Discussion on Gravitizer - Gravity Forms Material UI Styler

Discussion on Gravitizer - Gravity Forms Material UI Styler

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Hi, Does this item still work with updated Gravity forms and WordPress? The last date picker tool that I was using stopped working.

Yes, It works

Hi, Does this item still work with updated Gravity forms and WordPress? The last date picker tool that I was using stopped working.

Yes, it does

I tried the solution, however, a few things broke on my site when enabled!

1st, the old version of the date picker simply loads over the top

2nd, the min dates do not work

As you can see on my site I am not going to use the product how do I go about returning it?

Could you please share the form link so that we can have a look?


i have a question, in the plugin i can not finde Restrict Dates, i need have a datepicker range as , is that possible or have you some advice?

thank you very much.

Hi, currently gravitizer datepicker doesn’t support restricting dates. But we will soon add a support for restricting dates via hooks

Hey there, does this support multi page ? (for transition animation etc)

It does support multi page.

Hi, I’m having some issues with fields rendering oddly and radios are totally broken. I’m getting an “Uncaught TypeError: e.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.lastChild.querySelector is not a function” for gravityforms.min.js when clicking a radio field. I’ve got a dev site I can provide access to if that helps. How may I contact you directly? EDIT: just saw your support email in comments, I’ll send a more detailed explanation there. Thanks!

Please email us at with the link to your form page and also the site credentials


our Wordpress Version is 5.5.1, can you test it and give a feedback, if the plugin for our Wordpress available. Thank you very much.

best regards.

Yeah, its 5.5.1 compatible.

Hello. Thank you for making the plugin it’s working great, but there is an issue with it on mobile devices. On my iPhone 12 running the latest iOS15 Build the picker ’<’ and ’>’ which forwards or rewinds the months and years are not visual until you’ve tapped on them. The customers won’t know how to forward through the months unless they already know where those arrows are. Those month arrows are there on the desktop version of the website (although annoyingly one has to hover over the year field to see those arrows appear). Are you able to advise and fix?

Hi, envato support and I had some conversations regarding your dispute. As I have seen your credentials are now working – I would like to fix your issues. Only after you permit me to login and fix these..I am waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hi also I was interested in how @ charts86 to disable some dates and that they are disabled.

Another question, is it possible to have the calendar and the letters of the days in another language?

Hi, thanks for your interest…Both of them are possible. You just will have to edit few lines of javascript codes in the plugin.

to disable the dates it is not possible to do it directly from the backend? I have to provide a convenient tool to the client, which does not deal with js files

No, currently it doesn’t support disabling from backend. Even gravity forms doesn’t have this option. You will have to do it in code. However, I can provide this functionality exclusively for you but that will cost you extra.

Hi there, In your demo it looks like dropdown field doesn’t support search feature, Does it?

Hi, unfortunately not.

Hi, it appears this plugin doesn’t work with scripts provided by GF to disallow certain dates to be selected. I had a datepicker field workign fine before installation of this plugin, with weekends disallowed and no dates from 7 days of present day to be selected. When I activate this plugin that stops, would you have any idea why that is please?

The script I am using is below: <script> gform.addFilter( ‘gform_datepicker_options_pre_init’, function( optionsObj, formId, fieldId ) { if ( formId 1 && fieldId 34 ) { optionsObj.changeMonth = false; optionsObj.changeYear = false; var disabledDays = [‘12/25/2021’, ‘12/26/2021’, ‘01/01/2022’]; optionsObj.beforeShowDay = function(date) { var checkdate = jQuery.datepicker.formatDate(‘mm/dd/yy’, date); return [disabledDays.indexOf(checkdate) == -1]; }; optionsObj.minDate = 7; optionsObj.beforeShowDay = jQuery.datepicker.noWeekends; optionsObj.onClose = function (dateText, inst) { jQuery(’#input_12_9’).datepicker(‘option’, ‘minDate’, dateText).datepicker(‘setDate’, dateText); }; } return optionsObj; }); </script>

Hi, Gravitizer uses a jquery plugin to transform date fields into nice date dropper field…Since you are using custom javascript filter, obviously it wont work because the date dropper is entirely different third party script and not related to gravity forms. It will take quite a long time to implement javascript filter feature in gravitizer and you are the first to request for it. However, we are providing you the link to the docs of the jquery plugin we have been using and by following that, i think you will be able to achieve date restriction.

Thanks DivDojo, could you help me with where this is mean’t to go please, as I have tried within my js file within my child theme, as well as amending your js file within your plugin but neither are working from the link you gave me above? I’ve put the below in my js file: jQuery(’#input_1_15’).dateDropper({ disabledDays: ‘30/12/2021,12/31/2021’ }); But this doesn’t change the input field with the ID of 15, any help would be appreciated?

You need to put the code inside gravitizer-public.js in your gravitizer plugin. will see datedropper is already initialized in two places in the public/js/gravitizer-public.js file…just add disabledDays: ‘06/15/2021,12/31/2021’ after the line largeDefault: true, in both the places where datedropper is initialized by calling $(’.gravitizer_date input’).dateDropper

let me know if you have been able to do this, otherwise email me at with your site credentials and i will help. thanks

hi, i am having issue with the dropdown field. it is appearing twice and unformatted. please assist –

any update? thanks

Hi..extremely sorry for the delay..we are on eid vacation.But i will look into the site the meantime i would request you to provide the wp-admin credentials to Again sorry for the delay

I send you an email. Thanks

Hi, the plugin is not working with the ajax option enable, it’s showing dropdowns as disabled after a submission

Hi, i think something on your site is causing the javascript not to load..because its working fine in all the site i tested. Please provide me your site details at, i Will login and fix the issue

thanks i will do that right now

Hi alvartabe, your problem is fixed now! thanks for your co-operation :)

I want to tell you that I will NEVER buy a Gravitizer. Never. For the aggressive advertisement that you have placed, without my permission, on the dashboard of my website. It is an aggressive, intrusive, annoying ad. It always appears, very large. And there is no way to remove it.

Do you know what I think? That if it goes well, it will make another product and place another aggressive ad with that new product. That’s why I don’t want him to do well. Because he would make life impossible for us with his advertising.

And I probably would have bought your product if the advertising had been less obtrusive.

This is also not gravity forms issue..its because one of our partner dev was using affiliates for gravitizer and they intended to show the ads..i have talked with everyone of them regarding the issue and they said they have fixed that…i am suggesting you to update all gravity forms related plugin on your site and then try the close button again..let me know if that works for you.thanks

Apparently everything has been resolved and works fine.

Okay,,great to know

Hello, I’ve just bought your plug-in. But there’s JS error on date fields with my template (Avada) :

TypeError: $(’.gravitizer_date input’).dateDropper is not a function. (In ’$(’.gravitizer_date input’).dateDropper({ large: true, largeDefault: true, })’, ’$(’.gravitizer_date input’).dateDropper’ is undefined)

Can you please make me a refund ?

Thank you

Hi, at first i will have to see where is the exact issue.if it happens due to conflict with your other plugins, i cannot give you a refund.dont worry i will fix it. Please provide the url to your form

58b2d5a-1850-402b-a5f8-b2f478df6f2a – 3 Sep 2020

Every time I try to download this plugin ,l I get “The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin installation failed.

Return to Plugin Installed”

My website is on wordpress with the theme Avada

Hi, thats because you are trying to upload the whole folder that you get from codecanyon…that is not the plugin should extract the downloaded folder and you will get a zip file called “”... Thats the plugin file and you should upload that file..not the whole one.i hope i have been able to solve your issue.thanks

Hi, is it possible to change the font too?

Currently only font size and font color changing is inherits your themes font family.but gradually we will add everything in the coming updates.

Hello, I am having a problem with the plugin. Everything styles correctly except radio buttons, which are misaligned and unclickable. I have tried to unsuccessfully diagnose the problem in CSS. Can you help please?

Sure,its happening because some of your plugin/theme causing css conflict with the radio button.Could you please provide the link to your form?

Hi there. I installed the plugin on my wordpress site but I am having an issue. The form I applied it to is a waiver page and it’s mostly accessed by mobile users. On an iPhone using Safari I am having issues with the actual title of the box and the text typing in overlapping. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you!

Hi,which model of iphone you are using?

iPhone XS Max

Hi, we have tested in all versions of ios with safari using browserstack.everything is working fine

Hello – Demo isnt working :-( Is this Plugin compatible with other Gravity AddOn?

We are experiencing some server issues now.Hopefully it will be fixed soon

Great to know! Tnx!


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