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Very addicting game, I like it :)

Can to convert to android apps?

Need construct 2 can convert to android apps?

Yes, you do. If your intention is to export to Android, you’d better purchase a license, and only then buy the game.

Take a look at this page:

ok Thank you very much :)

Hi does this include full arts . that means can use the art and images and upload them to google play or app store

thank you

If you purchase the game, but you get all the arts used in photoshop and illustrator format. But I do not understand your doubts about Google Play Store and Appl. If it’s about using the arts, of course you can =)

Wow nice app, I really love the graphics style. GLWS !

Thanks friend =)

Hey, I noticed that it skips the score of 09 to 11, can you fix it? Another thing, can i know the cat dimensions? I want to see what can i do to reskin before buy it. Obrigado ;)

Obrigado por ter adquirido meu jogo. Já atualizei o arquivo, acredito que somente na segunda-feira estará disponível. Mas posso te enviar agora.

Se puder enviar agora seria ótimo! Acredito que tenha meu email ai, assim que me mandar gostaria de tirar algumas duvidas por lá, se puder. Eu que agradeço por mais esse trabalho incrível :D

Não tenho seu e-mail, por favor, me envie para filippileonardo @

Hi, What line is executed when the game is “game over” (To my own Highscore system).. Cannot figure out c2runtime.js. Please help!

Hi! Friend, the game is made with Construct, I just know the game inside the edit program. You do not have to leave the program?

Its call a javascript when you die, but would have to put this function into Construct, and export again.

I cannot use Construct on my Mac. Can you help me? Skype me: KampmannMadsen (Money is involved)

I do not have skype. Please send me an e-mail address and name of javascript to run.

My email is filippileonardo @

1. What can i do that i can export game to IOS?
2. What steps? Can you write step by step.
3. Maybe are you have instruction?

You only need a license Construct program. And of course, the necessary accounts. See a tutorial on the site Scirra:

Remember that if you are exporting to Android, will need to purchase the game again. It’s a gaming license for each end profuto =)

Cant get sound working on iPhone, do you have any suggestions.. thanks

sorted sound problem was mime type on server, incase anyone else has problems, game is fine.. good work ..

The problem generally is usually the sound server. Some servers do not support ogg and m4a files. But the server is requesting that they do so. It’s simple! Thanks friend =)

I just love the FlapCat character, and the game are awesome! Congrats. Are you thinking on create a FlapCat version of this type game =>

I will see how work this construct license to compile Android version, and buy both FlapCat games.

Hi friend!

I do not know this game, but it fits perfectly with FlapCat. I think that in a few months, I make this game. At the moment I can not, I’m too busy!

To export to Android, you need the program Construct license. But it is very simple export =)

Hi, thanks for your reply. I hava a few question about Construct platform. I hope you can help me. Its possible to make POST requests to an Python server for example? Use to make RESTFUL API calls to any webservice, there is a problem?

Your questions are very complex, I do not understand anything! Sorry, I do not understand programming. Try to find the answer in the program forum, I think there has to explain this:

Can I integrate the game into Facebook? How do that? Are you have video instruction?

Hi friend. The game has a share button on Facebook. You want to put the game on Facebook, like an app? I do not know how to do this, never did. But that’s not hard because the Construct program has a plugin Facebook. I found this page, I hope it helps:

if i will buy this game with 17 usd, could i edit this source code? and this is open source code?...

after buy this game with 17 usd, and should i buy a lincense of this game ?

if it is…. how much that license?.. and where can i get ? plz address

thank you so much

Hi! The game is made in prograna Construct ( for you to edit a program license is required. Without this license, you can only replace images.

About game licenses, the CodeCanyon site has the rules. Click next, below the price at this link: “What does support include?”

If there is any further doubt, you can talk! Thanks!

Can you send link for game mechanic like PokemonGo? I remember that you was upload it on stock, but after remove. I want to see how it work. Pls send me link, very glad you for that.

Hi! I replied by email =)