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How do I get rid of the gear mini player? I am trying to set the player up so that it plays when an image is clicked and stops playing when you exit the player.

I see the gear mini player in the demos, but in my code, I can’t seem to access it to remove it. Thanks.

But I also want to be able to close it. I don’t see a close feature in the inline model.

You can overwrite the CSS class relative to the close button and set it to be displayed instead of hidden. Just apply a new custom CSS rule. If you need to call certain methods from outside the player refer to the documentation.

Hi. It seems that the client Id for Soundcloud in no more available. :(

I just checked the demo and it works fine. Are there any issues with Soundcloud?

Due to the high amount of requests recently received, we will no longer be processing API application requests at this time. We are working to re-evaluate our process to make it more efficient.

Let’s hope they will reconsider this. In the meantime, you might store the files locally. Apologies for the inconvenience.

I cant see visualiser waves over de circle. But you had put in your screenshot. How can I see them*

The waveform is generated through Flash. Without plugin the waves won’t be rendered.


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How can I make the audio file continue to play when the mobile device goes into it’s natural sleep mode from inactivity? I now this is possible because the audio files continue to play on Dropbox and Google Drive after the mobile device goes to sleep. Thank you


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It’s working. The iPhone is staying on. I would love to see what happens when we add audio. Thank you. I wonder how other software do it to dim the screen but keep the audio going.

Thank you for your efforts


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I would imagine you would let us know when there is a new version available? Thank you

Yes, you’ll be notified through an email by the system when the update is out. Sadly I’m already overbooked and will have to queue this to be done as soon as possible.

Hi. So, it’s finally online here https://lucy-racquel-and-me.com . As soundclound is no more available, is there a way to have some stats, for example wich songs is played and how many time. thansk for this great tools.

I’m sorry about SoundCloud. I hope they will reopen their API scheme soon. For now, there are no tools besides internal server logs. I’ll consider your suggestion for the WP Version though. ;)

I am currently working on a site for a client and he bought your plugin.

we are using wordpress with woocommerce. I am currently trying to configure the plugin to act as a player for woocommerce (downloadable product).

My client has informed me that you said this plugin will work with wordpress. I would like to know if this is possible and where I should start.


As clearly stated in the item description this is not a WP Plugin. You can integrate it with an iFrame or just use hooks to add the needed code inside Wordpress. I wrote in one of the replies here that I’d consider developing a plugin, but with WP5 around the corner, I don’t have interest in investing time in it right now. You’ll find all you need in the documentation.

How i can instal this plugin?

As stated on the page, it is not a WP Plugin. You can still use it inside an iFrame or adapt it to your needs by using the provided callbacks.

Hi. on firefox 58.0.1 64bits, the last version I guess, the circle appear with the song title, but the player in the center dont load https://lucy-racquel-and-me.com

No it’s not, I see it too on IE 11 or Firefox 52.6.0 32 bits . here’s a screenshot https://drive.google.com/open?id=1J3jcWvIhnT4DRiH_v2yke1I3GpBXemtT it works on Chrome

Any ideas of the problem? It seems a lot of person can’t use the player

Thank you for reporting the issue. I’m investigating it and will address it as soon as possible.

Hi Flashedge

We find that the player is always out of operation on Google Chrome of Android Phones (our testing devices include Samsung S4,S5 & LG v20). Whenever we choose a song from the playlist page, the music stops within 1 minute. Could you please help us sloving this problem?

Please link to our page: http://dweffp.worldfamily.com.tw/FFP2017/index.aspx

Best Regards, Yao

Hi Yao, I replied to your email. Thank you for reporting the issue. I’ll look into it and address it as soon as possible.


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hello , my problem is that when i try to install the plugin through uploading it to wordpress plugins i says that installation was unable . do you know how to fix this issue ?

Hello ksehu. I’m afraid you’ve mistaken it as a Wordpress plugin. While you can still use it pretty much anywhere, it requires a minimal part of dev work. I can help you with that. Drop me a private message in case. ;)

When I change the tracks in de MP3 directory they don’t play. I think your explanation is not complete. Can you help me futher?

Sure. Did you edit the JSON file as instructed in the user guide? You need to link the tracks there in order for the player to know where to load them from. Feel free to drop me a private message for assistance. :)