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Before buying your plugin, then I have an access to the wp admin to see how the plugin works? and why there is no update since February?

ok I think it can add value to your plugin or propose two designs.


The google map is no longer displayed on google chrome ..

Tested on demo works fine: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?p=1254 Maybe it’s only network disconnected issue.

Hi Can i see the admin demo

Admin demo is available only on screenshots, please check screenshots.

Is this map subject to the limit use up 2,500 free requests per day.

Would that mean each custom marker is one API request?

Great job!!


I think that one category click is one request.

Thanks, you are welcome!

Does the map have a search function. For example if someone wants to search a country, or city?

No, search function is available by category only.

Hello, can we add link on info window of location map (not POI)?

Only with additional coding, something like this is not supported by default.

This seems to be a very good plugin. In demo, i do not see where a user can locate/search an specific city, country in the map to see rest of the things in there

It’s used to locate services/locations near specific location, not for specific city search or something similar.

As suggestion, please check this script for city guide: http://codecanyon.net/item/city-guide-directory-portal/15315828

Thanks for the reply. I was actually more interested in your script. However I was looking for a solution that “specific location” should be selected by my site visitors at the front-end.

Then city-guide script is more suitable for you.

Has this been answered and resolved, as we need exactly the same? Thanks

“I have purchased this plugin and want to have it automatically show the information around each of the property listed in my site. So each time a front end user list a property this plugin will display the google details. I dont want to have to manually add this to each listing. Can you please inform me on how to do this?”

One last question, is there a possibility to have the “Suggest route” as well (same as on on you real estate theme) with this plugin? Tanks Tasha

When you click on location, suggested route is visible.

I want to use the following template


Will it be easy to add the map to each hotel post?

Usually it’s very easy, one line of code, example:


You are welcome!

Is there a way for plugin to recognize address on page or feed address via url parameter to show everything near that address?

This way can be auto recognized: http://iwinter.com.hr/support/?cat=101

You are welcome!