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can this player read folder and get mp3s and ID3 meta data

It’s not capable out of the box for this, but I think it might be possible to create a php script that will take care of the data and compile the JSON for you.

sorry, really sorry for this stupid question. I am not able to install your plug in :( i’v dowloaded it, now i have a folder named GEAR . i Have wordpress 4.5.3. something wrong with this?

Thanx a lot and sorry….

You can’t use it as a wordpress plugin as it’s a standalone jquery plugin. Include it either as an iframe or load the scripts following the userguide. If you’re interested there is a wp version in the works. Contact me privately in case. ;)

I just bought this product and I just read that is not compatible with wordpress. As i’ve read you got a wordpress version of it, let me know how can i get this WP version. Thanks

It’s not like it’s not compatible with Wordpress. It just isn’t packaged as a WP Plugin and it’s not even advertised as such. You can still use it anywhere you like with a little work.

The WP Plugin is under development but it’s not released yet. If you’d like to get a copy of it before its release send me a message.

good Day- Can i connect a radio stream to this?

You’ll need to feed the json playlist something like this: http://yourwebradio.net:9602/;stream.mp3

Awesome is there a wordpress version?

Nope. Not yet.

Hello FlashEdge,

Congratulations for you MusicPlayer. It’s awesome. I am interested in buying it, but first I need to know if I can customise it. For example, I want the play/pause button on the left into a and the playlist on the right side in another . Let me know about it, I am looking forward to buy this.

You can customize the appearance with a custom stylesheet or build your own graphics on top of it using the callback functions. This requires some basic coding skills though.


What type of license must buy to implement this in a social network?

It depends on how you use it. Check out this page where the licenses are explained: https://codecanyon.net/licenses/standard

Could you give me an example where you integrate this one with a php Json encode to read the list player via ajax, please.

As long your php scripts output correct formed json files you should be able to link them to the player seamlessly.

Ohhh!! I just bought this one and it’s not working with WP, are you serious? :(

I’m sorry, this is never meant to be a WP Plugin. You can still use it inside of wordpress with some little coding though.

Ok, no worries, it’s pretty cute! I’ve sorted it out in a different way. Thanks!

I’m glad you sorted it out. I’m working on a Wordpress version of it. Feel free to follow me to be notified when it’s ready! :)

Do you have a WP version that I could buy

Not yet. It’s still in development.


It supports live streams if it’s that you were asking for.

Is there a different way of incorporating this plugin into wordpress besides using iframe because It’s a lot easier for me to create different pages and responsive ones without getting into more codes. Plus I made a beautiful front page using existing html elements. Thanks.

Yes, there is. You need to include the css and js files in the header and handle the DOM elements directly through code. Basically follow the steps written in the userguide applying them to Wordpress.

I just finished a project using your product, I tested on my local host and everything works perfectly fine. The help I need is to know how to move the files to wordpress. Since I pay for hosting I would like to add all my folders under the rules to wordpress. Any orientation will be fine. thank you!

The easiest way to include it inside wordpress is through an iFrame. Otherwise you’re starting an adventure where you’re supposed to include the libraries inside the header, start the script in the footer and include the DOM elements by hand inside your pages. It’s up to you how you’d like to approach it and if your project is a one page app, an AJAX project or just different pages.

ok, im working on it :) last question, Do you know anyone who has managed this scripts, and DOM into wordpress not using iframe? If you have and if you can, please send me his or her website link, it would be a great orientation for me. Thanks

I’m pretty sure it’s possible to achieve that despite Wordpress or not. As long you include the scripts as stated in the userguide and you keep the DOM element on in the page you should be able to get it working wherever you want.

You probably can find some other user that implemented the player in wordpress by reading back in the comments.

In case you need assistance feel free to send me a message. :)

Hey Buddy ;)

Once again, thanks for a great product.

updated to the gear 18.4.16 update and having some trouble: (eq, volume, timeline not working) on top of that, tried making some changes to the setup.json file (adding new entries) but they wouldn’t show… here’s a link to the player inlined on my page:


Any Ideas?


Hello, I just tried your link and it works just fine on my side. Maybe a cache issue? If you still have issues feel free to contact me. :)

Hey Man,

Thanks for your respond. just doubled checked and here are the facts:

- it doesn’t seem to load on mobile as it use too. - eq not showing on safari - when track loaded, can’t fast forward on chrome (only backwards)

+ I’d like to understand how to add multiple playlist and sort the 53 tracks (which i think is the limit) i have now and to show on the side of the player as a list.

Thanks in advance,

Yeah, you might experience some memory hog with all those tracks at once. I think you should split them. The demo page that comes with the download shows how to load several albums just by clicking on other elements. Use that as example and don’t be afraid to organise your playlist in smaller chunks.

Anyway I’m keeping an eye on bugs if any pop up. I try to keep all libraries up to date and fix any reported issues.

Hello !

I just bought your Gear Audio Player application, I copied the codes on my html page, but nothing happens. I still do not see any Players! I have to do something wrong, but I do not know what ?

Can you help me ?

My site is under Jommla 3.6.5 and Youtheme Pro 1.2.7 My host is 1 & 1 My computer is Mac Pro.

It might require some additional attention as your CMS might interfere with the functionality of the player. The easiest way to include the player is through an iFrame and store everything in a different folder than your Content Management Systems. So you have no interaction between the two, otherwise you’ll have to do some extra coding to avoid conflicts.

Hello !

I am not a computer specialist, but I followed what was recommended on the installation page that you sent me with my purchase. But nothing works, I have correctly installed the files on the server, and copy the code in the html page, but still not player on the page?

If you can help me, thank you.

Best regards


The best way to find what’s wrong is checking the console inside the code inspector of your browser. It can be anything, even a missing file or a conflict with other libraries.

Hi there, I love this player, but it doesn’t seem to work very on a mobile. Is there a way of resizing it so you can see the track titles on say an iPhone? Also any word on a Wordpress version? Many thanks for a great looking audio player!

Hi Stevie, thanks for your interest. The player will adapt itself on mobile devices and spawns a dedicated button on the bottom left that will focus the viewport to the track titles and allows the selection from there.

Unfortunately I’m really busy and the development of the Wordpress version has been on hold for now. I’ll invest time on it as soon I can. Promise. :)


I fell in love with your player, and decided, against my better judgement, to try to use it in custom html modules in joomla. I placed the folder on my server in the html root, and now I’m stuck, because I’m a musician, and not a programmer :-)

Is there any easy script that I can copy into an HTML module just to get started and to get things working?

Thank you, Pétur

The easiest way is to set up Soundcloud for your songs, follow the userguide and place the clientID and music set you’d like to load. Upload everything in one folder in your webserver and include it inside your website with an iFrame so you don’t need to get crazy with code. If you need further assistance feel free to contact me. :)

Having tinkered with your player a bit, I got everything to work, and it’s a great player. Even plays nice with Joomla when used in iFrame as you suggested. (Here is a link for the player itself : http://peturjonsson.is/MusicPlayer/index2.php) Site is still in development.

One stupid noob question, I will have 3 players embedded on one page, is there an easy way for me to apply a dark background image, and if so, could you give me an example of how and where I would put it – I assume it would be in the gear.css code?

Thank you Pétur

The best way to approach it is loading an additional css file that overwrites gear.css let’s say for instance custom.css that loads after it and targets the background div container. You can find the classes by inspecting the player and selecting the div containers. The default one has a gradient background.