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Have a source code?

The app doesn’t includes a source code,but I do have a source code. It’s written in Objective Pascal – Lazarus IDE .

Hey. I can’t tell if this is really cool or really pointless!

What exactly are the advantages of converting my images into CSS /base 64?

Are they still actually images, or images emulated by code?

You can read more information about how images converted to base64 code and Gzipped CSS /JS can boost your site perfomance here:
Thanks for your purchase. It’s Windows Vista and 7 specific error because program needs to use some system libraries. I will try to fix those permissions. Now you just need to turn of UAC : “A referral was returned from the server” workaround video


my understanding is (I could be wrong) that this basically sticks the content of the image file inline… this means especially for small images… you load only one css file (for example) that is cached (for good practice) rather than the browser requesting for example 40 images.

I think the concept is great for small images as it reduces potentially 50 requests to a more manageable 3 or 5. This only becomes a problem with higher load websites.

The disadvantages are if you use this for large images… its probably better to serve the files separately.

Indeed you are absolutely right . You can read more about disadvantages and how the encoded images works on wiki.

Why wouldn’t you just create a sprite?

o use image maps? Well I never tried CSS sprites and finding all those coordinates seems to slower than making a image code with one click. :)

AWESOME! just what i need!

Glad you like it. Maybe I will come back to it and add more extra features like ping websites and FTP support.

Yeah At first I was thinking to Use it to get my graphic to show in emails, since the Email providers strip all the images and html out of emails.. but then i learned that they strip the CSS out of incoming emails too. So Im going to have to Change our logo to a couple of actual qwerty-keyboard characters, great work though! i think i want to use it to protect/ replace some jpgs..

Well if all emails delivered in a plain text there is no work around. Only ASCII art type stuff.

This is what I was looking for for a long while, since I don’t like online services for this :) I tried the lite version to check how it works. But in my first trial didn’t worked (firefox, opera, chrome) because of the way CSS code output. When I modified like that .test { width:50px; height:32px; background-image:url(“….....==”); background-repeat:top left no-repeat; } Worked…

This is my first question. Will it be updated? Second is, does the full version also compresses image codes with gzip etc?

Thanks for your reply in advance

Thanks for pointing out that problem. The last version was released a past year and the CSS code worked fine. I actually planed to update with with HTML5 audio and video conversion to Base64 code and it will come this weekend. And yes full version compresses JS/CSS files with GZip as I mentioned that in a help file.

Great, bookmarked and waiting ;)

Updated version is coming in this week with few bugfixes and new features.

This seems like a great tool to help optimize my sites.

There is lots of advantages using base64 technique Base64 vs CSS sprites Base64 Encoded Fonts and Images

Are there any plans for linux support for the paid version, or is it going to be Windows only?

Yes,it will be available on weekend.

Excellent – I’ll keep a look out for the update.

The new version is still pending approval,but all who purchased already will be notified by email for update. Updates are always free.


not work XP, always get warningany solutions?


I will check that. It doesn’t uses any extra libraries from newer OS.

Send me screenshot of your warning since it works just fine for me on Windows XP 32-bit SP3. Maybe your firewall is blocking it.

My email: apps(at)lovershorizon(dot)com

why this erorr help me :(

You need to open Control Panel -> Region and change date and time settings into English (United States). This program isn’t yet Unicode friendly.

yeeees It works now :) great support thanks:)

You are welcome :)