Discussion on Gear HTML5 Audio Player

Discussion on Gear HTML5 Audio Player

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can this be integrated with any website builder? how this will handle 150 tracks on single file?

Hi there,

I am still having issues with Android devices, in particular Samsung Android 11 not being able to click on the names thus starting playback of the selected station of my radio streaming version of the Gear player please see and

I am at a release stage of my app and this is the only unresolved bug keeping me back.

Could you maybe give me some ideas of what might help? Please I need your help.

Kind regards,

Martin +27 83 268 1117

Hey Martin. I did reply to your e-mail. It looks like there’s something interfering with the touch events. You might try to tweak the z-index on the player container and see if that sorts it out.

hey your plugin demo is not working :(

Yeah I the player doesn’t work on chrome but it does in Firefox but doesn’t show the visualizer… I can send you a loom video if you’d like

Yeh, the visualizer relies on flash and it needs to be enabled manually for it to work. I suppose it shows its age after over 7 years. I might eventually consider rewriting this if I’d have the time. It should work in Chrome. Feel free to report any further details privately. I might release an update when SoundCloud is clear about what’s happening with the JS SDK as it is now it sounds like they won’t support client-side solutions anymore.

Awesome! Thanks for the update! It’s a badass player!!!!

Hi, I have problem with zip :

The archive could not be installed. No valid extension found. Extension installation failed.

Can you help ! Best regards

This is not a Wordpress plugin. Either pursue a custom dev route to implement it or feel free to ask for a refund.

Hi there,

I am a happy owner of the Gear HTML5 Player, but I need support please. I have found that there is a problem on Samsung phones. It seems there is a problem with the sensitivity of the track selection and it is not possible to select a track to play on these popular devices.

You can view my player at

I would also like to launch the player with the gear fullscreen and not minimised?

Your help would be appreciated and I purchased another 6 months support.


Martin Myburgh

Hi Martin, I’ll look into this and get back to you. Apologies for the late reply.

I did reach out privately for this matter, Martin. Feel free to continue via email. :)

Thank you replied yesterday

Hi! Having a problem with bootstrap modals. jquery.gearplayer.js – conflicts with bootstrap 5 modals

Any suggestions?

It sound like you’re loading jquery more than once. Have you tried to use the jQuery.noConflict(); method? Read more on

Hey there -

I’m trying to embed the player on my site which is built on bootstrap 5 ( ... I’m having some difficulty in two places:

1) It doesn’t appear to be responsive, so it’s getting cut off on the sides. Is there a better way to integrate the player into existing sites built on bootstrap without completely overhauling the main page into php? 2) The audio doesn’t appear to auto start no matter how I set up setup.json, I’m seeing a console error: Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn’t interact with the document first. Does autoplay still work?

The easiest way to integrate it is through an iFrame. Autoplay should work as long you’re using the right version of the SoundManager library.

Hi I like your animation for a personal project, I it posible/easy to add links instead of the songs titles and add an image instead of the counter in the center?

Yes, with some custom work it’s possible.

Hello. I need to install this application on my website. My website its managed by a drag and drop platform. I have just an option to add html. How can I du that ?

Best way is to integrate it as an iFrame. There should be examples in the root you can use as reference.

Hello, so sorry, I purchased this thinking it was Wordpress plugin :(

Feel free to apply for a refund!

Hi Emmanuele,

I am on WordPress, who can help me to install it?

Can Envato help me to install it?

Thank you, Natalia

You’d need some dev work to integrate it into Wordpress. It’s not a plugin.

hi i have bought your player and we cant install it on wordpress ? please help

Hi, this is not a wordpress plugin. I’m happy to issue a refund if you bought it by mistake.

Hello, please i need your support with this, i had sent you a private message too but had no response, i have not been able to use this script as when I change the parameters in the json file to change configuration, this changes does not show up on front end, i had tried with all of them shows in front end, I can’t use the script if I can’t configure it, please help with this as soon as you can as I need to use it, thank you!

Thank you, i have sent it,looking forward to your comments, regards!

I have now noticed that when i change a json file configuration and upload it to my server, then i go to the url of the json file and see that the configuration i had changed in the file doesnt show up at the file i see at the url, if i download from the server the file it have the configuration as i changed, is really strange, is like the files are stored in some kind of cache so it doesnt take the changes, looking forward to your comments, regards!

Got back to you with a detailed reply.

Is it possible to remove the track count (1/4, 2/4, etc.) from the bottom left corner? I will only be using a single entry for Icecast streaming and I don’t need it for my purposes. I didn’t see this as a configurable parameter.

Great product by the way!

Hi, yes you can just hide it with CSS. E.g. ‘display: none;’

Hi I emailed you a few days ago. I have been going through the comments and see you were able to provide a sample file.php with the player embed there without anything else to a user “M_Like_Moon” over a year ago. Could I request the same as I am having a really difficult time getting started with this player setup?

Received and issued. Thank you.

thanks, sorry i couldn’t make it work.

No worries. Take care. :)

I downloaded it thinking it was a plugin and now I can’t install it can you help me?

It is not a wordpress plugin. You can ask for a refund or try to integrate it manually.

Hello! can this be used in a joomla page?

and one last question, can the black background be replaced by a image or a video? regards!

looking forward to your comments regards!

Hi, yes you can restyle the background as transparent and wrap anything you’d like underneath the player. That’s beyond the scope of the player though.

Does this ONLY work with soundcloud? Can we not host our own music? Soundcloud is no longer offering their API until further notice

You can host your own music locally. Soundcloud support is provided alongside it, but as you said they closed the API subscription for now.

When I launch the player, the song titles don’t show unless I click the color indicator. Kindly let me know how to fix this.

Feel free to send me a detailed report privately. I’ll attempt to troubleshoot it for you.

Hi Is it only full screen? Or can I display as a “block” ? thanks

You can use the inline mode and just embed it in a block. You also can consider wrapping it in an iFrame if it’s easier.


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