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Hi – I have installed etc, however, the field is not populating.

Hello, could you send a request with wordpress backend details using a form on the page https://codecanyon.net/user/ma-group and we’ll check the issue. Thanks.


rekoio Purchased


It seems the autocomplete field does not work on mutliple pages forms if the form is integrated with ajax enabled. Is there a way to solve that ?

Reproduction instructions: -Create a new gravity form -Add page separator to the form -Add an autocomplete on the second page -Create a new page -Add the new form to the page (with ajax enabled)

Thank you. Best regards, Richard


rekoio Purchased

Hello, not sure what you mean by “wordpress backend details” but I sent the request with the message form. Also, I got another issue : Using wordpress as the source your component is only using 5 items from a list of about 20. Do you know where the bug may come from ?


rekoio Purchased

Also, I have a feature suggestion : not taking into account accent : éèê => e, à =>a, ç =>c, etc. Is it something that you plan to work on for a future release ? Otherwise I may make it myself.

Hello, we got your message let’s discuss things there to organize them.

Can we take input from other gravity form entries?

Hello, we could add this feature if needed.

It would be great if you can add this feature. We’ll buy a new license if you add this feature.

could you send the mail to us usinf the form on the page https://codecanyon.net/user/ma-group and describe how it should look and work. Thanks,

Hey there. Can this use WooCommerce Products as the data source?

Hello, yes.

In terms of licensing, what is an “end product”? We run a series of internal WordPress sites. Would we need a separate license for each installation?

Hello, yes.

What about individual sites within a multisite install?

it’s ok.


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Hello, the placeholder text is not displaying, please fix and advise. Thanks


goldpig Purchased

more than that, it doesn’t work with the conditional logic params right?

Hello, could you please send wordpress backend details to us using the form on the page https://codecanyon.net/user/ma-group we’ll check the issue. Thanks!


sameye Purchased

Hi, Your plugin is close to what I look for. Can we use the post tags for autocompletion? (I mean load them automatically). Because gravity form doesn’t load tags automatically. Thanks

Hello, what do you mean can you describe in details please.


sameye Purchased

sure. I want people to choose tags among a list. The plugin is working fine but I can pick only one tag in an input field (for example, if you create a post, you can add your tags in wordpress admin and all the tags are displayed in the same input).

ok, got your task, it’s possible to do, just require some custom code for the plugin.

Hey, thank you for this plugin. Is there any possibility to add Tooltip Content for the field?

Hello, yes. Please send detailed description of this feature with screenshots (it’s better) to our email using the form on the page https://codecanyon.net/user/ma-group We will add this feature to the next release.

Hello, thanks for the reply. I managed to get the tooltips using other WP plugin. Everything is working now.

Good :)

Does the URL-based data source support OAUTH behavior? If not, does it expose hooks that would allow me to add it? I would need to be able to modify the HTTP request headers before the request is made. (apologies if this shows up twice, I’m not sure where my first comment went)

Yes, there is a hook before request is made.

im interested in purchasing this plugin, can you please guide me to a demo to see how this works in the front-end and back-end?

Hello, please read the plugin description https://codecanyon.net/item/gravity-forms-autocomplete/19220825 there are a lot of screenshots (frontend and backend). Thanks.

Can this be used on a dropdown that has been dynamically populated? For example there is an option to auto fill the drop down with a custom post type, I would want to use it with that. Thanks.

Hello, yes if ypu’re talking about gravity form. You can add autocomplete field to the form and set it source to a custom post type.

Hello does the plugin works with advanced fields “List” ?

Hello, where can we look at this field? Could you give a details please?

Yes, you can see the doc of this field type on https://www.gravityhelp.com/documentation/article/list/ Thanks

This plugin creates own field “autocomplete field”. You have to put it on the form and set a source for the suggestions.

Hey. Just purchased your plugin and spotted one bug. If there are quotes ” ” in the data list (Get options > Manually), auto suggest is broken and does not work at all. I suggest to update the plugin, so it escapes all the special chars in data lists.

List example:
  • поселение “Мосрентген”
  • поселение Внуковское
  • поселение Вороновское
  • поселение Воскресенское
  • ok, could we continue conversation through our support system? http://support.ma-group5.com/

    Sure. Tried. Even added all the information to the form, with detailed description, but form fails… http://i66.tinypic.com/zmlgjt.png :(

    got your ticket, thanks.

    Do this work on list field too?

    Hello, what do you mean? Could you explain in details?

    While filling the form, when tab button is pressed, this field is getting skipped. Cursor is going to the next field. Pls help

    Hello, you mean that you can’t set focus to auto-complete field using tab button?


    could you send the link to the page to our support center, we will check. http://support.ma-group5.com/

    I’ve bought your plugin and am really happy about it! Now I wanted to use the json-integration but I can’t make it work. Do you have any further documentation about the necessary shape of the JSON-file? Or maybe just a sample file that I can reproduce?

    could you send a ticket to our support center, also put ftp access and wordpress backend details to the ticket. We will check the issue. Thanks.

    Please understand that I can’t share my login credentials due to security reasons. And actually I think it’s not necessary here. You could help me a lot if you would be so kind and provide a sample JSON-file. And maybe a sample (relative or absolute) address / URL that works.

    ok, please send a ticket, there we can attach an example file. Thanks.

    Hi there – I have purchased and use your plug in It worked fine. Then I installed The GF Twilio Plug in and now the form does not work and won’t select an option, then locks all the other Text fields in the form. Please help – When I uninstalled Twilio it worked again so there is some sort of conflict here. I need both of these to work together.

    Hello, you can contact with GT Twilio Plug author to fix this issue. Another way is opening the contract for this custom work. What do you think? Thanks!

    !! URGENT SUPPORT REQUEST—We’ve submitted an urgent support request and filled out a ton of relevant information only to encounter a fatal error in your support form, thus wiping out ALL OF THE DETAILS ABOUT THE REQUEST!! http://snap.rawlemurdy.host/kDVa


    What is this? Some joke? Provide broken forms for urgent support “which can take 2 days” then provide a broken link in this response? https://cl.ly/kG16

    Where’s the documentation?

    Where in your marketing do you tell people that address auto-complete can only be used ONCE per form and ONCE per page?

    Where in your marketing do you tell people that, AFTER they’ve created their forms how they NEED them to be, your plugin will generate fields that IT requires thus making this plugin NOT A PROPER SOLUTION?

    Where have you mentioned that, should there be another instance of Google Maps/Places API anywhere else on the page, that using your address auto-complete will break all instances of the Google API call?

    This plugin is GARBAGE. Straight up amateur hour!

    It works just as well as your broken “2-DAY URGENT SUPPORT REQUEST FORM” and no better than the BROKEN 404 LINK ABOVE!

    Hello, you can send your request to our email through the form https://codecanyon.net/user/ma-group Please describe your problem there and team try to help you.

    It works fine on our end, if you have some issues, we believe that it can be fixed if you give the access.


    It would be better if your email will have the wordpress backend access to your website and we’ll check why issues happen.

    Hi After buying and now seeing I’m suck with a similar issue as mentioned by leepeterson

    I alr4eady have a store locator plugin and has API installed – now I created a new Api but the address autocomplete for my order form does not work?

    I have 2 fields – Collection Address & Delivery Address and with almost all the API enabled it does not allow me to auto populate these fields?

    please advise as to how to fix or could I request a refund?

    Hello, could you send the wordpress backend access and ftp access to the support center http://support.ma-group5.com and we’ll check the issue, thanks