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Thank you!

very good job ! ;)


Great plugin … very nice work ! Do you have any plans to add a route map option? Many thanks in advance

I might consider that in the future.


Hi there, is there a setting to have a 100% full width & 100% full height map inside a vc row? Can you achieve this with your plugin? Thanks!

Will you be adding this feature in an upcoming update?

Sure thing!

I just pushed an update that should fix 100% height. Now we`ll have to wait for someone at codecanyon to approve it.



Harry68 Purchased

Today i purchased the plugin, very nice! Is there a way to get the fullscreen button in the left or right bottom position? By default it is right up. Thanks in advance!

Hi, thank you for purchasing.

Unfortunatelly the google maps api does not allow you to reposition the fullscreen button.

Hi WWPixels,

Your plugin looks awesome, I’ve just purchased it but it will not work.

I have tried this plugin on 2 different websites, with stock settings for the plugin set and when I load the page I can see the map pop up for 0.5sec but then it shows:

“Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the Javascript console for technical details.”

Any idea how to fix this?


Also to add I just looked in the Javascript Console and the Google Maps API Error is: MissingKeyMapError


Ok I fixed the problem, looks like there were some changes to Google Maps API a couple weeks ago – http://googlegeodevelopers.blogspot.com.au/2016/06/building-for-scale-updates-to-google.html

I created an API key and added the parameter onto where you call in Google maps API within wwp-vc-gmaps.php

Maybe good to sort this out for non-tech savvy users.

Anywhoo, great plugin, thanks :)

Thanks for your purchase.

I will add the option in a future update so you could be able to set an API key.


Harry68 Purchased

Hi there, can you please inform how i update to version 1.2?


I always recommend downloading the new version from codecanyon.

Connect to your website FTP and go to /wp-content/plugins/

Rename wwp-vc-gmaps to wwp-vc-gmaps-old and upload the new version.

Besides updating to the latest version, you temporary keep the old version in case of any incompatibilities.

Let me know if you encounter any issues.


Harry68 Purchased

Thanks for the quick response!


sarpo Purchased

Hello, I’m having some troble while I’m adding locations… May I insert unlimited locations? I’m traying to add 50 locations and I get strange locations that makes the entire map smaller due the big distance beetween them. None of the location are placed in Africa. Here’s the url of the page http://caffetintori.it/dove-trovarci/ The API key seems working to me. Please let me know. Thanks

How are you adding locations? By coordinates or by name?


sarpo Purchased

By name

Try adding by coordinates, it’s more accurate.

Hi there, When you say that it is compatible with buddypress, does this mean that it is possible to geolocate members ?? Thanks


It just means that both plugins work in the same time without causing any issues.

This plugin doesn`t have any features for buddypress.


Great job , congrats

Thank you.