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Pre sale question

I think its a nice plugin however is it possible to make quiz without a course ?

i mean I’m also interested to make full courses for training etc but also need to make a quiz for example a job interview so the interested can fill the quiz but no registration needed, just need that he fill his personal contact information at the end of the quiz .


We don’t have a pure quiz feature. You may create a blank course then, after that there’ll be a button lead to the quiz section. (User can’t put their contact info at the end.)

From my opinion, you may use contact form for the job interview instead. You can try Contact Form 7 plugin which can generate dropdown box for the quiz.

Thanks for interest by the way :)

hi, i’m trying to figure out if this plugin can allow accepting regular payments – so ex. if the course can be paid for per month rather than one fee. thanks


Oh sorry, we don’t have the subscription feature in this plugin :/

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Hi where can I find the COURSE ID

The course id is here : and can be generated here :

If you have any further questions, feel free to submit a ticket in our support site ;)

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through code can be found here : )

Thank you very much! :)

Hello! Where to find the table (phpMyadmin) about numbers of xx Students Registered ?

And, evaluation number too.. :)

it’s in post meta table, you can see an example in lightbox-form.php file, try searching for the $course_options[‘booked-seat’] variable, student score is in “gdlrquiz” table

I am getting HTTP error when I try to upload video of size 30 MB or more. I am able to upload images and short videos of size 25-30MB. Due to the nature of my business I have to upload video to the tune of 300MB. The video gets upIoaded upto 99.99% but an HTTP error message appears soon after that. I have adjusted the max upload limit to 500MB. Please advise.

In this case, I suggest you to get advise from your host provider directly. This issue is not about the theme but the server configuratino.

Cheers! :)

Hi. I’ve a pre-sale question.

Is possible to open all onsite courses to a paying learner? And the related quiz can have presetted answers to have an automatic score calculation (or the score calculation is possible only manually by a teacher)?

Thank you.


Sorry, for onsite course, the quiz won’t be available. It’s only for online course.

About the scroing, yes, you can set the score for each question and have them scored automatically(single choice, multiple choice type.)

Thanks for the reply.

Another question (sorry for the ignorance): what is the difference between onsite and online courses?


Onsite is the course that you set up in a real place (like seminar) while online course is the course that student can learn online.

Hi, I have a pre-sale question

If I have a plugin that handles membership accounts, can I link their accounts to your addon or do the users have to signup twice?


In this case, you may have to create free course(with account required) so your existing customers can join the course. However, make sure that you can change the user rols to ‘student’.

We can guide to disable our registration form later.

Hi there! Please,

1. this plugin is compatible with Woocommerce?

2. I use the BRIDGE theme on my wp website, do you know if it is compatible?

3. More, may I set my language Brazilian Portuguese in this plugin?

4. And, may I set the price in Brazilian Real ?

5. Please what is the difference between online and onsite couses?

Many thanks!


1. Nope

2. It can be used with other themes so yes :)

3. Yes, you can translate the theme using localization. We prepared the PO file for you and you have to translate to MO file.

4. Yes, you can change the currency sign.

5. Online is the course that student study online(on their computer) while onsite is set up for using with course that set up in the real place, like seminar.)

Thanks for interest by the way :)

Please,like I said my site uses a theme compatible with WooComerce. Please, wich ecommerce system is used or how it works? If I install your plugin, and not use the WooComerce tools of my site I am not sure if I am going to have conflicts here. Can you give me some tip please? Thanks.


The course selling system and Woocommerce is totally seprated. You can use each system individually but you can’t sell courses via Woocommerce.

Hi , When I log into instructor account as an instructor, I can see that the instructor has access to the complete media library. He/she can edit the videos posted by others and admin. He has admin access to the library. Is there any way in which I can restrict his/her access to only his/her media content ?

Also, what is the difference b/w paid and free version of Good LMS ?



Sorry, but we don’t have the free version. Where did you get that?

And please note that we only provided support to customer who purchased the item.

Hi, I have some questions about the plugin:

1 – I use Smarty WP Theme in my website, do you know if it is compatible?

2 – Can I create a sequence os courses and determite the order or just liberate the next one when last one course was completed?

3 – Can I create a category of courses ?

4 – Can I customize what informations my client need to insert in register form ?

Thanks for your attencion.


1. It should be fine :)

2. We only have this feature :

3. Yes, you can do that.

4. Not via the theme option. You have to modify the code directly in this case.

Thanks for interest by the way :)


Can I restrict certain courses to certain users or to a custom role type? For example, all courses will be free, but I only want some users to take one course while other users take another. Thanks!


Well, we don’t have this feature in the plugin. You may try to use other plugin to restrict the role to individual course(post) but I’m not sure if it’s possible or not.


v4ncouver Purchased

I bought your plugin a long time ago and today, I’ve downloaded the latest version, installed it and tried to create a sample course to see if I can use it for a new site.

Unfortunately, the instructions are not helpful in displaying the course on a page. I can search for it and find it but clicking on it generates a 404 page error.

Do you have better instructions than the included ones?

Thanks :)

My theme is generated press and the login shortcode works perfectly. Just the created courses don’t display (can’t even preview them after creation).


Try to reset your permalink by going to Setting > Permalink, set to the default one(the first one) and set back to what you want to use.

Hope this help :)

Submit button of quiz is not working can you please suggest any solution for it.please reply fast as soon as possible.


Can you please submit ticket in our support website? Our dev and supporters are only provide support in there, not here :(

Please note that, Right now, all support will be conducted through code can be found here : )

Thank you very much! :)

Actually i have downloaded a nulled version so i don’t have ticket so can u please answer my last question , In instuctor backend i am unable to see adding courses option whats the reason behind this?? if u can please provide some solution ? Thank You

No, you must purchase the legal license so we can provide support. You’re using the illegal one and please remove our plugin from your site.

Hi, Presale question: a client is looking to setup quizzes based on a series of videos. Can you create a scenario with Good LMS where students cannot proceed to the quiz section until they’ve watched all of the video?

Thanks, Jeremiah


We can’t force student to finish video. After they enter to the section, they can continue to next section immediately. Or you can put the waiting days before continuing to next section :