Discussion on Gravity Forms Autocomplete (+address field)

Discussion on Gravity Forms Autocomplete (+address field)

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Hi there. I left a ticket for a custom work. Thanks

Hello, sorry for the delay, we’re working on the new plugin version. We will answer later to all questions.

Thank you.

Is there any guide to adapt the plugin to a theme?, for example the style of the plugin is horrible in DIVI and it would require a lot of changes to make it look good visibly. Thanks!!

We can make it as a custom work for you, send request to our support center:

Hi, I contacted you about issues in how the plugin renders on a lot of different wordpress themes and you replied that I have to pay extra to fix it. You seem to think it is about customization. Which is not. I’m sorrry. It is basiic compatibility with widely used wordpress themes (Twenty Twenty Two, Divi and underscores). Your plugin is difficult to display correctly out of the box especially when it is used with multiple values. I’m not refering to customization. I’m referring to basic display. If I have to heavily modify the CSS and the HTML of your plugin just to make it useable for my visitors well… something is not right.

We constantly work to improve our plugins, however we can’t include such edit of the styles to our support, because it will require additional time of our developers, therefore we offer such service for the extra cost.

After thinking about it I will accept the refund since I cannot use the plugin without heavily modifying it. Thanks

please send the request to the codecanyon refund center

Hi, I wanted to know if it is possible that this plugin can give a feature to one of the columns of the list that can have Ajax field instead of drop down?

Hello, it’s possible to do as a custom work. If you want to get a quote, you need to contact our support center:

This plugin works with ’Populate Anything addon’ from Gravity Perks?

Hello, we haven’t tested how it works with that addon.

Are you accepting refund if it is not working?

If you plugin doesn’t work with external plugin that’s not promoted as compatible one, then we don’t accept the refund. The most of users pay some extra to make an integration for the third-party plugin. Contact our support center to discuss this further:

Hi, the plugin does not work. I installed on my Wordpress site, and the field is just collapsed and throws a JS error. Same exact issue as this user: I need this fixed ASAP or I want a refund for the item.

Hello, the issue is related to the styles conflict on your theme, try to add the following style to your additional theme styles:

.ginput_container span.select2 { width: 300px !important; }

Hi! one of my clients is using this plugin. Q uestion: why do you force the CURL to be a POST call? $json_data=$this->get_remote_data($url,http_build_query(array(“search_term”=>$search_term)));

the ‘get_remote_data’ recieves this call, and generates a POST call, due to the second parameter.

In our environment a POST call to a static JSON file is not allowed, so it will fail this request. And therefor it becomes unusable.

Is this possible to fix and leave the call open for POST or GET?

Hello, please send the request to our support center:

This plugin works with ‘Populate Anything addon’ from Gravity Perks?

Hello, we didn’t check how our plugin works with that addon.

Hi! I have a pre-sale question. I know that your plugin provide the option to let users adding new options but I would like to know if is there any way to add for example more data to it. For example autocomplete with brands, and then user input a non existing brand, then create a new one a popup a window and let the user to introduce more details like the logo of the brand. Thank you in advance.

Hello, we have such features, but perhaps for your project it will require some modification. Contact our support center to discuss your task::

So there isn’t any conditional option out of the box if the user enter something that there isn’t found?

Conditional options are available for the field.

“Manual type autocomplete” on the Demo website does not seem to work. There is no option of new entry in it. Could you please confirm if and how this works? Also will it be possible for users to choose multiple options from the suggestions? e.g. if the suggestions are car, bike and cycle (one below another in the list), the user should be able to chose car and bike

Thank you for your interest in our plugin. On our demo website the plugin settings are preconfigured, therefore you can’t add a new entry. But i can confirm that the plugin has such an option as well as the mode allowing multiple selections.

Is there a way to suggest options to users based on the presence of words in any part of the text rather than just the beginning? For example if the user types “doctor” the suggestions should show both “I am a doctor” and “My father is a doctor” as doctor term is there in both options.

We can add such a behavior for you as a custom work. Please contact our support center to get a quote:

Hi, The plugin has a max width of 20px and I can’t seem to adjust it to full size.

I also noticed that the field does not retain its values. In other words, I’m currently trying to populate the autocomplete field using the Manual query but when I select an option and hit submit, the selected option disappears leaving the field blank, but this field is required.

How can I solve these please? Thanks

Hello, please send the request to our support center:

The plugin was not activated because it caused a fatal error.

I will make a refund because the product description did not say that you have to buy another plugin for everything to work

Our plugin is the addon for the Gravity Form plugin:

Autocomplete only per country? to the address can also be done? street for example

If you choose the address type for autocomplete field, then it shows a field set including country, state, and address field.

Is the location the user entered just stored as text or also as location data?

Hello, it’s stored as text. However, we can make a custom modification for you that will save the location data as well, please contact our support center to get the quote:

Hi. Please can you provide a quote for a modification to the plugin to find values that contain the entered value , rather than just where the start of the value matches the user entered characters

please send a request to our support center: we will discuss all task details and give you the quote.

It’s just that in the demo, the second field, “manual type autocomplete” appears to already have this functionality. So, is it part of the standard plugin?

could you please send a request to our support? Our specialist will discuss the task and we determine whether it’s existed feature or not.

Will this still work in the new GF 2.5 version?

yes, sure

Hello, I need the data that is inserted in the autocomplete field to be saved as tags for the post, how is it possible?

Thank you.

Hello, It can be done as custom work, please contact our support center: if you want to get a quote, thanks!

Hi, The last version, 1.7.6, doesn’t allow to add new options whereas older versions with WP 5.6 and PHP 7.3.

Hello, please send a request to our support center:

Does this plugin support multisite? I did a network activate and it breaks the site. However, if I go to each subsite and activate, its fine.

Hello, please send value request to our support center, we will check the issue: Thanks

Any more than 11 entries in the json file (on the local server) appears to always result in “No results found”?

The file format is of course: {“1” : “VALUE”,”2” : “VALUE2”,”3” : “VALUE3”,”4” : “VALUE4”,”5” : “VALUE5”,”6” : “VALUE6”,”7” : “VALUE7”,”8” : “VALUE8”,”9” : “VALUE9”,”10” : “VALUE10”,”11” : “VALUE11”}

Hello, could you please send a request to our support center:

Question / Issue

On when I click on the field, or the drop down arrow, I cannot see the available values i.e. Cars, Boys, Girls.

However, I have just installed your plugin and when I click on the field or pull down, I can immediately see all of the available options before any characters are entered for the search?

Another 2 issues:

1. Can the plug-in be set to not search for space characters?

2. The search begins after the first character, regardless of what number I enter into Minimum Input Length setting?

>>What could be stopping the Manually setting from working correctly when the jsn file option works perfectly?

Please set the Minimum Input Length in the autocomplete settings

>>1. Can the plug-in be set to not search for space characters?

could you give an example?

Also, it will be better if you contact our support center:


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