetch product names from product form entries? Is it possible?

What are the changes in latest version?

there is a change log, please check it, thanks

>>Added ajax method for getting values for auto-complete field’s suggestions. Now it’s possible to use large data as autocomplete field source.

The plugin returns addresses with street first then the number. Is this a bug? It should autocomplete with the number and then street name, like what is populated by google maps. This makes it incompatible with Gravity View.

No, I get “West Main Street, 12345”. It’s backwards.

Yes, I want to get 12345 West Main Street

Ok, could you send a ticket to teh support center and copy the description of yout task. Our developer will make it. Thanks. http://support.ma-group5.com

hi interested in your plugin

1. Does this plugin works in mobile also? Other solution i found seems to work only on desktop.

2. Is this plugin compatible with Lastform? Lastform modify GravityForm into conversational UI.

1. Yes, it should work fine. If you will have problem with working on mobile, we will help you. 2. We dont test it with that plugin

Hi i am intersted in purchasing the plugin and i would like to know if i correcly understand a prescise fonctionality.

“checkbox ‘Allow adding new option’, tick it to let users adding new options to Autocomplete data on the frontend”

Does that mean that user that write a entry in the autocomplete field that was not in the data it will add this entry in the data ?

Sorry if my question seems dumb but english is not my native language and i want to be sure.

Hello, “Does that mean that user that write a entry in the autocomplete field that was not in the data it will add this entry in the data ?”

It’s correct, thanks.

Hi, at the FAQ I read:

“Which license do I need for an end product that is free, but has parts you need to pay to access?

If the item is used within the free part, the Regular License if fine. If the item is used only in a part that requires payment to access, you need the Extended License.”

What if the item is used in both parts? Is then an extended license needed and how much does it cost (as I cannot see a price for the extended license)? thank you

Hello, we don’t offer extended license for our product. Thanks.

Hello, I’d like to purchase but need to have a minimum of 3 characters entered before showing the list – is that possible?

Yes, it’s possible, just require a little customization. Thanks.

Thanks for the quick reply, would you be able to provide any info on the customization or would I need to hire a programmer?

I think we could add thsi customization for you for little paymnet. (about 50$ or so)

I like the plugin but cannot fix CSS issue… The drop down is too far from the field. https://screencast.com/t/EqXCDv2vah

Hello, it looks like some conflict with other styles on your website. I can ask our developer to give you the quote if you’re interesting to fix this issue. Thanks,

Thanks, I figured it out. My theme declared body as position:relative, that threw off the whole thing.

Hi, two questions: 1. Does the plugin supports mobile as well and if so, is there a demo online somewhere? 2. I need to let people search for a custom post-type and need to store the ID of the selected post in a field. Is this possible in some way? Thanks!

Hello, 1. Yes, it support mobile, we don’t have demo. 2. It will require cutom code, we can give you the quote for this if you’re interesting. Thanks.

Hey, just purchased the plugin, everything going great. but one major issue, is that i cant seem to figure out how to activate autocomplete on dropdowns. i tried enabling the “user interface” option. help would be very appreciated. Thanks

Hello, could you please send a ticket to the support center, include your wordpress backend access and the form id you have problem with. We will check the issue. Thanks. http://support.ma-group5.com

hello, I would like to purchase the plugin to use in both the free part of a website as well as in the part that requires payment to access. The problem is that this plugin is offered only through a regular license (not through an extended one). Is there a solution to this problem? thank you

Hello, extended one needed if you want to integrate our plugin as part of your one. Thanks.

Hello, and thanks for your answer. To be honest I am not sure if this is 100% clear to me. Our product will be a website which will have both free parts (mainly) but also a part where the user needs subscription to get access. We would like to use Autocomplete plugin in both parts. May we use the regular license?

I think it’s possible. Thanks.

Hi, I want to buy this plugin. I want to know can I get JSON file results from another site and then save it to a custom field?

Hello, you want to use JSON url as source for suggestions in auto-complete field? Thanks.

still supported? too slow on mobile if I have 3000 categories to use for the autosuggest.

I don’t see the “purchased” badge near your comment. Did you buy the plugin? Thanks.

Hi – i was wondering the fields for address aren’t auto populating after selecting one from the suggestion dropdown

Also is there a way to hide the extra fields – have them populate but not display

Hello, please send a ticket to teh support center and include your wordpress backend access details to the ticket. Also please specifu the form id you have problem with. Thanks. http://support.ma-group5.com/

Hi, I am really interested in buying this plugin, I have a quick question though.

I am using Gravityforms  and currently integrating it with LastForm as a frontend view for the forms. I realized right now that there are many Gravityform addons that are not function properly when the forms are viewed using Lastform. I wonder if your Autocomplete plugin would be compatible with it. 

Thanks in advance.

Hello, we have not tested it with lastform plugin.

I see, okay. I will give it a shot then.


Hi. I am interested in your plugin. I read in the release note that the frontend user now can add entries that are not in the autocomplete list. Do you have a function similar to a adress book. Where the user enters a address and if its not in the autocomplete list it lets the user add it and use it for future use? Is it possible to have this function for autocomplete multiple fields. Like if I chosse a company name it populates the address field asociated to company not using google as a source but a manual source.

Hello, the plugin doesn’t have such functionality. But it can be done as custom work. We can prepare the quote if you’re interesting. Thanks.

Please prepare a quote that would be great thanks.

Could you please send a ticket to our support center http://support.ma-group5.com . Our technical team will give you the quote and timeline there. Thnaks.

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