GoBlog - Native WordPress Blog App | Posts, Comments, Videos and more

GoBlog - Native WordPress Blog App | Posts, Comments, Videos and more

With GoBlog, you can start blogging on the go. It is consistently speedy, responsive, and incredibly simple to use.

GoBlog seamlessly syncs across mobile, tablet, and desktop, allowing you to create a professional-looking blog. GoBlog is highly customisable and extremely simple to install. It makes use of the highly lightweight and fast Wordpress Rest API v2.


  • Global Theme Assistance (Integrates seamlessly with any FREE or paid Theme)
  • Wordpress Requires a Very Lightweight Setup (Increases Speed drastically)
  • Native Android App that is Fully Responsive to Any ScreenSize was created using Android Studio, the language is Java,
  • Login and signup mechanism implemented.
  • Category Posts that are insightful, with an integrated comment section
  • Multiple Ad Formats : Support for Admob and Facebook Banner Ads, as well as Interstitial Ads
  • Push Notifications so that you may notify users at any moment,
  • The Youtube API is seamlessly linked with Play Video Posts.
  • Smart Regex extracts the Youtube video link automatically from any location in the post.
  • Bookmarks, Share Options such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Email are all supported.
  • Beautiful Animations and Illustrations for a more enjoyable user experience.

Package Includes everything needed :

  • Full Android Source Code
  • Required Themes and Plugins for Wordpress site
  • Step by Step Documentation
  • 24×7 Support

Demo :

Demo App :

Username : , pass : admin12345