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Very nice! Good job!

Thank you!

fantastic work very good job ! i wish you all the best for your sales in 2017 ;)

Thank you very much, we try our best!

It appears you just ripped off this plugin by GravityWP –

With that being said… I do want to point out I’m a believer in GPL and in forking code to move it forward. So I look forward to seeing what you add to the original project.

We can discuss this question additional if you need, please send us the request using a form on the page

As we wrote earlier, the plugin’s code is created from scratch, it`s not the fork at all. Also if it`s possible please suggest new functionality and help us to make the product better. We’ll add the functional in the next release. Thank you.

Nice work, congrations and GLWS – DCSF

Thank you, we are going to make more functions in the next release.

Very nice! Good job!

We are glad you like it! Thank you.

hi, your product is wonderful but i have a question. i have a very long form and i need to be sure that it can be broken into bits where the user fills some before he can go to the next page (part of the form) to continue and submit.

Hello, you need to use the Multi-Page Form feature. The page break field allows you to break up your form into multiple pages and even show a progress bar that let’s your user know where they are in the process. Please try it. Thanks.

Hi MA-group, I saw you made a comment on We really liked to test your plugin (to see what you bring to the table), so we bought your plugin. We tested it here: and it works with the same json file we used for the plugin from Line35.

Looking at the build of your plugin, it looks like there are quite some similarities between your plugin and the plugin of Line35 (

We already bought the plugin from Line35, which does exactly what your plugin does. Could you explain (and no problem to be detailed about it) what extra’s your plugin brings?

We hope to hear from you! And keep up the good work!

Hello, Line35`s plugin does not work (it produce the errors) and that plugin is not supported by the author for a long time. You can see it if analyze user comments.

We created new plugin from scratch and make it compatible with fresh gravity forms plugin. Also now we’re working on update for it and soon upload the update here.

Also if it`s possible please suggest new functionality and help us to make the product better. We’ll add the functional in the next release too. Thank you.

Thank you for the reply and good luck with further development of the plugin. A nice extra feature would be to be able to use information from Gravity Forms Entries as input for the autocomplete. This way you can easily add items to your autocomplete suggestions, without having to upload a new json file (in case you want to use ajax).

Hello, could you please send us a request through a form (, once we got email we can discuss this feature with you to make it like you want exactly. Thanks.

Hello there, awesome plugin. I hope it will be updated and maintained :). Just a question: Just wondering if the value is not in the auto suggest list and the user types it in it will get stored? For example if “Apples” is in the auto complete list and i type “Bananas” which is not will it allow it to take that value and store it amongst the rest in the list? Thanks

I sent it, stil waiting for the file to be sent to me.

Please check SPAM folder, we sent files about 8 hrs ago Anyway send it again. Thanks.

Yup you are correct! It was in the Spam folder. Thanks a mil and apologies! That was a speedy update :)

Great work, very useful

Thank you!


I’m interested to purchase this plugin however I’d just like to confirm if this auto-complete/auto-suggest feature will work for dropdown lists, where the user is not allowed to add entries, but select only?

Hello, by default user can`t add entries, he can selet available only. So everything should be fine.


Lewistv Purchased

Hello … the product seems to have some promise. Good work so far!

Three questions: 1) The dropdown seems slow to load, even on a localhost. Any suggestions to why that may be? 2) I’ve noticed that if I type a selection not in the allowed list, it saves the unsavory result anyway. Is there a way to restrict users to only the list provided? I do have the “Allow adding new option” unchecked. 3) Is there a way to save the ID of the item instead of the item itself? Like if I wanted to give “Apples” an ID of 1, how do I just save the number 1 and not “Apples”?


Hello, 1). Your computer may not be powerful enough, try to put your website on the real server and test the code, it should work fast. 2). It’s very strangle it works fine on your end, we can check it on your side. 3). How do you add options to your autocomplete list in the backend? Thanks.


Lewistv Purchased

On 2 and 3, i added about 1500 entries manually … maybe json is my best option by far. Can the json option use key pairs and then be used to populate other fields?

Yes, you can use json source for autocomplete field.This is the answer on your question or do you mean smth else?


venchars Purchased

Hi, I have 2 feature suggestions. 1). Once the user adds a new option that’s not there in the list, it should be added to the autocomplete list. 2). Autocomplete should also work with gravityview search. I selected autocomplete field in the gravityview search but it’s not working. I have to type the whole thing to perform the search.

Hello. 1) This feature is already done, please check the plugin’s description. 2) As for this one, could you send an email to use and describe in details, we’ll add it. Thanks.

Hey! I like it. Is it possible to show users with specific user role? Does this work with conditional logic eg. If location is A show users from A location?

Hello, it’ll require some custom work. We can give you a quote if you are interested. Thanks.


We have an install up at this domain: It looks like we have everything installed correctly, however, it is not working. Any ideas would be helpful…


Hello, could you please send the access to our email. We’ll check it

email sent, thank you!

you are welcome!

I am wondering if there is a way to use the auto suggest field as a post field so that when a user populates this field, it can be added to a custom post? M

The auto suggest field is gravity form field. You can insert the form to the post.

Hi, I cant get it do auto complete when using the Manual input. Added a big list. Any ideas? Let me know if you need anything else. Thanks Tom

Hello. we need check it. Could you send the access to our email. Please use the form on the page to send the access. Thanks.