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You should use javascript to remove the fake path text in the url for file upload box. Here’s a version I worked on http://codepen.io/fwpolice/pen/antDJ

Hi FWPolice

Thanks for chipping in, i like your implementation

The fake path text is actually a security feature in most browsers

Some browsers have a security feature that prevents javascript from knowing your file’s local full path. It makes sense – as a client, you don’t want the server to know your local machine’s filesystem.

This security implementation of the browser is protecting you from accessing your disk structure. It will be implemented for those who want / request for the full path. It may not be good practice in most circumstances though.

Thanks once again


Yup that is true. However, a common user wont know the reason for the fake path. Therefore they may think that the content is loading from a folder called that. I ran into a issue like that with a client. Rather than having the client put a message on the site about fake path, it was easier to simply remove it.

Anyhow, good luck sales. I’ll buy the kit if I run in need for it. :)

I understand, thanks for the insights and contributions! Will implement them in the update… Regards

Did you ever create date picker for this?

No, Mickya1, but i can create one for you if you need, i am actually working on a similar framework with multiple Javascript components and it should be available on Codecanyon by Monday. Just send me an email via my profile, i will work on that.


Dear Elflaire,

Great work, I’ve purchased and interested in using the registration-sample3.html file.

Do you have the PHP send script for this file so i can customise>??

Many thanks,


hey elflaire, did you manage to get the script ? thanks Alex

Yes Alex i did, finishing a few tweaks and i will email it to you

God bless and Thnaks … do let me know where i can donate for your time and effort.. Alex


I have the same problem as xpancom. I need a php script to process it. Can you please help me ? I tried to get it to work but haven’t been able.

Thank you

Hi inge88, thanks for the purchase send me an email via my profile with your email address i will send you a processing script – i currently am working on major update – i will sneak in a simple PHP script being that these are HTML CSS forms.


I purchased your theme and I would like to use it with my wordpress site do you have the php script.

Hi 1kobe

Yes i do have a processing, send me an email via my profile i will forward it to you.


This form looks good. But I bought the wrong one because it doesn’t seem to work with Wordpress unless I am doing something wrong. Is it possible to receive a refund?

Hi asanders1

Sorry it is not a WordPress plugin, please write to Envato support they will help you settle the refund issue, sellers can’t issue refunds.


Very Good

Thanks se7enProduction

I see mention of an update, did that ever happen?

Working on it


I purchased the Golden Form theme. Nice work! I have a minor issue. How do I connect the from to Paypal?

Thanks in advance

Hi ajaji,

What are you processing? donations products?

Hi Elflaire,

My partner was able to configure the form to work.

Thank you!

Great thanks too

This is working great for us. Thank you!!

I am configuring the “all fields included” HTML example. I see there is field validation on the email input example built in (missing @). Where is this logic located? I need to validate other fields as well. Currently, I have some JavaScript doing it but I want to keep it looking consistent like you have with the email validation.

Sorry I am new. Where do the answers get sent? To my email? Or here?

Via your email address

Hi, I just purchased your form. When i put it into my site, it doesn’t fit in the design on mobile devices. Plz take a look: https://www.aponi-mahala.ca/gallery_inside.php Thx for help

Hello, Sorry i just delete it by mistake because i had another problem. It’s uploaded now.

In fact i’ill use the form on several pages. So i want to center it on the left side on this page: https://www.aponi-mahala.ca/gallery_inside.php and in the center of the page on this one: https://www.aponi-mahala.ca/sign_up.php

Thx for help Haytham


I noticed that your main style sheet breaks media queries i mean this file


Now what you can do is control the form wrapper like the way your media queries are broken

Just add open the forms css files, i mean this file


Then add these media queries at the bottom of that file like this

@media (max-width: 750px) {
    .golden-forms.wrapper{ max-width:480px; }
@media (max-width: 540px) {
    .golden-forms.wrapper{ max-width:280px; }

Now you can adjust the width value to match your template media query break.

In case max-width fails try width instead.

Let me know what happens


i did what u told me but nothing happened. I want to know how to reduce the form width. I try everything but the form size doesn’t reduce or increase.

Hi elflaire, I spent a lot of time looking for stylish and elegant form, in my opinion yours are among the best because you styled also other elements as checkboxes and radio buttons which normally are not. About the dropboxes I noticed a small imperfection: in Internet Explorer 8 and 9, and in Firefox 33 too when the user clicks on the field the arrows turn to their normal style. Can you fix this? If I purchase the script are you going to fix it in the next update? Regards.

Thanks Nicero,

Now regarding those browsers i can fix it just been a little busy but i doing i am rushing all my work to attend to the forms. Its been a while

I have worked on a few fixes which i am releasing soon and included is a fix for selects on firefox30+ and IE10+ which i am likely to release soon. For IE8 and 9 i am not sure how to fix that reason being that those two browsers do not support CSS pointer-events meaning that if i add a CSS fix the selects will look nice but it may render the arrow area un-clickable – but you can click any where else not on the arrows and i understand most people tend to click the arrow area.


After long research, this is the only example of styling a dropbox that works in IE8+ (and Firefox) without any javascript. Maybe you can get some insipiration!


Oh Yes,

Thanks, will work with that – he actually extends / hides the arrow from view completely that’s why the select options are longer than the drop down its self .


Is it easy to configure this form to redirect to another page after the form is submitted?

Yes it is easy if you add php you can use the location header, if you use ajax / javascript you can still use the location function

Very nice product here, saved me a lot of time.

Thanks Kevin,

If you get sometime please rate it


Hello, to use cms whmcs v6 I am interested in your contact forms before buy I paid extra Would it be possible to have the final contact form as in the example here Watching is click on the buttons “yes” or “no” radio http://www.lws.fr/contact_formulaire.php Having the same thing? “clone” Contact us by email Telephone Hotline Live Chat Postal mail

For I offer the same services

Best Regards


agree, create your demo thank you

Dear Support,

I have couple of questions that i would like to ask before buying the tool, appreciate your prompt feedback since i am in a hurry:

1- Creating forms fields layout is done by code or interface? 2- Can we integrate your script to our application ? 3- Share with us screenshot of form building process


Hi Abouregeila,

1 – Creating forms fields layout is done by code its actually a CSS product so its not a form builder

2 – What do you mean by Integration? 3 – There’s a pro version that includes some PHP and jquery components unlike this basic ones but they are both components not automated form builders – if you are interested in a form builder you can look around codecanyon


please can you help me about how can i add this codes to my wordpress

It shouldnt be complicated contact form 7 allows you to add wrappers to style the form – its a matter of following the markup guidelines and combining them with contact form 7

if you have any idea or example please give it to me thanks

Can i see a link to a sample form you are trying to style?

I am having an issue installing the plugin the download is saying that there is no valid plugins found… Please help.

Hi VeeJovan,

This is not a wordpress plugin, if you check the category its not wordpress but CSS

Its simply a CSS HTML form


Hello, I am very interested in your php plugin. Compatible with the template here? http://themeforest.net/item/travelo-travel-tour-booking-html5-template/8346649 How integrated your plugin, on the contact page here? http://www.soaptheme.net/html/travelo/pages-contactus2.html Thanks.


oguirado Purchased

can you send me php file? i send a support email

Which template do you want to process ? can you share which fields you want on your form then i make you a custom procesing php script with AJAX


oguirado Purchased

ok thank, the template is “service-order.html”

OK let me work on that script for you