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Thank you very much

Awesome job. Good luck with sales :)

Thank you!

Can i change game name and some image? I am talking about only image about what showing like advertizement.

You are free to change images of the game. All game images are contained in /sprites folder.

Audio does not play on mobile devices.

As written in the description, the audio has been disabled for mobile devices. Please refer to the documentation to enable it!

Good stuff I did a promotion for you. ;) let me know what you think about it.

I played it on the iPhone. I found it is not convenient for me to control it. I want to make some changes.Could you please give me some tips? 1.How to fire automatically ? 2.How to control plane by tap/swipe screen, not click left/right button.


Hi, you have to change the game code in order to customized controls.

Alternatively you can hire us to customize the game, in this case send me a mail to: with a detailed list of your needs so I can prepare a quotation.

Is there a version with leader board?

Hi, at the moment a version with leader board is not available, if you want we can customize the game to add it. For further info, write at

This game plays well for iOS devices but slows down for Android devices (Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Tab 4)

Hi! the performance of the game depends on the device’s feature, it may happens that it works better on some devices than in others