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The centered and default location will not change to my first location. It remains as Belgrade. Is there a way to fix the issue?

Issue with special chars for a location title has been fixed. Now you can have titles like “Examples’s”.

Thank You. Works Perfect. Great Support. Great Tool. Looks Great in action. I will post it when the site is live.

You are very welcome.

Hvala hvala :) Thank you thank you :)

Hi, Im sorry to bother you but we bought your nice extension and installed it. First it worked fine but when we tryed to change something and save it it always says

Warning Field required: Title

althought we have insert the title

Can you please help us.

Regards S.Adeoye

That’s strange, location title in not a required field, only required field in a module is module title. Im trying to recreate the error but evrything works fine, can you delete the module and try creating new one, see if it hapands again. Also make sure you are running latest joomla 3.2+

Hallo, thanks for your fast reply. I reinstalled the module and it worked fine… until I clickt save&close… I reinstalled it again and it works fine as long as I dont try to click save&close :D

But its ok. I think maybe it doesnt work well with one of the other Extensions Iam using.

Yes, it could be a confict with some (admin) extension you are using. Also that kind fo error could apear with required inputs in repeatable fields, in this case while adding locations. But all the inputs in this module are optional. Anyways, heres my email: lokomotivan@gmail.com, if you need further help


The map portion of the module does not display on my site in any browser.


Is there an update? or a big fix?

Thanks for the help

Hello, Fix is on the way, waiting for approval. There is a small bug in default location (about info window width), looks like it occurs when image is set for the location, not sure how that got missed. You can send me an email lokomotivan@gmail.com ill sent the fix, if you dont wont to wait for approval.

Hi, Thanks for your great module. I have an issue about loading the google map module inside the Bootstrap tabs. I had try to find the solution but seem not work at all. Do you have any ideas how to solve this?



Hello, thanks. Unfortunately that is not possible with this module, due to the bit more complex code then simple map, map, markers, infowindows… are already instalized before you change the tab. You can maybe reinstalize the map, and get it to work, but you would probobly lose markers and have problems again when switching trogh the tabs.

Hello, great module. I am using Joomla 3.5.1. The map navigation does not work. If I switch off navigation – the map is OK. How to solve this?

Or you can contact me on lokomotivan@gmail.com.

Thank you very much. I found the problem – I use Cyrillic characters in my location title. Please correct this in v2 if possible.

No problem. Unfortunately cyrillic is not supported for now, will try to implement it in v2.

Hi, I just wondering why google map module it stop working the message is:

Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Can you let me know how to fixing this issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Hello. Reason can be that google maps api not loaded correctly, or its loaded multiple times on the same page. If you have you have any other google map related plugin/module published, it can be conflict issues. Can you give me a link so i can take a look?

Hello thanks for your reply back, my website is still under localhost. it’s weird because some pages it loaded correct and some it’s loaded error java script message.. so I am get lost with it.

Can you open google chrome dev tools (Ctrl+Shift+I), switch to console tab and read the error message. This might help, https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages

Hi Lokomotivan, We have just bought the plugin in order to create a map with several location markers, with 2 different types of marker. Could you please help us understand how to create multiple location markers on a map, and also to have more than one image/icon marker? We cannot see a second marker image/type option in the back panel.

Your help is much appreciated as we bought this plugin specifically to create different types of markers on a map! Many thanks.

Hello. To add multiple locations with markers just click on locations select button, and add your locations info (title, coordinates…) in a modal window. Unfortunately its not possible to have different marker styles (icons) on the same map. You can set custom market icon in “Map Style” tab, but it will be applied to each marker on the same map.

Nice work, GLWS

hello, Impossible to see the map in may website.

Can you please give me little more info, link to your website page where module is published maybe? And, please check your joomla version, joomla 3.3+ is required. Also you can try generate and use custom google map api-key in module options…

Hello Ivan, I did buy Gmap Location and I am very happy with it, really good Module everything is perfect except for one detail, It would be a plus if you can add to this module the possibility do set Center Latitude and Center Longitude, so the map can be centered differently from the Marker position and always centered even when the browser window is resized. Can you do that? Also… why don’t you update information on JED? Your work deserves to be much more popular!

Hello. Thank you very much for your kind words and your feedback.Glad you like the module and find it useful. Yes, it is possible to add features you mentioned and should be fairly easy task, just a custom center lat/lng field and event dom listener that will reset re-center the map when resizing the window. I agree with you, this sounds like useful options to add, so you can expect module update soon :). Back then when v1 of the module was realised, JED was a bit messy, reviews was taking to long (do to the lack of volunteers i assume), updates often refused for silly reasons that had nothing to do with functionality and code. That wouldn’t be the problem if there is no such a big delay on extension reviews. Im sure JED works much better now, but i just forgot about it and pushed all updates only here on envato. No matter lack of my presence on joomla JED, modules are always be supported, as long there are not obsolete.

I’ll be waiting for the next Gmap version, I’ll buy the license again! Thank you so much Ivan. :-)

Hello, I just bought the license again… but v2.3 is not here to download… only v2.2??

Hi. Strange, v2.3 was ready for some time now, will be updated asap! Sorry for the inconvenience.

thanks :-)

We update Your mod and now we have “crushed” map. Please help. Our site www.mostsopot.pl

it’s on bottom of page on “NASZE AKTUALNE BUDOWY” we dont see the map

Its all ok now, :)

Hi. Glad its solved :)

HI There, I have a client who only has towns where jobs are available ie not the specific address. If I just put in the town like Fort Myers, Florida, will it default to the center of Fort Myers?

Let me know thanks.

Hello. Locations and markers are set by latitude and longitude values (coordinates), so no specific address required. You can simply get the lat & lng of the Fort Myers, or any part of the town from google maps, and map will be centered on that point. Address is not displayed automatically, you can enter it manually in “info” textarea. Info will be displayed on the side navigation and inside marker info window. Here’s the screen shot https://s3.envato.com/files/188625408/4.jpg

Thanks for the reply – so there is no where you can add a link to click to an article or directory listing?

Unfortunately, no, links are not supported.

Hi, navigation displayed .. but map not appear!!! i got this error: “InvalidValueError: initMap is not a function” , help plz

Can you leave me you email address, i will send direct link to you new update, so you dont have to wait it to be approved here

check your email for my reply please … problem still

The problem was with location titles and arabic chars. That is fixed in v2.3.2, everything should work fine now.

The problem was with location titles and arabic chars. That is fixed in v2.3.2, everything should work fine now.

Thank you very much for your fast response, great module from great developer :)

Thank you! Glad we solve the problem

Hi, if you add jquery search input for navigation locations, it will be fantastic & more professional work