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Thanks for the game. I would like to remove the facebook and twitter share buttons. Following the instructions that came with the game I removed the XML file, however they still show up. How do I remove the share buttons?

OK, I got it. Please tell me the link of your game, for me to see where the error here.

I did some testing, and had some interesting results. Tested in firefox and chrome, and the sharing buttons do not appear. But when tested it on my tablet, the buttons appeared.

I think it might be something on your server, because it is the first time I see this problem.

I can send you to a version without the buttons. I am already preparing here, please send me an email to the

Sorry the problem =)

Can you reskin this?

I do not understand your question.

Can you change the character picture with my own character picture?

You can do it yourself, it’s simple. Just keep the same image size, and try to leave in the same position.


His app was not finalized. Missing information. I made changes to Settings and Status. Now everything will be OK =)

Please change the password for your account.

thank you friend. How you make it?

Missing email and a website. And in status had to put “yes”.

Hi friend , I will buy this game but I have question: Can I get the score of the player with jquery for example ??? Thanks

I never did it, usually only dispense the score in the game, through the program. I believe that is possible, but would have to modify the game, and edit it in the Construct program.


We have installed this game and found this game is not at all playing on iPhone 5/6/6S, iOS 9 & above. Game is running fine on Windows, MAC browsers and android.

Please review and do the needful.


Hi! Please send me the link to your game so I check. Can be by e-mail:


Aaron here.

I LOVE Your Games!

I am VERY Interested in making a purchase but I do have a few questions:

1. Can I use the game as is?

If so, can i rename it?

2. Can I edit the code?

3. How many levels is the game?

4. Is the game endless play?

5. Does the game automatically create new levels?

6. If a user completes the whole game does the game start over but harder?

What happens with the game if a user completes all the levels?

7. Can I hire you if I want any work done to the game?

8. Can you set up a custom score bar that follows custom score rules?

9. Can the game be converted to Android, iOS, Kindle etc…?

10. Has it ever been on any of the mobile markets?

If so, How did it do? How many downloads did it get?

11. Can the game be programmed to load faster?

12. Can the game screen be larger (no outside frame)?

13. Can the game be set to have 2 modes “Free Play” and “Paid Play”?

14. Can I pass User & Score Data to my Backend stats site?

15. Can the Construct Logo be replaced with my company logo?

Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You and God Bless!

can I change the the words on fly?(steampunk, flapcat) And can i add logo on the road?

Yes you can, many people change all images. It is simple to do in photoshop.

hi, can you share a photo with different images

Each image can only be changed by a single image, and not more than one.

Hello, I would like to buy your game, but I would like that can be stored in a database scores of people playing. The structure of the game allows it, perhaps making some modifications can be done? If the answer is yes, I can quote it cost to make this update to the game?

It is possible to do so, make a database to store the players. But the game is not ready to do this involve many changes and a bit of programming. Unfortunately I do not do this work friend =)

Could you code me a custom POLL game that does NOT require a database? I can pay via paypal.

What I need: 1. Graphic: 2. Four choices for the poll 3. Results display underneath in a graph 4. Need it to NOT call a database, but still collect all other entries from other visitors to this page on the website.

Josh Starr

Hi Josh!

It would be no problem! Now I’m not with jobs freelance and it would be great to do your project. My email is this:

Please tell me more details and the amount you want to invest.


Hello. Congratulations on the project. I would like to know how do I change the load image within the construct2 project. For I looked everywhere and found nothing. You could send me a print or detail it for me? Thanks

Hi! To change the image preloader, you do so:

- Saves a PNG image named “loading-logo.png”;

- Open the Flapcat Construct file;

- Go in the “Projects” tab, then Files> Icons;

- Click right on “Icons”, and select “Import Files”;

- Select your image and ready. Whenever export the game, will be its image in the preloader.

Check this image to help:


I want to buy but I would like to know if it is included the .CAPX of the game.

Yes, the file .capx is included.

Can the obstacles be modified? Must it always be the same, or can it change throughout game play? I want to change each obstacle to be a different friend of mine’s house for an special event.

Hi! Your changes are complex, you have to edit the game code in the Construct program. a more advanced knowledge is required.

If there is any doubt, you can search me.

Thanks. I opened the game in the free version of Construct2. Your game exceeds the complexity allowed by the free version. So I couldn’t make changes or export. But I was able to view the code, so it allowed me to find the SID number of the event I wanted to change. Then I searched for that event in the Data.js file. It was easy from there to guess what number needed to change. I changed 0.5 seconds to 3.5 and saved myself $79. If I ever decide to create games I’ll definitely buy a copy of Construct. But your template was perfect for my project. It’s one of the most polished looking games on CodeCanyon. Thanks again for making it available. I’ll be projecting it on a giant screen at LoveBurn in Miami next month. I’ll send you a pic.

Hi, thank you for your nice and high quality game, flappy cat. we purchased this game but we want to use it on our server and want to show the players a scoreboard with highest scores. so we want to send the score when the game ends. serverside code and ajax call is ready to use. we’ve already read the javascript code and tried to fix it but we were not able to find that part (when and where highscore is available) so we need your support to explain us where and when to send the score.


Hi! Please send me an email to

I think with a simple solution

Hi wall-e, How does the ranking work?

Hi! Sorry, my game has no ranking. To make match with ranking it is necessary to change the game and database.

And an advanced knowledge of Construct is required. Most buyers do not have it, so do not post.

I want to run the game from a machine that won’t be connected to the internet. Any suggestions?

I get this warning if I try to open the file locally:

“Exported games won’t work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)”

Hi! You can open the game normally using Firefox. It does not have to be online, and your machine will work.

Do you have a Construct license? If so, I believe there are other solutions.

I don’t have Construct2, but it looks like I could change the data file directly if I knew what numbers to change in the data.js file after the “effect_up_sheet.png and effect_down_sheet.png”. I’m trying to make that final screen stick for two seconds before reopen. Any help or suggestions welcome.

Hi! Glad you got it sorted out. I’m happy for that! I’m waiting for a photo, I was curious.

I recommend playing on iPhone without iframe. Remove the page with iframe. This problem always happens with iframe and iPhone.

If the problem persists, you may contact us.


I had a few people tell me the game was too hard. So I made a slight change to the data.js file to add 50 pixels to the gap between walls.

If anyone is curious, here’s what I did. Just keep in mind that I don’t have a copy of Construct2 and did this just by guessing what I was messing with based on the size of the graphics and a little experimentation.

In the data.js file…

2000,450,0,200,540,0,0,1,0.5,0,0,0, is the string for the position of wall_down.png

2000,250,0,200,530,0,0,1,0.5,1,0,0 is the string for the position of wall_up.png

These two strings mark the position of the wall and the gap seems to stay fixed even as the position of the walls is made to fluctuate. In the string for the wall_down.png, the 450 number represents how high up the top edge of the 200px by 450px lower wall extends up. The same on wall_up.png The 250 represents how far down the bottom of the 200px by 540px upper wall extends down. By changing the 450 to 475 and the 250 to 225, I’ve added an additional 50px gap between the walls to make the game just a little easier.

Hopefully I haven’t done anything too foolish here and this mod will make the game more enjoyable for children, new players and non-gamers.

Wow! Are you congratulations, my friend. Doing all of this through the date.js is awesome. To make the game easier, you can change the speed of the walls. The speed is 300.

Best regards!


renfd Purchased

Hey, could you update the capx file to have the screen orientation screen like in the preview?

Hi! But this is not in capx, it’s a script in the index that recognizes the orientation. See the source code you can copy.

hello when i buying this code source can i use it in andriod studio ?

ok thanks do have any vedio how to edit this code source in construct 2 please

It is not possible to edit the game through the source code. Only with the Construct program is it possible. If you want to make an edit in the game, and do not have the program license, I recommend not to buy.

But without the license, you can modify all the images in the game. Just keep the original size.

ok thank you man


gholadr Purchased

hi there, We purchased a regular license for your awesome game, very happy with it.

We intend to embed your HTML5 game into a native app (Android) and ideally we would like to share game events with the encapsulating app, events like game end, game scores, etc.

can you point to us where you handle the game score, for instance updating the score once a game session ends?



Hi David, thank you for buying my game.

I understand what you want to do, but to begin with, I first need to know if you have the Construct program license. Without the program, you can not do what you want. At least I do not know any other way.



gholadr Purchased

Hi Keiow, unfortunately it looks like Construct2 is only available on Windows and we use Mac computers, so we will likely not purchase the license.

I understand friend, but then it is not possible to do what you want. Because you can only edit the game within the Construct program. The game has php and javascript files, but editing in code is impossible.