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the inlay mode doesn’s work on ipad/iphone. please fix it.

Thanks for reporting. I’ll investigate the issue and patch it as soon as possible.

Hello, does this work with shoutcasts/streams or only small libraries?

Yes, everything that can be played by SoundManager 2.


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There is no volume controls?

Yes there is. Use the up and down buttons on your keyboard or the mousewheel to control it. It even reminds the volume you left on your previous session.


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How can i get player auto loaded to demo, i tired to install it but cant get it work with my simple template. Can you please help, i want it autoload, it works perfectly on demo page but i cant get it to my page.


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I got it work now when i used some demo scripts but how do i do this properly? Do you have email so i could send you more details

Feel free to contact me privately on my profile page.

Hello! 1.I want to implement this player to wordpress, to be shown on every page. How can i do that? Is that possible? 2. Im streaming online radio via Icecast. I dont need interface like next, prev. But i want to make sticky banner-type to the bottom of the page with radio cast. Is it possible to make such interface custom? Im interested mostly with stability and compotability of your player. I saw demo with chrome and android and it works fine. I like that.

It’s very possible to achieve that. You seem to be interested in the miniplayer that is docked rather than the big one. We can arrange this. Contact me privately for a quote. ;)


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What was updated?

As stated in the change log the inline mode has been fixed on mobile.

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Of course. Feel free to contact me privately. ;)

Hi, I have my data coming from a Restful Api, how can I pass that data into the player. I have realized it’s possible to make ajax call as shown below but the player is not picking the tracks

$.ajax({ url: “page.php”, context: document.body }).done(function() { g.refresh(); // this scans the whole document again for new albums and adds them to its routine });

It’s possible indeed as long the nodes are in the DOM. Keep sure that you appended them before you use the player’s callbacks.

Hello sir. Very very nice work but you have a problem. In wampserver it works well but online you have an error in jquery.gearplayer.libs.min.js

Error: <path> attribute d: Expected number, “…,10A10,10,0,0,1,NaN,NaN”. and it cause some functionality of svg not working

Thanks for reporting. I’ll investigate this issue.

Is it possible to loop the audio and replace the timer for a volume controller?

You can loop the audio with the provided setting. The volume is context sensitive and changes status whenever the user toggles the mouse wheel or the arrow up and down buttons.

Looking to purchase this for a client and have a couple of questions. First the site is on WP – do you have specific instructions on how to get it up and running? Second, can I just have the player on the page without the little dock or any image to launch the player?

It comes with a detailed user guide. You can have the player as standalone and inline with no docked miniplayer. A demo can be viewed here: http://apps.flashedge.net/gear/inline.php

Hi, thinking of buying this player, looks great. What is the track limit if any? On the demo i see the highest has 8 tracks, can it go higher maybe upto 12 tracks? thanks

You can use as many tracks you want. Some used hundreds, but it will look crammed on the gear. :)

Hi! What should I do to play stream directly from YouTube or Vimeo? Thanks,

Hello, it doesn’t support such feature out of the box. I customised it for a client to work with YouTube though. Contact me privately if you’re interested. ;)

Some of the files in your code give me a 403 forbidden error when I try to access the uploaded front-end demo. The player does not show because of this. What permissions should the java files have?

Here is a screenshot of my google developer console: https://gyazo.com/213a03db119a03a91c74e060fec66f46?token=35a5167da59edf48fa9ada8e953b9fbf

Fixed, adjusted permissions.

Hello, just a quick update… I fixed the issue of the player not showing because when I uploaded the files from your ZIP, they had insufficient permissions and my server returned forbidden on the files.

Can you please tell me what each individual file should have as access permissions? e.g. 755, 644?

Can all the files have 755 as permissions?

Hello, sorry for the late reply. I see you already figured it out on your own. If you need assistance feel free to contact me privately. ;)

Please check my other comment for help as well, there is a major issue with the JS.

Thanks for reporting. The fix will be added in the next update.

Hi, also – the song visualizer doesn’t show for me on Google Chrome. Is it broken?

Fixed, had to enable Chrome to allow flash by default.

Error when using Shoutcast stream with player: https://gyazo.com/d5c32ce0f8cc774cf911c61106deb68d

Please tell me how to fix?

Is there an ETA re the Wordpress version of Gear?

Hi Mike, not really. It’s a side project I’m working on in my spare time and there is so much going on in my life right now that I cannot foresee when it’s going to be published.

There were plans in rebuilding the player with Snap.svg and replace Raphael.js also I was looking into Webaudio to recreate the equalizer without the need to lean on Flash. I also wanted to throw WebGL in the thing and push the interface a bit further to squeeze out more of it.

Feel free to follow me to be notified when I publish new stuff. ;)


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hello, I want to implement this player to wordpress but when i try to install it i read the message that there are no valid plugin. In the zip file “codecanyon-7724112-gear-html5-audio-player.zip” there are two file (“__MACOSX” and “gear”). What i have to do? Qhere is the file for installation?

I’m sorry, but this is not a Wordpress plugin. You can embed it into an iframe with a little work though.