Discussion on Gathering items game Template, Jquery & Tweenmax

Discussion on Gathering items game Template, Jquery & Tweenmax

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could you help me with the change in the code needed to validate a second object that when you capture it subtract points


Send the code yesterday, I hope it is what you were looking for!

Hi Netgfx,

I’m interested to your Game, and the possibility to change items and background was great!. But I want to know if it’s possible to end the game when user hunt predetermined number of items and customize the text to show.

Eg. I want that user collect only box gift red and not Green, blue ecc, when collect 5/6 box red I will show a customized text.

It’s possible?

Hello, yes it is totally possible to do that. I have already done modifications like these for many buyers or send them guidelines to make them themselves.

Thanks for Quikly reply, I sent you a private message.

well done! GLWS ;)


Hi Netgfx,

Nice game! I am interested in buying. Can you answer the following questions of mine?

1) I want this game to be played with different speed. Level-1: Slow Speed, Level-2: Medium Speed and Level-3: High Speed.

Can you help me to do this if I purchase this game? I want these three levels to be appeared at the welcome screen of the game so that player can choose from it.

2) As ‘tailwalt’ and ‘doberon’ suggested, I also want that kind of selective game. Will you help me in this regard?

3) A bug shown by ‘rusuandreirobert’ in the following link still exists. Do you have any plan to work over it soon?

4) Is this game compatible in Safari of Apple devices? Mostly on i-pad mini and i-pad?

Thank you for your interest in answering my questions.


Hello. 1) Yes this is possible, I can guide you on how to create the different speeds, but I can’t develop the extra functionality my self 2) Yes I can guide you through this process on creating the “positive” and “negative” items, but again I cannot develop this functionality. 3) I can’t seem to be able to replicate this issue but it is a trivial matter, if you share some information (browser, OS, etc) I can fix it. 4) I cannot answer this because I don’t own an i-pad-mini device, but the latest version of the game fixed an issue with safari on iPad

Hi Netgfx,

Thank you for your answers.

Regarding my 3rd question,

Kindly, observe the ending of the game. When game is over, the text appears like

Game over! YOU GATHERED: 26/75 ITEMS!

Even after appearing this Game Over text, some of the Boxes are still in the air and falling down. Say 3 boxes are still in the air and falling down. If all of them will collide with Basket then Score section will update the score to 29 (26+3). But ‘You Gathered’ text remains the same.

The idea is, when collision of all the boxes is completed and Score section is updated completely, then only Game Over text should calculate and update ‘You Gathered’ text and after that it should appear on the screen.

I hope this helps you to understand the issue.

Can you solve this bug?


Yes I will take a look at this, and probably post an update. Thanks for the help.

Hi, is awesome work. My intentions is developer a similar game as taliwalt describe, a game that include catch positive and negative items, any advise how could modify this game? Is important for me so to decide whether to buy it or not. thanks and I hope can read your answer soon

Thanks for your kind words. In the game there is a function that creates the items where you may pass a different ID for the “bad” items. And then check if the caught ones are “good” or “bad”. If you buy this game, send me a mail and I can send you the required changes.


this game is not working on IE 10 version it show error in factory.js, line 272 character 3

var evt = new CustomEvent( ‘gameover’, { detail: { message: ‘game is over’ },

bubbles: true,
    cancelable: true

Please check this and resolve this issue. its also not working on ipad. we are not able to move collect box on ipad.

have you been able to find a solution to run this game on iPad safari browser.

Box movement is not supported on iPad safari and chrome browser.

Yes I have found a solution, I will submit for review today but that might take some days to approve. If you want email me through my profile and I will send the files via mail. Thanks again for your support!

I have no problem getting this to work with desktop and iPhone but it refuses to work with a iPad. It will not allow me to move the box icon on the version I have installed or the version on here that is the demo. The box icon will not slide what so ever for the iPad. Any ideas. Love it and hope it will work for the iPad. Please advise. Thank you for your time.

I have tried some solutions that seem to work on several tablet, however as I explained before I don’t have an actual iPad device to perform tests. Since this is a game template rather than an actual game it can be modified to suit your needs, I think there is enough documentation to modify code with minimum difficulty.

so basically this is not TABLET READY as advertised, if it will not work with iPads, it is not Tablet Ready.

Is it also not working with Chrome / Opera / Firefox on iPad? Or only Safari browser? If it is working with one or more of the former then it is a Safari limitation that is causing the issue. Again I cannot really test without an actual device. I’m sorry for any inconvenience.

Thanks for the information. Very helpful. It’s going on my to-buy list.

High score table?

Nice job!

Thanks, eirehotspur! A high score table could easily be created with a simple php and a database.

The way collision detection is tailored in this game it can be customized to perform any number of scenarios, right now the cod (collision detection) checks if the “gathering bucket” is colliding with an item of a specific class e.x blocks and performs certain actions if it does, so it can be customized to check if the “bucket” is colliding with a “bad block” and perform some actions instead. I don’t think it will have any problem being used in a wordpress as long as it has access to its own files, I would say it will probably function within an iframe as well because of its responsive nature.

I hope these help :)

Looks great. Quick question. You say that all aspects of the game are customizable. With that in mind, how easy would it be to make the game selective, by which I mean, catching red boxes (or whatever) gives you points, but catching green boxes (or whatever) subtract points. Also, to your knowledge is their anything in your scripts that would prohibit implementation into a wordpress site?

Thanks for letting me know, it should be fixed with the new update.


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