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Hi Tibi,

I have been on ENVATO since the FLASHDEN Days (January 2008) and remember using some of your products because of your technical creativity. So it was the main reason why I was really excited to purchase your MEGABUNDLE.GREAT JOB.

I am building a proof of concept to show some really creative designers that they can transition out of ANIMATE CC into WP with the same creative FLASH mindset that fits nicely into the way you build your plugins.

Therefore, I do have some key questions that I am sure your genius graphical developer mind can answer. It takes a developer with FLASH Experience to understand the way your Bundle can be used for CREATIVE DESIGNERS, who spent years designing some fantastic interfaces here in this crazy NYC creative industry. Now everyone is remote, so better tools have to be built for them.


1. I see the MEGAZOOM (MZ) as the closest WP plugin for setting up mini clickable PNG layouts like mini maps upon which I can place IFRAMEs to load your other Mega Bundle Plugins such as VERTICAL 3D COVERFLOW, LIGHTBOX, EVP or 360 Product Viewer on demand. Am I on the right track?. Is all of that possible?

2. If so, Can Multiple MEGAZOOM instances be placed on the same page so that I can place an IFRAME on each MEGAZOOM PNG background.?

For example, one MEGAZOOM PNG Background with an IFRAME for your 3D COVERFLOW to select an item like a video playlist and another MEGAZOOM PNG Background with an IFRAME for Your LIGHTBOX to display the Playlist videos selected with the EVP.

3. Can the MEGAZOOM API be used to move or resize the PNG Background by a button click or by some external trigger?

4. Is there a function to resize and move the IFRAME in sync with the underlying MEGAZOOM PNG Background?

5. Where can one find documentation on how best to integrate your MEGA Bundle Products so they can communicate with each other.

I have design layouts to show how to creatively use as many of your plugins as possible, so I am looking for video tutorials, samples and API documentation. HELP !!

Once I can get this proof of concept prototype operational to show to some other Creative Designers, I would certainly want to work with you and your products on some upcoming projects in 2021.

Hope to hear from you very soon.

Keep up the Great Work.


Hi Tibi

As promised, I sent you email with an attachment on the all important Proof Of Concept Solutions Architecture I spoke about before.

I have put this together after going through your documentation and examples to show the best way your FWD Mega Bundle can be used in the Digital Entertainment and Media Industry ,to replace a lot of the Flash programs they have been using for almost 20 years.

I focused on using the Revolution Lightbox (RVLB) as the key plugin to integrate all the other tools such as MegaZoom, Easy Video Player,3D Coverflow and 360 Product Viewer. I had previously purchased the   Javascript version of the RVLB way back in 2017. But was unable to use it for the project intended. So I am hoping with this new purchase in the bundle, this time it will be a successful experience.

Kindly review and I would sincerely appreciate your feedback to determine my next move.

Thank You

Prof Len

Got it, thank you.

I will look over it over the weekend.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.


nictau Purchased

No more update log. Last one is from April 2019. What changed in the last update? Thanks.


I updated all plugins to the latest versions, if you want to see the latest version of the plugin go into the plugin page and scroll down to see the update log, there is no point to add this in the bundle it will make a mess…

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

Incredible bundle and product + great support ever!

Thank you,

Plase don’t forget to leave a 5 stars rating as well.

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hi! Do you plan to integrate Gutenberg functionality into your wordpress plugins? Or adding videos/audios to a playlist by choosing from the media library?

Thank you for your suggestion but for now, I have to finish what I am working on now, and believe me you will love it since you bought the bundle you will have access to a full collection of awesome plugins, once I finish this I will have time for this type of jobs.

I will also add the Acora theme in the bundle soon.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.

No problem, I really love your front end designs and functionality! I don’t care to wait a year or so for my suggestions. It will definitely be awesome! Whenever you’re ready I can do the screenrecording so you can check it out. Just let me know. Keep on rocking and stay safe! Michael

Thank you, I really appreciate it !

I am sure we will colaborate for a very long time…

Take care. Tibi – FWD.

Hello I need the latest version of Royal Audio Player, can you please update the package for us? Thank you!


I will update the bundle soon after I finsih the product that I code now, in the meanitme plase write to me at

Best regards. Tibi – FWD

Hi, For Easy Video Player, may I know how to change the size and background color of the textbox of the annotations?


Inside the content folder there is a CSS file names global.css, in it search for /* Annotations */, under it you will find all the annotations classes used, just modify this classes.

Best regards. Tibi – FWD.